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Pheromone-Based Monitoring equipment

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model ML3 ThetaKit - Soil Moisture Measurement Kit

    Supplied in a convenient carry case, the ThetaKit (based around the ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor) contains everything you need to obtain accurate soil moisture measurements. The kit comes complete with a dedicated HH2 Moisture Meter for instant readout, an insertion tool for penetrating hard soils, and a set of spare replacement rods. With ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Irrigation Monitoring and Horticulture Monitoring Product line

  • Model Monitoring-PAM - Multi-Site Chlorophyll Fluorometer

    The multi-site chlorophyll fluorometer MONITORING-PAM operates several emitter-detector heads in parallel. A clip attached to each head positions the sample at defined distance and angle. Two types of emitterdetector heads are available which are specially designed for long-term operation in the field or under water. Each emitter-detector head is ...

    By Lombard & Marozzini Srl. based in Roma, ITALY. from Photosynthesis Product line

  • Picusan - Pheromone Traps

    Picusan Trap is a pyramid shaped ground trap that does not need to be buried. Black is an attractive color to red palm weevils (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus).  Its ribbed surface makes it easier for the adults to climb up and to eventually fall down inside the trap through a funnel. Picusan Trap is used together with the specific pheromones ...

    By Biobest NV based in Westerlo, BELGIUM. from Monitoring and Scouting- Pheromone Traps Product line

  • Delta - Pheromone Traps

    The Delta Trap consists of a sticky insert and a triangle-shaped 'house' of long-lasting, water resistant material. In the middle of the ridge of the roof a hanger is attached to hang up the trap. A pheromone dispenser is placed in the center of the sticky insert. Male adults are attracted by the pheromone and enter the Delta Trap where they ...

    By Biobest NV based in Westerlo, BELGIUM. from Monitoring and Scouting- Pheromone Traps Product line

  • Droso - Pheromone Traps

    Biobest has conducted trials to develop a reliable and selective method of trappingDrosophila suzukii. Our DROSO TRAP® has, therefore, been specifically selected for efficient attraction of drosophila. Once adults are trapped inside the Droso trap they eventually will be drowned in the liquid attractant. The main attractant of this ...

    By Biobest NV based in Westerlo, BELGIUM. from Monitoring and Scouting- Pheromone Traps Product line

  • Koppert - Deltatrap

    Pheromone trap to be used in combination with PHERODIS pheromone dispensers.1 delta trap with suspension hook and 1 sticky insert.

    By Koppert B.V. based in Berkel en Rodenrijs, NETHERLANDS. from Monitoring Product line

  • aPhinity - Model BSW - Pheromone Lure for Blueberry Spanworm Monitoring

    aPhinity BSW is a pheromone lure that is used as a detection tool. The lure works by attracting males of the Blueberry Spanworm species to a trap. The lure is not harmful to the environment, humans or pets.

    By Sylvar Technologies Inc. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Insect Monitoring Product line

  • RHYNCHO - Red Palm Weevil Trap

    This trap consists of a plastic red bucket; the attractant is Rhypher 220 which includes the aggregation pheromone and food attractant. The trap must be partially filled with soapy water or water and oil so the captured insects drown in the liquid. Dimensions : 25 cm x 25 cm (D) x (H).

    By Biogard a Division of CBC (Europe) S.r.l. based in Grassobbio (BG), ITALY. from Monitoring Product line

  • Model CM-BASE(A)/ (D) - In-Line Brix monitor

    This system is simple to operate and requires only one cable for the power supply and signal output. It is also optimised for real-time measurement. The CM-BASE(A) transmits the measured data as a 4-20 mA signal, whilst the CM-BASE(D) uses the RS-232C digital interface.

    By GIMAT GmbH Umwelttmesstechnik based in Polling, GERMANY. from In-Line Brix Refractometer Product line

  • aPhinity - Model BSLB - Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle

    aPhinity BSLB is a pheromone lure that is used as a detection tool. The lure works by attracting males of the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle species to a trap. The lure is not harmful to the environment, humans or pets.

