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planting machine equipment

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    ACA - Crusher for Garden Waste

    Crusher for recycling of garden waste. The ACA crusher is highly qualified for crushing of garden waste, fresh as well as dry material. The ACA crusher crushes the garden waste to a smaller volume for future use in composting plants, biogas plants or incineration. Potential foreign bodies, such as smaller metal pieces, larger pieces of wood will ...

    By ACA Industry ApS based in Odense, DENMARK. from Crusher for Garden Waste Product line

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    US Erosion - Coconut Coir Logs Natural Coir Netting

    Our Coir Logs are assembled in America. This greatly reduces the cost and makes US Erosion Coir Logs one the most affordable in the USA. Coconut Coir Logs are made of 100% Coconut Fibers pressed into a tubular Coir Mesh Netting. The outer Coir Mesh Netting is hand knotted for superior performance. The dimensions are 1.77” x 2.17” in ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Coconut Coir Logs Natural Coir Netting Product line

  • Agrotis - Model A - Linear Hoeing Machine

    Linear hoeing machines are characterized by their proper technology in the key points. They have wheels in each line for depth regulation and two dig regulated wheels in the frame to achieve uniformed, fast and easy cultivation. Suitable for carving linear plant crops with distances from 50 to 100 cm. Optional box-fertilizer is placed and driven ...

    By Agrotis S.A. based in Orestiada, GREECE. from Linear Hoeing Machine Product line

  • Raised Bed Maker

    The Raised Bed Maker has cultivator tines which are similar to rotor spikes and are fitted on two spirals which meet in the middle of the machine. This configuration can cultivate soil so that large clods are left at the bottom of the bed and small, loose tilth remains at the top. There is a roller at the back to firm the bed up prior to planting ...

    By Olema Engineering Ltd based in Dunsfold, UNITED KINGDOM. from Raised Bed Maker Product line

  • GreenBroz - Resin Cleaners

    Easily remove plant residue from your GreenBroz machine, harvesting tools, or any other surface at your facility, with this all-natural, odor-free CLP oil.

    By GreenBroz Inc based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Model 3WG-6YP - Garden Multifunction Machine (Ditcher & Hiller)

    3WG series of garden multifunction machine is a small rural management of advanced machinery, which has a small size, light weight, compact structure and facility operation. It applies to greenhouses, vegetable plot, orchards, tea, paddy field, dry land cultivating, rural management, particularly suitable for narrow space, edge and corner ...

    By Luke Machinery Co Ltd based in WeiFang, CHINA.

  • Amisy - Model AMS-SFB400/AMS-SFB800 - Mechanical Garlic Bulb Breaking Machine

    During garlic processing, breaking the garlic bulbs into separated cloves is a tough work. Garlic clove separating machine can easy this work, and we are supplying quality garlic clove separator to finish garlic bulb breaking and clove separation. At the same time, our garlic clove separator is a good helper to garlic farmers who need a large ...

    By Amisy Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • AMISY - Model AMS-CL600/AMS-CL1000 - Garlic Chopping Machine

    The garlic chopping machine is used to cut garlic cloves into grain-sized particles, and the fineness of the finished product is between the diced garlic and mashed garlic. Garlic chopping machine can also be called garlic granule cutting machine. It is the necessary equipment for producing granule vegetables and fruits, and an ideal equipment ...

    By Amisy Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Comeb Inter Row Rotavator

    The Comeb inter row rotavator is designed for rotavating between rows of plants and herbs in all soil conditions. It also breaks up any capping caused by heavy rain. This machine is mainly used for vegetable cultivation. The rotavator heads can be made in any width required and quantity to suit your requirements.

    By Edwards Farm Machinery Ltd based in Tenbury Wells, UNITED KINGDOM. from Comeb Inter Row Rotavator Product line

  • Agro-Vigs - Model ISM-10-CSC - Grain Separator

    Grain separator ISM-10-CSC (impeller separating machine capacity 10 ton/hour with cyclone-setting complex) is developed by Kharkov grain cleaning machinery plant for grain separation with maximum cleaning and calibration on small and medium-sized farms.

