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Mowing Steep Slopes equipment

  • Reform - Model G3 - Hillside / Steep Slope Mowing Tractors

    Dead weight: 1420 Kg, Lifting force of front linkage: 900 Kg, Axle load front/rear: 1450 / 1450 Kg, 44 HP.

    By Stocker-Crew based in Warners Bay, AUSTRALIA.

  • Super Slope Master - Model SSM38-72D - Commercial Land Clearing Slope Mower

    The SuperSlopeMaster is in a class all its own when it comes to extra heavy-duty commercial steep slope mowing, mowing slopes up to 40°. The #1 commercial land clearing steep slope mower on the market. The SuperSlopeMaster is designed to cut rough terrain, including heavy grass, weeds, and occasional low brush. It has a powerful 38 HP Yanmar ...

    By Kut Kwick Corporation based in Brunswick, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Mega Slope Master - Model MSM83-88D - Commercial Land Clearing Slope Mower

    The MegaSlopeMaster is the big brother of the SuperSlopeMaster mower. It is used in the same environment as the SuperSlopeMaster offering the extra duty commercial user with a larger machine. The 88' wide cutter deck and big 83 HP diesel engine will mow through the toughest growth on up to 40° slopes. It is the largest zero-turn-radius (ZTR) ...

    By Kut Kwick Corporation based in Brunswick, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • BERKY - Model Type 1400 - Side Slope Mower

    Powerful hand guided machine, for mowing of steep and difficult access slopes with strong fouling. No slipping or tilting. Mows at a inclination of 45° to 1,40 m under water. Where all other slope mowers fail to function, the side mower is in its element - no slipping off or tipping over allows to mow up to 1.40 m below water surface with a ...

    By Anton Berkenheger GmbH & Co. KG based in Haren/Emmeln, GERMANY. from Hand-Operated Machines Product line

  • Spider - Model MINI - Radio Controlled Slope Mower

    Radio-controlled slope mower Spider MINI is the latest product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky Ltd. At the same time it is the smallest of all Spider mowers, however with its climbing ability and manoeuvrability Spider MINI does not lag far behind the commercial models Spider ILD01 and ILD02. Spider MINI is based on the same ...

    By DVOŘÁK - svahové sekačky, s. r. o. based in Pohled, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Lynex - Model SX1000 - Radio Controlled Flail Slope Mower

    The Lynex SX1000 is a radio controlled flail slope mower designed for mowing slopes of up to 75 degrees With very low ground pressure the machine is particularly useful in ecologically sensitive areas and over soft ground. The machine cuts long grass and light scrub but also provides a very good finish on short mown areas. The reliable ...

    By Lynex ApS based in Risskov, DENMARK.

  • Brush Master - Model BM83-88D - Commercial Brush Clearing Slope Mowers

    The BrushMaster was specifically developed to clear property quickly – up to 5 times faster than other commercial mowers. The commerical mower leaves an attractive appearance to the land while retaining trees larger than 4' in diameter. This machine cuts differently from our slope mowing machines. The land clearing BrushMaster pushes brush ...

    By Kut Kwick Corporation based in Brunswick, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Spider - Model ILD02 - Radio Controlled Slope Mower

    Radio-controlled slope mower Spider ILD02 is the second product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky Ltd. This machine was first introduced in 2005 and serial production was launched in 2006. Conceptually and technologically this model resembles Spider ILD01, but at the same time it brings many innovations and improvements. The ...

    By DVOŘÁK - svahové sekačky, s. r. o. based in Pohled, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Spider - Model ILD01 - Radio-Controlled Slope Mower

    Spider ILD01 radio-controlled slope mower is the basic product of Dvořák - svahové sekačky, Ltd. This machine was introduced in 2003 as the very first radio-controlled mower for professional maintenance of slopes. The revolutionary and patented drive system called the 'dancing step' ensures excellent climbing ability as ...

    By DVOŘÁK - svahové sekačky, s. r. o. based in Pohled, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Rapid - Model SWISS - Single Axle Walk Behind Tractors

    Lightweight, agile and powerful single-axle walk-behind tractor in the middle performance segment. Easy manoeuvring thanks to the active handlebar steering, predestined for safe mowing, even on steep slopes of up to 100%.

