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Mounted Heavy Harrow equipment

  • Model Combi-Harrow - Cultivator

    The TerraTech Combi-Harrow is a high output heavy duty cultivator designed for larger horsepower tractors. It can produce a seedbed for sugar beet or cereals in just one or two passes and comes in a size range from 3– 6m mounted hydraulic folding and 6-10 m trailed hydraulic folding. The heavy duty front roller firms the ...

    By TerraTech Ltd based in Cottingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Strawmaster - Heavy Harrow

    The Degelman Strawmaster® is the revolutionary machine designed to tackle enormous straw problems. With 26 inch long tines placed in rows of four or five, and set in large ten foot wide by six foot deep sections, this machine is at the forefront of modern straw management. The Strawmaster will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and ...

    By Degelman Industries Ltd based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Heavy Harrow Product line

  • Knowles - Model 30, 34 and 38 - Wheel Mounted Spring Tooth Harrows

    2' x 2' Tooth Cross Bars. Size of Tooth-1-3/4' x 5/16' x 39'. Heavy Duty Tubular Tongue and Frame. Single Wing Support Tire on Each Wing. Variable Length Tongue insert for Each Width. Dual 12.5L x 15 8-Ply Tires for Added Flotation. Wing Sections are Easily Moved to 90 degrees for Transport. Depth Control Levers. 23' Tooth Bar Spacing. Center ...

    By Knowles Manufacturing Co Inc. based in Manitowoc, WISCONSIN (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • Knowles - Model SW 720 Series - Wheel Mounted Spring Tooth Harrow

    Sections raise hydraulically for easy trash removal and backing up. Sections are easily moved to 90 degrees for transport. Heavy duty tubular frame is reinforced at all stress points. Heavy wear shoes are provided for longer life. Heat treated spring teeth resist wear and breakage. Size of tooth - 1-3/4' x 5/16' x 39'. Teeth require 1/2' mounting ...

    By Knowles Manufacturing Co Inc. based in Manitowoc, WISCONSIN (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • Model RB - Mounted Rolling Basket Harrow

    Following behind your field cultivator or finisher, the wide spiral blades of the rolling baskets toss soil high enough to separate soil. Finer, firmer soil settles into the seedbed while small clods remain on the soil surface to resist erosion, evaporation and crusting. What’s left behind is a firm, level bed ready for planting. The rolling ...

    By McFarlane Mfg. Co. Inc. based in Sauk City, WISCONSIN (USA). from Mounted Harrows Product line

  • Kasco - Drag Bar Harrows

    Here's a drag bar harrow that' s specially engineered to mount on disks, field cultivators and chisel plows. The Red Dragon does the same efficient job as the heavier model for plows... with the heavy crossbar crushing the bigger clods and leveling the soil while the tooth bars mix and mulch. This rugged agricultural tool weighs less per foot ...

    By Kasco Manufacturing Co., Inc. based in Shelbyville, INDIANA (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • Knowles - Model H Series - Spring Tooth Harrows 3-Point Hitch Pull Type

    This is an all new high quality, ruggedly designed harrow that will give many years of satisfactory service.  It can be converted from a three-point hydraulic lift type to a trailing or a pull type machine by removing a tee handle pin.  With this arrangement, two different requirements for spring tooth harrows can be met with a single ...

    By Knowles Manufacturing Co Inc. based in Manitowoc, WISCONSIN (USA). from Harrows Product line

  • PERLA - Model 11.0 - Trailed Disk Harrow

    Heavy type disk harrow. Driving mechanism including depth adjustment. Constant angle of the discs configuration. Option for coupling to tractors over 300 hp.

    By Perla AD based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Trailed and Mounted Disc Harrows Product line

  • Model PMPPT - Trailed Mounted Disc Harrow

    Trailed – mounted disc harrow in two adjustable offset gang super pmsppt (super heavy) and pmppt (heavy). It’s particularly suitable for solid sod. Available from 16 to 24 discs. Weight from 2.068 lb to 3-520 lb. It can be ballasted.

    By F.lli Marinelli s.r.l. based in Sigillo (PERUGIA), ITALY. from Disc Harrow Product line

  • KRM - Model GS Range - Heavy Duty Grass Harrow

    The heavy duty GS range uses a combination of 10mm and 8mm tines. The leading two rows of strong 10mm tines tear out tangles, weeds and dead thatch. The faster vibrating 8mm tines then separate material from the soil to leave more light and space encouraging more vigorous growth. Available in 3 and 6 meter widths.

