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pre-pruner equipment

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VS 98 D - Pre-Pruner

    For extreme canopy growth, we recommend Pre-Pruner VS 98 D. The cutting tools and their screens are arranged on both sides, and driven by four motors; they have no trouble with even the densest growth. Depending on the frame size and the number of cutting tools, the height cut can be 42 cm, 56 cm, 70 cm or 84 cm.

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG based in Bingen, GERMANY. from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VSL 07 P - Pre-Pruner

    The VSL 07 P is the lightest model in the Binger Seilzug range of Pre-Pruners. Counter-rotating shearing discs cut the vines at the desired height. The exposed shearing discs are not susceptible to blockage and so permit cutting back before the leaves have fallen. Two frame sizes permit nine different cutting lengths between 21 and 77 centimetres. ...

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG based in Bingen, GERMANY. from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VS 98 S - Pre-Pruner

    Model VS 98 S is ideally suited for use where there is very vigorous canopy growth. To protect the wire trellis, the saw blades are surrounded by a screen and arranged on one side only. The staggered pressure discs continuously guide the vine stems to the saw blades and so ensure clean cutting. The VS 98 S is available with cutting lengths from 18 ...

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG based in Bingen, GERMANY. from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Jyrafa - Pre-Pruner

    Articulated pre pruning before for size dry and green. Machine with four hydraulic functions, which allows optimum adaptation to any working condition. Parallelogram lifting system, maintaining the same cutting angle irrespective of the working height. Modulus of 5 discs 600 mm in diameter. 2'50 m cutting length. Maximum height 4'10 meters ...

    By Talleres Corbins based in CORBINS (Lleida), SPAIN. from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Orizzonti - Model CPF 60 - Pre Pruner Machine

    Pre pruner machine with single blade mowing bar pruning system L. 70 cm. complete with probe and motorised extracting device with mechanical return fitted in front of the cutting bar. Equipped as standard with a 4 motion (3 + on/off motors) hydraulic distributor for the following movements: vertical lift; side extension; pruning kit tilt and ...

    By Orizzonti s.r.l. based in Imola Bologna, ITALY. from Pre Pruner Machine Product line

  • Binger - Optimal Pre-Pruner

    Our Binger Pre-Pruner models deliver exceptional performance and value for a multitude of applications.  These units have capabilities of operating on variable terrains and foliage density. Binger Pre-Pruners are mountable on a wide-range of tractor frame-sizes with many different shearing discs and saws to provide variable options for ...

    By Blueline Manufacturing Co. based in Yakima, WASHINGTON (USA). from Optimal Pre-Pruner Product line

  • KMS Rinklin - Standard Pre-Pruner

    Frame with cutting discs. Control block/manual release. Protective flaps at rear/protective screen in front. Central mounting, 22 mm dia. For 12 V supply. Connections required: 1 x s-a, 22 l/min. 1 x return line.

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Standard Pre-Pruner Product line

  • J E Love - Model CG-100 Series - Concord Grape Pre-Pruner

    The LOVE CG Series 100 Pre-pruner is a hydraulically controlled mechanical pruner. It is designed to simulate the clean cut of a hand pruner as it lifts and extracts external lateral cane shoots and bull cane from single-curtain and double-curtain trellis systems. This promotes new bud growth above the cordon and discourages bud development below ...

    By J.E. Love Company based in Garfield, WASHINGTON (USA). from Concord Grape Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Model FEL-S-400 - Fruit Pre-Pruner

    Vertical cutter beam with fine saw blade Ø 400mm, or alternatively with curved knives. Bearings: high-performance deep-groove ball bearings, waterproof seals, maintenance-free. Driven by hydraulic gear motors. Power transmitted by high-quality ribbed belts - entirely maintenance-free. Strong frame with mounting flange on the side. ...

    By KMS Rinklin GmbH based in Gewerbepark Breisgau, GERMANY. from Fruit Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Jumar - Model PF-40.14-D - Double Articulated Disc Pre-Pruner

    Specially designed for pre-pruning in super-intensive olive plantations or similar. Electro-hydraulically controlled movements. Built on reinforced bilateral mast, allowing high visibility of the work area. Hydraulic assembly coupled to the driveshaft of the tractor to power the cutting process.14 Ø 400 mm. discs. Cutting length: 2300 mm.