    By Rapid Holding AG based in Killwangen, SWITZERLAND. from Rapid Single Axle Appliances Product line

  • Rapid - Model REX - Single Axle Walk Behind Tractors

    World's lightest hydrostatically operated, actively steered and extremely agile single-axle walk-behind tractor. The main usage areas are for mowing work on extremely steep slopes up to 120% or for mulching embankments.

    By Rapid Holding AG based in Killwangen, SWITZERLAND. from Rapid Single Axle Appliances Product line

  • Evolution - Model L85 - Automatic Robotics Lawn Mower

    Ambrogio L85 Evolution is equipped with patented wheels to allow it to handle steep slopes. It can manage areas up to 1/3 Acre and up to three separate mowing areas with slopes up to 29° (the steepest on the market!). The tilting system ensures excellent mowing in both travel directions, perfectly mowing the grass in areas that are difficult ...

    By Zucchetti Centro Sistemi S.p.a based in Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), ITALY. from Robotics Product line

  • Remote Controlled - Model 9600 - Remote Controlled

    Remote controlled high grass rotary mulcherInnovative Hybrid Drive Concept: Electric drives and powerful combustion engines.Lightweight design combines rubber tracks and a low center of gravity for an efficient operation on slopesGood for mowing steep slopes uo to approx. 50° (120%)Zero Turnetc. etc.

    By Agria-Werke GmbH based in Möckmühl, GERMANY.

  • Maverick - Mid Mount Boom Mowers

    The Maverick stands alone when it comes to boom mowers. Reach high into trees, over the guardrails, down steep slopes, and around the waterways. Power through these tough mowing challenges with the ability to reach up to 30 feet. Swing wide, up to 180 degrees, mow in tight spaces within inches of the tires all by operating with a single one-touch ...

    By Alamo Group, Inc. based in Seguin, TEXAS (USA). from Mid Mount Boom Mowers Product line

  • Evatech - Model 22T - Hybrid Robots

    Hybrid robot 22T series has been engineered to perform tasks where it is too risky or uncomfortable for humans. The 22T series are commercial grade units. The GOAT's aggressive tracks make this unit useful on all terrain. 22T series will reduce the labor cost associated with slope mowing. They have lots of power and rugged tracks to climb hills. ...

    By Evatech, Inc. based in Tarpon Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from GOAT Series Product line

  • Blue Bird - Model DOMINO Series - Wheeled Brushcutters

    The Blue Bird wheeled brushcutters are particularly suited to deal with large areas, with very high grass and in presence of underbrush. Designed for mowing of hills and sloppy areas, can be an effective alternative to the traditional brushcutters with rigid shaft or backpack. The Blue Bird models are equipped with large wheels - that make the ...

  • Valiant - Model 50 Series - Tractor

    The Valiant is the mid range All Terrain Tractor. The Valiant 50 series is an updated version of the standard Valiant 500 and features new tier 3 emissions engines,new cabs and a new drivers platform. The easily reversed driving position makes the Valiant 50 series idela for landscaping an grounds maintenance as it can be used in the conventional ...

    By Bigwoods Agri Ltd. based in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model GLM - Blade Mower

    Thanks to its low weight and the minimum power requirement particularly suitable for smaller tractors even on steep slopes. The blade mower is equipped with two swing arms, swinging out vertically thus adjusting to any ground unevenness. The mechanical sensing of the stem with spring-load controller and rubber armouring on the swing disks or two ...

    By Fischer Mulchgeräte GmbH based in Tramin (BZ), ITALY. from Agricultural Product line

  • Model AS 53 2T 4WD - Professional Lawn Mower

    The only four-wheel lawn mower in its class, the AS 53 4WD sets the course. Defy narrow road-side ditches, hilly ground, embankments and mountain slopes! Four-wheel drive provides climbing power and traction when mowing, making headway when other mowers have reached their limit. The cutting height can be adjusted to six levels on each axle, while ...

    By AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG based in Bühlertann, GERMANY. from Professional Lawn Mower Product line

  • Model AGT 850 T Series - Compact Tractor

    Agromehanika AGT 850 - 860 T Tractors AGT 850 T, engines 50 in 60 HP, 24 speeds, differential lock. Also in widened 'mountain' version for use on steep slopes.Research and development division of tractor AGT is obliged to consider the needs of tractor users and to work closely with them. We are conscious of the fact that only you know what you ...

    By Agromehanika d.d. based in Kranj, SLOVENIA. from Tractors Product line

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