    By Keith Rennie Machinery Ltd based in Boroughbridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grass Harrows Product line

  • Model RIX Series - Mounted Disc Harrow

    MOUNTED DISC HARROW IN X FORM TYPE EITHER MEDIUM AND HEAVY RIX SERIES fixed or double hydraulic movement – Rix 16P/D21.It has an hydraulic adjustament for change angling.Available in the version from 12 to 16 discs.From 1.584 lb to 2.002 lb.

    By F.lli Marinelli s.r.l. based in Sigillo (PERUGIA), ITALY. from Mounted Disc Harrow Product line

  • Zormpas - Model DPE.00 - Side Mounted Disc Harrows

    Hydraulic, towed, heavy duty. Featuring a double row of V section discs, with saw-toothed fronts and 20'', 22’’, 24'', 26'' diameter. Exceptional to cut stems, to grind lumps of soil fine, to cover the fertilizers, to incorporate herbicides, and to prepare the ground for sowing in the best manner possible. Besides, ensures an excellent ...

    By Zormpas S.A. based in Thessaloniki, GREECE. from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Heavy Harrow

    The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow is designed for durability. The front section bars can be set individually for heavy straw conditions and for uniform working conditions.  The front rows can be set at an angle so they do not get all the wear and tear. The TOR-MASTER Heavy Harrow has a down pressure system designed to take the pressure off the ...

    By Tor-Master Mfg. Ltd. based in Manitoba, MANITOBA (CANADA).

  • S3 Delta - Harrow

    The Delta Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels: Turf Management: Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched and compacted, preventing healthy growth from reaching its full potential.  The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, ...

    By S3 Delta Harrows inc. based in Shenandoah, IOWA (USA).

  • LION - Model 1000/1002 - Heavy Duty Power Harrows

    Heavy-duty power harrows - 3 to 6 m working width

    By PĂ–TTINGER Landtechnik GmbH based in Grieskirchen, AUSTRIA. from Tillage - Rotary Harrows Product line

  • Kverneland Visio - Model 200 - Heavy Duty Disc Harrow

    A heavy-duty disc harrow  for optimum performance, durability and minimum operating cost.The Visio 200 disc harrow is constructed around a central robust 200x300x10 mono frame which ensures machine stability and operator visibility. The special arrangement of the offset disc gangs guarantees perfect results over the full working width. ...

    By Kverneland Group based in Klepp St., NORWAY. from Soil Equipment - Disc Harrows Product line

  • Athens - Model 55 - Mounted Disk Harrow

    Standard Equipment; Category II Hitch. 1 1/8 ' Square Steel Axle. Relube Ball Bearings. Adjustable Angle of Cut - 13° to 21°. Disc Gang Wrench. Disc Spacing – 7-½', 9', or 9' Front / 7-½' Rear. Extra Equipment; Heavy Duty Scraper Blades. Cover Disc. Balk Buster.

    By Athens Plow Company,Inc. based in Athens, TENNESSEE (USA). from Lift-Type Disk Harrows Product line

  • Athens - Model 153 - Heavy-duty Tandem Disc Harrow

    1 1/2' Cold Rolled Square Gang Axle.Double Tapered Roller Bearings. Rigid or Spring Bearing Hangers with Wear Guards.Disc Blades, 24' Diameter C/O or SM.Disc Spacing, 9 1/2'.Dual Wheels.Lifting Hydraulics.Heavy-Duty Tube Mounted Scrapers.Cover Discs with Scrapers.Self-Leveling Frame.Mechanical Transport.Reversible Tongue Clevis.Gang Wrench and ...

    By Athens Plow Company,Inc. based in Athens, TENNESSEE (USA). from Pull-Type Disc Harrows Product line

  • King Kutter - Model 16-12-C - Blade Disc Comb Harrows

    KING KUTTER'S ANGLE FRAME DISC HARROWS are constructed with heavy rigid angle iron. It connects easily to any three-point hitch with category one specifications. The disc gang axles are made of 1' square steel rods mounted on double thrust ring gray-iron bearings. All disc harrows have angle adjustments of 10 or 15 degrees. The 5 1/2' discs have ...

    By King Kutter Inc. based in Winfield, ALABAMA (USA). from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Disc Harrow

    With this new carrier arm system two serrated concave discs are mounted on a wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard tyre tracks are broken up reliably. Four rubber elements in the mounting bracket provide overload ...

    By Bulagro AD based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Disc Harrows Product line

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