    By AGRO-VIGS LLC based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Grain Separator Product line

  • Model Duplex - Planting Machines

    The planting machine is the out-come of long experience and advanced technology. The planting machine 'Duplex'comes with a horizontal rotating feeder with 24 bowls and an open base. This machine 'Duplex', 2 in 1, can work with one single operator for 2 rows, reducing the working cost and increasing the productivity. Also it is used ...

    By Panagrotiki S.A. based in Lamia, GREECE. from Planting Machines Product line

  • Dewulf Miedema - Model CP - Cup Potato Planter

    The CP cup planting machine is a multifunctional potato planter whose quality has been thoroughly proven in practice. The Miedema CP combines high capacity, user-friendliness and planting accuracy, and is a model of potato-friendliness.  It is also ideal as a combination machine for soil cultivation, fertiliser spreading, planting, crop ...

    By Dewulf based in Roeselare, BELGIUM. from Cup Potato Planter Product line

  • Model HD1100N - Dual Boom Topper Hedger

    The HD1100N is a medium duty, dual boom topper / hedger designed to meet the growing demand for narrow cross hedging.  Originally designed for cross hedging pistachios the compact size and center boom provides the ability to operate efficiently in tight planted orchards of all varieties making it an extreemly versatile machine.  The ...

    By TOL, Inc. based in Tulare, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dual Boom Topper Hedger Product line

  • AGRIPUL - Model AP-401 - Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill

    Pneumatic seeder is a machine that allows row spacing and over row sowing of all kinds of seeds (beet, corn, sunflower, cotton, onion, sweet melon, watermelon, groundnut etc) which need to be planted over row, with the desired quantity sensitively. Pneumatic seeder is produced as 4, 5, 6 and 8 units. Upon request, fertilizer unit can be attached ...

    By Agripul Agricultural Machinery Co based in Konya, TURKEY. from Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill Product line

  • AGRIPUL - Model AP-7000 - Ap 205 Rotary Dısc Mower Indexıble

    Animal feed which is clean and rich in terms of energy is the main principle of a profitable stock breeding. This mechanism AP 205 - AP 240 Compression-disc pasture and alfalfa mower which is divided into two as disc and compressed disc raises up, with the effect of air flow created by oval-type two-blade discs when they rotate, the plants which ...

  • Preparation & Control of Green Sand Systems

    Central to FTL’s activities is the mixing and control of high quality green sand essential for the operation of today’s moulding lines. FTL supplies high intensity mixers and complete integrated sand plants. FTL has also achieved considerable world-wide success with its automatic moisture control system. However advanced or complex, ...

    By FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd based in Willenhall, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ramsay - 3-point Conveyor System Harvesting Aids

    The Three Point Bulk Loader are known for field efficiency and design engineering. In most cases, the Ramsay Highlander machines have been known to highly reduce the cull rate on products such as tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, and cantaloupes. Most importantly the Ramsay machines are known to reduce harvesting costs through labor savings while ...

    By Ramsay Highlander, Inc. based in Gonzales, CALIFORNIA (USA). from 3-point Conveyor System Harvesting Aids Product line

  • Bracke - Model P11.a - Planting Machine

    The Bracke P11.a makes it possible to conduct the full scope of regeneration work from scarification to planting with a single machine. The P11.a provides regeneration of the highest quality and with the greatest possible consideration for environmental and ecological aspects.

    By Bracke Forest AB based in Bräcke, SWEDEN. from Planting Machine Product line

  • Model 1008G - 8 Row Precision Pneumatic Planting Machine with Fertilizer Reservoir

    Precision pneumatic planting machines are mechanisms capable of placing seeds in the soil with desired row intervals and on row spacing. Row intervals can be adjusted between 27 cm and 90 cm, while on row spacing can be adjusted between 2 cm and 80 cm. These are combined models capable of fertilizing operation during plating. With suitable die ...

  • Besler - Model 6000 - Chop-N-Slicer

    The Chop-N-Slicer will chop stalks, remove the root crown and prepare the seed bed for planting with one pass through the field. This ground driven machine with high speed capability will save time and money when preparing the ground for planting.

    By Besler Industries, Inc. based in Cambridge, NEBRASKA (USA). from Chop-N-Slicer Product line

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