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post-harvest tool equipment

  • Model StorOx 2.0 - Versatile Post Harvest Tool

    StorOx 2.0 is a versatile post harvest tool that extends shelf life and reduces spoilage of stored crops. A chlorine alternative, StorOx 2.0 leaves no residues. Use StorOx 2.0 in all packing shed and post harvest applications to kill bacteria, fungi, and their spores, which cause premature decay.

    By BioSafe Systems, LLC based in East Hartford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Versatile Post Harvest Tool Product line

  • Superpoint - Reliable Moisture Meter for Grain and Seeds

    The Superpoint, with its ergonomic grip and backlight display, has been specially designed for convenience, comfort and ease of use. It has been engineered to measure the moisture level of grain and seeds in the field in order to determine the best time of harvest. In addition,  it is an ideal tool for regular moisture measurement during the ...

    By Supertech Agroline ApS based in Bogense, DENMARK. from Reliable Moisture Meter for Grain and Seeds Product line

  • Olive Harvest Tool

    A professional product, excellent return on investment, ultra-lightweight and offers exceptional handling. Use a PELLENC multifunction battery or a 12 V battery (the kind of battery used in a car) with a converter.

    By Pellenc SA based in Pertuis cedex, FRANCE. from Olive Harvest Tool Product line

  • Superpro - Portable Grain Moisture Meter

    The Superpro is a high performance moisture meter used in the field to determine when to begin harvesting. If the grain is harvested wetter than necessary, it will result in extra drying costs. The Superpro is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and during storage to avoid deterioration of quality or spoilage.

    By Supertech Agroline ApS based in Bogense, DENMARK. from Portable Grain Moisture Meter Product line

  • Farmpro - Original Pocket-Sized Grain Moisture Meter

    The Original pocket-sized grain moisture meter with built-in grinder. The Farmpro is used to measure water content in grain and seed in the field. The Farmpro is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and while the grain is in storage to avoid deterioration in quality or spoilage. Moisture management is essential to ...

    By Supertech Agroline ApS based in Bogense, DENMARK. from Original Pocket-Sized Grain Moisture Meter Product line

  • Gregoire - Model G7 and G8 - Grape Harvester & Tool Carrier

    Cabin improved soundproofing offering even lower Dba readings. Centralized data screen : a complete display of most of the harvester functions in one glance which means more efficiency for the operator. All harvester functions centralized : every single function is operated from this state of the art tactile console.Plus much more.

    By Gregoire based in Ch√Ęteaubernard, FRANCE.

  • TAH - Assortment of Harvesting Equipment

    TAH owns and manufactures an assortment of harvesting equipment – in size from 20 ft. to 90 ft. – to meet a wide variety of needs for aquatic weed control: Harvesters, shore conveyors, airboats, “cookie cutters”, drag line cranes, floating barges, track hoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, pumps. Specialty Dredging Tools (for ...

    By Texas Aquatic Harvesting Inc. (TAH) based in Lake Wales, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Crop Harvesters

    Our harvesters are an essential part of our strategy to bring our customers farm-tech prosperity, making the harvest season simpler, easier, and more profitable.  We offer a selection of crop harvesting tools to help you get the most out of your fields.  Durable and low maintenance, our crop harvesting tools will be reliable partners ...

    By Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. based in Mumbai, INDIA. from Crop Harvesters Product line

  • Attalink - Model 3A - Tying Tool

    The ATTALINK-3A tying tool can be used for ties up to 3 cm in diameter. Light and easy to use, it is suitable for attaching young plants to supports such as wire, bamboo, metal posts etc. The ATTALINK-3A is delivered ready to use with one magazine of standard natural colour elastic thread and one reel of standard metal for crimping the elastic.

    By Vigouroux SARL based in LAUZERTE, FRANCE. from Tying Tool Product line

  • Panesar - Model SC 514 - Harvester Combine

    Special steel worm and gear box (Big size). Excellent performance Hydraulic system. Large Capacity grain tank with sample access. Power full external lighting for working at night. Heavy duty Chassis for maximum strength & manoeourability. Adjustable services, large cleaning area, ensures high Quilty grain sample.  Free spare part & ...

    By Panesar Combine Harvester based in BARNALA, INDIA.

