Post-Larvae equipment in Asia & Middle East

  • Smart Fresh Technology

    The SmartFreshSM Quality System is globally recognized as an important tool for fruit quality management. SmartFresh successfully manages fruit and vegetable ripening by controlling naturally occurring ethylene during storage and transport.

    By AgroFresh Office in JAPAN. from Post-Harvest Product line

  • RipeLock Technology

    Ripelocktechnology is an innovative fruit quality management system for bananas. This complete ethylene control packaging system offers flexibility and consistency to distributors, ripeners, retailers and consumers to handle and purchase bananas at their preferred ripeness stages.RipeLockwill help to maintain premium visual and edible quality ...

    By AgroFresh Office in JAPAN. from Post-Harvest Product line

  • Model HPHD-6 - Basic Post Hole Digger

    35hp or 50hp gearbox with PTO protection cover . Augers are available in sizes from 4 to 18 inches (100 to 450 mm) to suit many post sizes and soil types . designed for strength and durability with re-enforced boom.  high strength, re-enforced arm.

    By Hanmey Implements based in Jiangsu, CHINA. from Post Hole Digger Product line

  • Dyna Force - Elasto-Magnetic Sensor

    DYNA Force  Sensors have been successfully used in the following areas: Cable stayed bridges. Post-tensioning tendons in bridges and buildings. Ground anchors. Tie-back and tie-down anchors . Air traffic control towers. Wind energy towers. Repair of various post-tensioned structures.

    By Dywidag Systems International USA Inc. (DSI) Office in Chang Ning District, CHINA. from Post-Tensioning System Product line

  • Avery Weigh-Tronix - Letters and Packets

    Avery Weigh-Tronix/NCI’s postal scales and systems help letter and packet carriers reduce cost and protect revenue generation. The global postal industry is under unprecedented pressure from declining volumes and the global financial crisis.As well as diversifying, postal services much increase revenue and decrease costs for letters and ...

    By Avery Weigh-Tronix Office in Ballabgarh, INDIA. from Post, Mail and Shipping Product line

  • Multistrand Post Tensioning System

    DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning Systems are world renowned for reliability and performance, most suitable for all applications in post-tensioned construction. They embrace the entire spectrum from bridge construction and buildings to civil applications, above and below ground.

    By Dywidag Systems International USA Inc. (DSI) Office in Chang Ning District, CHINA. from Post-Tensioning System Product line

  • Rhino - 3 Pt Mount Post Hole Diggers

    Rhino posthole diggers have models sized to match any homeowner, agricultural, or commercial application. Rhino's PTO driven posthole diggers have 6'-24' diameter augers and a three-point hitch to fit Categories 0, 1, or 1-2, depending on the model. The boom and yoke are designed with high strength steel tubing. Shear bolt driveline protection is ...

  • Rhino - Hydraulic Drive Post Hole Diggers

    Rhino’s Medium and Heavy Duty Planetary Drive Diggers are perfect for use in a wide range of soil, heavy clay, or loose rock conditions. The planetary drive digger's drive motors are compatible with flow rates from 10 to 30 GPM and pressures up to 3,000 psi. Mount kits are available for skid steer loader and front end loader applications, ...

  • Post Hole Diggers

    Our Tractor Post Hole Diggers is supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts which are Imported from Italy to withstand tough Indian soil conditions. There are four different sizes of augers 9', 12', 18' and 24' available as optional and can be selected by the customers as per their requirement and nature of work. This is Ideally suited for ...

    By Farm Equipment Corporation based in Chennai, INDIA.

  • Solid Core Post

    Glazed in grey or brown, corresponding to IEC or ANSI standards, with bending resistance from 2kN to 20kN even 36kN for extreme situation. You can use PUCI porcelain insulators for: post insulators, rods for disconnectors, surge arresters, line traps.

    By Liling Pukou Insulator Manufacture Co Ltd based in Liling, CHINA.

  • Omni Gear - Model PHD - Post Hole Digger Drive

    Feed Blenders. Flail Mowers. Potato Harvesters. Pump Drives. Rock Pickers.

    By Omni Gear Office in Shanghai, CHINA. from Agriculture Product line

  • Post-Harvesting Storage

    A global challenge facing post-harvesting storage is increasing the quality and timeline of stored goods. Creating ideal storage conditions comes with a hefty price tag for cold storage facilities and the extensive use of pesticides that leave harmful chemical residue. Failure to ensure proper storage conditions can trigger various disease ...

    By Pimi Agro based in Hutzot Alonim, ISRAEL.

  • Tractor Operated Post Hole Digger


    By VARSHA ASSOCIATES based in Chitradurga, INDIA. from Planting Equipments Product line

  • Lydite - Model BY-VH250 - Highway Guardrail Used Hydraulic Drop Hammer Ground Screw Mini Sheet Post Ramming Pile Driver Machine

    Hydraulic pile driver is using its high frequency vibration to vibrate pile body with high acceleration to pass the vertical vibration of mechanical produce to pile which leading to changes in the soil structure around the pile, strength decrease. Soil around the piles become liquefaction to reduce frictional resistance between side of the pile ...

    By lydite trading company based in CHINA.

  • Serpentine Leaf Miners

    Punctures caused by females during the feeding and oviposition processes can result in a stippled appearance on foliage, especially at the leaf tip and along the leaf margins. However, the major form of damage is the mining of leaves by larvae, which results in destruction of leaf mesophyll.

    By BioBee Biological Systems Ltd based in Sde Eliyaho, ISRAEL. from Biological IPM - Pests Product line

  • Insecticides - Agrochemicals

    Insecticides are agrochemicals used to control insects. They include ovicides and larvicides used against eggs and larvae of insects respectively. The class of insecticides called insect growth regulators slowly act against the insects over a period of few days by disrupting the normal growth and development of immature adults. EQUO (Novaluron ) ...

    By Isagro S.p.A Office in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • KVERTI - Liquid Based Bio-Pesticide Power

    This is liquid based bio-pesticide containing Verticillium leccani. It proliferates in insects through enzymatic action or produces certain toxins and cause mortality through a combination of chemical, mechanical, water loss and nutrient loss effects. It highly active on sucking pests like scale insects, coccus viridis, aphids, thrips, mites, ...

    By Kala Biotech based in Akurdi, INDIA. from Bio Pesticides - Insecticides Product line

  • Premium

    Ahlstrom - Model Sulflex - For Furniture Laminates

    Genuine vegetable parchment paper is specially adapted for bonding in CPL and HPL processes. These laminates are used in the furniture industry and building industry. Ahlstrom Sulflex genuine vegetable parchment is specially designed for bonding in Continuous Pressure Laminates (CPL) and High Pressure Laminates (HPL). These laminates are used in ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö Office in Binzhou, Shangdong, CHINA. from Building and Decoration Product line

  • AFTERFRUIT - Deficiency Corrector

    AfterFruitis a nutritional deficiency corrector for post-harvest application. The micronutrients are formulated with penetrating agents promoting uptake.AfterFruitis recommended to provide the crop with an improved nutritional state during the subsequent sprouting and improve bud quality.

    By Desarrollo Agrícola y Minero, S.A. Office in LEBANON. from Deficiency Correctors Product line

  • Model PHD-15 Series - Feed Mixer Drive

    The PHD-15 has been designed as a high value gearbox for post hole digger manufacturers. Engineered with triple lip oil seals and high quality bearings, the PHD-15 is a robust, reliable gearbox.

    By Omni Gear Office in Shanghai, CHINA. from Attachment and Implement Drives Product line

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