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Plough equipment available in San Marino

  • Plough Leaf Springs

    Complete leaf spring and individual sheets. Characteristics: Special, high elasticity steel with high capacity to recover initial geometry. Specific integral heat treatment that provides each leaf with optimum characteristics. The sheets are individually shot-blasted and painted before the set is assembled. Epoxy paint with UVA protection.

    By Bellota Agrisolutions based in Legazpi, SPAIN. from Plough Product line

  • Entro solco - Model NX 10E/2 - Mounted Reversible Ploughs

    General Type of plough: with double or reversible moldboard. Connection to the self-propelled machine Coupling to the self-propelled machine: trailed. Power required by the tractor: 48 kW - 63 kW. Processing implements Number of shares: 2 n. Implements Protective device: bolt of traction T. Dimensions and weights Weight: 540 kg, Working depth: 0.2 ...

    By Gruppo Nardi based in Selci Lama di S. Giustino (PG), ITALY. from Ploughs Product line

  • MERCURIO - Model FOS Series - Hydraulic Reversible Plough

    Hydraulic reversible plough (adjustable width on skid) with hydraulic side displacement and  swinging bar

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Plough Product line

  • Moreno - Drainage Ploughs

    Lateral movement and inclination adjustment. Axle on tapered roller bearings. Head with automatic coupling system. Various tractor hooking positions. Plough turnover with a special valve. Possibility of incorporating inter-changeable teeth or blade tips. With attachment legs for better coupling and uncoupling. Special tie-rods for mouldboard ...

    By Maquinaria Agrícola Moreno based in Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Ploughs Product line

  • VEJEN - Model PLC Series - Conventional Ploughs

    Conventional plough is a reliable farmer’s partner solving modern agricultural key problems. It fully corresponds to local soil characteristics. This machine simultaneously turns and looses soil layer. It helps:

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Ploughs Product line

  • Lemken Juwel - Model 8 - Plough

    The Juwel plough generation combines safe use, easy operation and work quality in an entirely new model. Initially available with three to seven furrows, and a 140 mm box section frame, the Juwel 8 is suitable for medium to high HP tractors.

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Alpen, GERMANY. from Ploughing Product line

  • FALC FREELAND - Model 3000 - Plough

    FALC FREELAND 3000 - Rotary plow for processing any type of soil

    By Bulagro AD based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Ploughs Product line

  • Lidselmash - Model L-101 - 2 Share Plough

    2-share plough L-101 is intended for ploughing soils with specific resistance up to 0.5 kg/cm2 in any climatic zone on small field-plots at collective or individual kitchen-gardens. Coupled with tractors of 0.6 type.

    By Lidselmash based in Lida, BELARUS. from Plough Product line

  • Model VAIF Series - Mounted Reversible Hydraulic Plough

    Mounted reversible hydraulic plough 180° – fixed models – chisel body

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Plough Product line

  • Model VZ/F Series - Mounted Reversible Mechanical Plough

    Mounted reversible mechanical plough 180° – side displacement models – chisel body

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Plough Product line

  • Lemken VariOpal - Model 5 - Plough

    The VariOpal perfectly fulfils all requirements for ploughing. Good ploughing performance relies heavily on the working width and working depth of the different bodies.

    By LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Alpen, GERMANY. from Ploughing Product line

  • Model PZ - Bed Ploughs

    Bed ploughs 3, 4 and 5 furrow ploughs with stone protection

    By AGRO-MASZ based in Masłowice, POLAND. from Ploughing Product line

  • DMV - RM - Model HP 12 - 30 - Plough

    Adjustable three point hitch adapter category 1.  Plough share BELLOTA made in special steel.  Adjustable fool.  Interchangeable skim coulters.

    By Del Morino S.r.l. based in Caprese Michelangelo, ITALY. from Ploughs Product line

  • Model FLY - Reversible Light Plough

    Provided as standard Working bodies with triplex steel mouldboard. Screw lateral-shift. Mechanical displacement of the furrow-ploughs. Security bolt. Skimmer coulter mouldboard. Swingind drawbar self-locking

    By Angeloni S.r.L based in Montecarotto, ITALY. from Ploughs Product line

  • Model ACH - Ecologic Plough

    Ecologic plough, distance between the ploughs 32 cm, in arms of 40×40, with quick hooking up, and rechangebles digger.

    By Julio Gil Águeda e Hijos, S.A. based in Madrid, SPAIN. from Ploughs Product line

  • Tubular Disc Plough

    The heavy construction of the frame together with a very large under frame from the land and an optimal and experienced distance between discs allow a very easy landfill of vegetal leavings , stubbles and turfs . The available range is from 2 up to 6 discs having working width from 48 up to 168 cm.

    By Gherardi srl based in Monte Roberto, ITALY. from Ploughs Product line

  • Points for Ploughshares

    Special steel Borodur. Characteristics: Manufacture of parts in various steels and characteristics depending on requirements and product type. Boron steel. Three-layer material with different layer specifications and hardness values. Steel with hardened outer layers by means of complete thermo-chemical and heat processes. The process exceeds 40 ...

    By Bellota Agrisolutions based in Legazpi, SPAIN. from Plough Product line

  • Bellota - Eco-Plough for Tillage at 10-15 cm

    Characteristics: Boron steel. Integral hardening to avoid deformations and rupture.

    By Bellota Agrisolutions based in Legazpi, SPAIN. from Plough Product line

  • Soilmaster - Reversible Plough

    Soilmaster reversible plough do us proud of serving farmers by special raw materials profile that provides elasticity fort he reversible ploug as well as heat treatment processed poles as a first and impact resistant mouldboard and knife non-catching mud in European standard. It is very practical to adjust and use of the Reversible Plough which is ...

    By Soilmaster Agricultural Machinery based in Selçuklu, TURKEY. from Ploughs Product line

  • SCHOLLENCRACKER - Model SC Series - Plough

    With its levelling bar and the centrally adjustable cutters made of special steel, the Schollencracker handles every situation. When push comes to shove, the Schollencracker made by Kerner is in its element. The extremely robust cutters on the height adjustable levelling bar are made of tempered steel, which crush even the biggest boulders. They ...

    By KERNER Maschinenbau GmbH based in Aislingen, GERMANY. from Plough Product line

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