  • AGH Quantum - Grape Harvester

    The Quantum Grape Harvester is the preferred harvesting tool on many California grape growers and custom grape harvester operators. Although it can be equipped with any picking mechanism, the trunk shaking Mantis is preferred. With its rated 36 inch side to side leveling capacity and 6 cylinder Cummins power plant it can operate in nearly any ...

    By American Grape Harvesters, Inc. based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Estim - Harvest Machine

    Crop yield estimation before harvesting, in quantity and quality: Useful to the farmer and to the cereal stockist. An aid to comparing trial crops without harvesting. A tool for experts in assessing crop damage. A necessity for the agro-food industry.

    By Gode SAS based in Le Catelet, FRANCE. from Harvest Machine Product line

  • Harvesting Set

    The YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod generator is the most efficient multitasking machine for the generation of low 12-27VDC voltage required for the use of an olive harvesting rod or other electric tools. Its ergonomic construction, with the specially designed removable handle, makes it ideal for transportation in a passenger car and easy to store. ...

    By YAMASTIK based in Heraklion, GREECE.

  • ParkLand - Forage Harvester

    A reliable machine with high capacity and extraordinary good throwing capacity. is a reliable machine with high capacity and extraordinary good throwing ability even under wet and windy weather conditions. The spiral mounted knives require 20% less power - low gasoil user per ton harvested grass. Easy, rolling coupling and uncoupling together with ...

    By ParkLand Maskinfabrik A/S based in Herlufmagle, DENMARK. from Forage Harvester Product line

  • Model 242 - Guardrail Post Tester

    Metriguard has developed a prototype device to detect internal decay in wood guardrail posts. This lightweight, portable device is easy to use and can quickly assess the quality of an installed post. While this device is still in the development stage, we believe that a commercial version will be an invaluable diagnostic tool for highway asset ...

    By Metriguard Technologies based in Pullman, WASHINGTON (USA). from Guardrail Post Tester Product line

  • Campagnola Olistar Diablo - Pneumatic Olive Harvester

    Olistar DIABLO is the preferred olive harvesting tool worldwide.  Its lightweight design and superb raking performance makes olive harvesting quick and easy, delivering a total harvest regardless of the stage of ripening or the type of cultivar. A uniquely designed rake makes the tool adaptable to different sized branches for ease of movement ...

    By Campagnola S.r.l. based in Zola Predosa BO, ITALY.

  • Tenstar Simulation - Combine Harvester Simulator

    Comebine Harvester offers a full-scale training tool for the education of Combine Harvester operators. The system provides a realistic simulator with self-instructive exercises that portray real-life environments. Simulator setup with professional driving seats and controls, 3 pcs 48' LCD display front.

    By Tenstar Simulation AB based in Tanumshede, SWEDEN. from Combine Harvester Simulator Product line

  • Busatis - Forage Harvester Knives

    Busatis develops and manufactures quality forage harvester knives according to the specifications of our customers. The products are made of special alloy tool steel, are heat-treated, and have a highly wear-resistant coating. Busatis delivers highly wear-resistant quality forage harvesterknives to all leading manufacturers of agricultural ...

    By Busatis GmbH based in Purgstall, AUSTRIA. from Forage Harvester Knives Product line

  • Campagnola ELEKTRA - Electromechanical Olive Harvester

    ELEKTRA harvesting head is ideal for pruned, or not so thick, trees.  The rakes 'comb' the branches with up to 22 interchangeable teeth made of thermoplastic resins to ensure robustness and flexibility for easy movement among the branches. ELEKTRA employs a design that makes the tool extremely lightweight (it weighs a little ...

    By Campagnola S.r.l. based in Zola Predosa BO, ITALY.

  • Campagnola - Model Golia - Pneumatic Olive Harvester

    The new harvester is called Golia and is the result of the latest researches made by Campagnola. Thanks to its peculiar movement, the rakes move sidewards, each on opposite side and crossing each other, widening the harvesting radius. The 'traditional' rakes are fitted with two kinds of teeth: the long ones are robust, very thin and alternately ...

    By Campagnola S.r.l. based in Zola Predosa BO, ITALY. from Pneumatic Olive Harvester Product line

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