    By Sylvar Technologies Inc. based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA). from Insect Monitoring Product line

  • Crop Growth Condition Monitoring

    Wireless growth condition monitoring - a-Weather: In agriculture, the monitoring of local growth conditioning is vital. Looking at historic data it is easy to compare growing seasons over several years. On the other hand, real time alarms for plant diseases, frost, soil moisture or other limit based alarms alert to action if something significant ...

    By a-Lab Ltd. based in Keuruu, FINLAND. from Agriculture Monitoring Product line

  • Pinnacle - Model 20|20 - Dryer Control Systems

    Pinnacle 20|20 is the second generation in the family of Pinnacle dryer control systems, originally launched in 2010. In development and testing for over 2 years, this state of-the-art system encompasses the latest technology available to facilitate the safe, simple and efficient operation of an M-C grain dryer. When interfacing with the Pinnacle ...

    By Mathews Company (M-C) based in Crystal Lake, ILLINOIS (USA). from Controls and Monitoring Product line

  • Hoskin Scientific - Model NDVI/SRS - Spectral Reflectance Sensor

    This sensor will connect to our Em50 loggers and is designed to be positioned above a plant canopy to monitor the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index  (NDVI) and Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI), based on reflected wavelengths detected by specialized photosensors in the instrument. NDVI is typically used as a measure of plant health, ...

    By Hoskin Scientific Limited based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Environmental Monitoring Product line

  • AfiAct - Model II - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    Good fertility management means that cows calve at optimal intervals, maintaining milk production at the highest possible level. Years of research and field experience have demonstrated the strong, direct correlation between the timing of estrus and cows' increased walking activity. Based on this crucial finding, the Afimilk team developed ...

    By Afimilk Ltd based in ISRAEL. from Cow Monitoring Product line

  • SecurityHawk 8-Port Smart Sensor Expansion Chassis

    The SecurityHawk 8 is compatible with the complete range of SecurityHawk’s intelligent sensors giving you a flexible way of expanding the SensorHawk 5E monitoring system.There is no limit to the number of expansion modules that can be daisy-chained together, with a maximum of 600 sensors being monitored by the SecurityHawk 5E base unit.

    By Enviromon Environmental Monitoring Systems based in Windsor, ONTARIO (CANADA). from SecurityHawk Monitoring Systems Product line

  • Omega - Model iSD-TC - Web-Based Temperature Monitoring

    The OMEGA iSD-TC provides Web-based temperature monitoring in critical equipment and locations such as computer server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, museums, warehouses, or any remote facility.  View and record temperature on two independent thermocouple channels, over an Ethernet network or the Internet with no special software - just a ...

    By Omega Engineering Ltd. based in Norwalk, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Borna - Model CT - Core Balance for Earth Fault

    This core balance CT acts based on vector summation of passing currents through the device. If vector summation of passing currents is zero, output voltage of core balance CT will be zero. But if it is not zero, there would be a voltage at core balance CT output proportional to leakage current. The voltage magnitude is proportional to leakage ...

    By Borna Electronics Co based in Tehran, IRAN. from Relay - Monitoring & Protection Relays Product line

  • Monitoring System

    PLC Box: Economical & highly reliable PC-based monitoring at local site through RS485 connection - PLC BOX + Data Logger: Web-based monitoring system with house server compatible with IE, Chrome, Safari, Android phone, iPhone, Android PAD, iPad.Automatic & faster registration.One-touch back-up function.Support Wi-Fi connection ...

    By Darfon Corporation based in Taoyuan, TAIWAN.

  • Cow Monitor

    Monitors, the heart of the HeatWatch®II system are small, transferable battery-powered digital radio frequency units containing a pressure sensor for detecting mounting activity and transmitting this data to the base station. The base station will send a return message to the monitor acknowledging its receipt of the data. If the monitor does ...

    By CowChips LLC based in Manalapan, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Plant Monitoring and Growth-Based Irrigation System (GBI)

    SupPlant has developed a unique system based on a set of ground-breaking algorithms to analyze data collected from sensors: soil, climate and most importantly plant-based.

    By SupPlant based in Afula , ISRAEL.

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