    By Jumar Agrícola S. L based in Cenicero (La Rioja), SPAIN. from Double Articulated Disc Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Model CPS and CPL - Double Barrel Winter Trimming Machine

    Double barrel winter trimming machine for cutting the branches in cordon vineyards. Pre-pruner and remover vine canes CPS, suitable for  all varieties of vineyards, essential for cost containment of vineyard management.  To the operator is left only the finishing touch of occasional clearing of the wires as most of the canes are removed ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. based in Forlì (FC), ITALY. from Double Barrel Winter Trimming Machine Product line

  • Model CRS - Pruning Kit

    The pruning kit CRS is used for pre-pruning of the vineyard trellis. The kit consists of one horizontal bar with nylon wheels, gas spring for automatic in and out and hydraulic movement to avoid the posts plus one or two bars optional. These bars work between the wires of the row and cut all the branches. The kit can be applied on every frame B1, ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. based in Forlì (FC), ITALY. from Pruning Kit Product line

  • Jumar - Model PF-605 / PF-555 - Articulated Discs Pruning Machine

    Suitable for: Pre-pruning of trees. Unloading branches. Movements controlled hydraulically. Reinforced Mast. Hydraulic plant coupled to the tractor cardan to power the cutting. 5 discs with 550/600 mm Ø.

    By Jumar Agrícola S. L based in Cenicero (La Rioja), SPAIN. from Articulated Discs Pruning Machine Product line

  • Pre-Pruning Machine

    The machine, that can be used especially on runner-system or guyot type support structures, is made by a tunnel frame on which two cutter bars (double-blades), enable to cut the strongest vine shoots, are applied. The machine has also a particular extractive system for the vine runners enable to carry them to the row centre leaving clean the ...

    By I.ME.CA s.n.c. di Macorigh M. & C. based in CASARSA DELLA DELIZIA (PN), ITALY. from Pre-Pruning Machine Product line

  • Model CP100 - PR 650/950 - Pre-Pruning Machine

    Pre-pruning machine frame mod. CP100. Light and practical, stable on sloping surfaces too. All functions controlled by 5-outlet double-effect hydraulic distributor operating: side movement (40 cm) tilt movement (30°), height adjustment (80 cm). Pre-pruning machine available in two models: PR650 and PR950 for different cutting heights according ...

    By FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine based in Sailetto di Suzzara (Mantova), ITALY. from Pre-Pruning Machine Product line

  • Palizzelklin Green - Double Wire Lifter

    Double Wire Lifter  for the trellising of the summer vegetation of the vineyards with espalier training (Guyot – low spurred cordon). On this model the lengths of the shoot conveying belt can be varied and fitted to the optimal period of intervention. The special shoot collecting belts convey the shoots upwards without damaging them; ...

    By Colombardo based in San Marzano Oiiveto, ITALY. from Double Wire Lifter Product line

  • Model TR6 - Sprayer

    Ideal for farm operators and custom applicators, the TR6 Tracker solves your height and width issues:

    By GK Machine, Inc. based in Donald, OREGON (USA). from Sprayer Product line

  • Model TPH - Straddle Tractor

    Soil protection : soil compaction limited thanks to its lightness and its wheel dimensions . Engine power : transfer of the engine power towards the traction capacity. Important steering angle : maneuverability in U-turn. Important drivability : torque/transmission. Flexibility and control of speed ranges, able to work at very low speeds with high ...

    By Tecnoma based in Epernay, FRANCE. from Straddle Tractor Product line

  • Model TXH - 3 Wheels Straddle Tractors

    Intensive work : tractors suitable for heavy loads and able to adapt to all  the reliefs. TIER III motor : to follow environmental rules.  Use at moderate engine power (at work or on the road).Fuel economy and reduction of sound level. Robust chassis and motor in low position : 3 row welded chassis. Triangular design chassis. Motor on ...

    By Tecnoma based in Epernay, FRANCE. from 3 Wheels Straddle Tractors Product line

  • Model TH2 - Sprayer

    Massive height clearance and width adjustability, this tracked power unit offers a versatile machine to handle a variety of crops, vineyards and nurseries. The TH2 covers fields fast and efficiently with the following performance features:

    By GK Machine, Inc. based in Donald, OREGON (USA). from Sprayer Product line

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