pre-pruner equipment in Canada

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VS 98 S - Pre-Pruner

    Model VS 98 S is ideally suited for use where there is very vigorous canopy growth. To protect the wire trellis, the saw blades are surrounded by a screen and arranged on one side only. The staggered pressure discs continuously guide the vine stems to the saw blades and so ensure clean cutting. The VS 98 S is available with cutting lengths from 18 ...

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Niagara on the Lake, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VS 98 D - Pre-Pruner

    For extreme canopy growth, we recommend Pre-Pruner VS 98 D. The cutting tools and their screens are arranged on both sides, and driven by four motors; they have no trouble with even the densest growth. Depending on the frame size and the number of cutting tools, the height cut can be 42 cm, 56 cm, 70 cm or 84 cm.

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Niagara on the Lake, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Binger Seilzug - Model VSL 07 P - Pre-Pruner

    The VSL 07 P is the lightest model in the Binger Seilzug range of Pre-Pruners. Counter-rotating shearing discs cut the vines at the desired height. The exposed shearing discs are not susceptible to blockage and so permit cutting back before the leaves have fallen. Two frame sizes permit nine different cutting lengths between 21 and 77 centimetres. ...

    By Binger Seilzug GmbH & Co. KG Distributor in Niagara on the Lake, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Pre-Pruner Product line

  • Model CPS and CPL - Double Barrel Winter Trimming Machine

    Double barrel winter trimming machine for cutting the branches in cordon vineyards. Pre-pruner and remover vine canes CPS, suitable for  all varieties of vineyards, essential for cost containment of vineyard management.  To the operator is left only the finishing touch of occasional clearing of the wires as most of the canes are removed ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Double Barrel Winter Trimming Machine Product line

  • Premium

    Model 14.04.03 - Standard Tensiometer

    The standard tensiometer consists of a clear transparent plastic tube with a ceramic cup at the bottom end and a manometer at the top. The standard tensiometer is delivered in various lengths allowing the execution of simultaneous measurements at various depths in the root zone. For pre-drilling special auger sets can be provided.

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Distributor in CANADA. from Standard Tensiometer Product line

  • ERO - Model VITECO - Cane Pruner

    Finally a machine that not only tackles the last frontier of vineyard mechanisation, but also produces outstanding results. The unique technology of the ERO Cane Pruner has been developed to slash the costs and resource required during pruning, the most challenging of vineyard jobs. The machine works by seizing the fruiting wire, previously the ...

    By ERO-Ger├Ątebau GmbH Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cane Pruner Product line

  • Selion - Model M12 - Chainsaw Trimmer

    The SELION M12 is the lightest chainsaw pruner on the market with exceptional cutting quality and ease of use.

    By Pellenc SA Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Chainsaw Trimmer Product line

  • Premium

    In-Situ - Aquaculture Aerator Controller

    The Aerator Controller is a radio-linked, AC relay controller that lets you turn aerators on and off remotely, also reporting amperage draw so you can track and reduce energy use. The In-Situ Aquaculture Pond Buoy continuously monitors oxygen and transmits data wirelessly to your PC. If oxygen levels fall below a defined level, a radio modem ...

    By In-Situ, Inc. Distributor in CANADA. from Aquaculture Aerator Controller Product line

  • Selion - Selion Pole Pruner

    SELION fixed and telescopic pole chainsaws are powerful, extremely light and easy to use.

    By Pellenc SA Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Selion Pole Pruner Product line

  • Premium

    Laparoscope Veterinary Endoscopes

    Medit’s veterinary Laparoscopes feature clean and crisp rigid glass lens optics coupled with durable stainless steel, and a light post with different adapters for our light sources, or pre-existing light sources you may have. These units are used for diagnostics, and procedures in the abdomen, and laparoscopic artifical insemination in sheep ...

    By by Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Laparoscope Veterinary Endoscopes Product line

  • Rinieri - Model CRF - High Density Spindle Orchard Pruner

    New high density-spindle orchard pruner suitable in all kind of varieties like apples, apricots, cherries, olives until 4m (13’) high of the trees. The single acting sickle bar with “SCH” teeth can work with branches up to Ø 3-4 cm (1,2”-1,6”). To adapt the machine to all kinds of orchards are available a ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from High Density Spindle Orchard Pruner Product line

  • Pre-Pits Pump

    The teamco pre-pits pump is entirely made of stainless steel, including the ball bearings. It is designed for hog manure and other low-fibre liquids. Its shredding 6 inche impeller is complemented with a 2 inches pivoting stirring nozzle. The pumping operation is done though a 4 inch pipe. Greasing points are located near the electric motor to ...

    By Teamco based in Warwick, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pre-Pits Pump Product line

  • MAROT - Model EAC - Pre Grain Cleaners

    EACs remove lightweight products and separate broken kernels and large-size waste from the good grain. These operations are carried out by double-acting suction followed by a rotating drum. The raw product is spread out in a uniform layer and a current of air blows through it. The proportion of lightweight products driven off is altered by ...

    By CFCAI Distributor in Saint-Hyacinthe, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pre Grain Cleaners Product line

  • Marot - Model PN - Pre Grain Cleaners

    Emile MAROT Pre-cleaners simply and quickly remove large particles contained in the grain. The grain enters the rotating drum whose perforations allow the grain to pass through while retaining the large-size waste which exits from the bottom of the drum. Pre-cleaners are essential for the correct operation of dryers to avoid them fouling up and ...

    By CFCAI Distributor in Saint-Hyacinthe, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pre Grain Cleaners Product line

  • Harvista - Pre-Harvest Technology

    To get the best quality and biggest harvest out of your orchard, you need to gain more control over how and when your fruit ripens. With Harvista pre-harvest technology, control is part of the plan from the beginning. With a unique mode of action, you get better control of ethylene response—so fruit matures on your schedule, helping you ...

    By AgroFresh Office in QUEBEC (CANADA). from Pre-Harvest Technology Product line

  • Prime - Skid Systems

    Work-ready, Prime Skid System comes fully integrated for turnkey operations. No need to deal with multiple vendors for the installation of ancillary equipment. It’s all included. Pre-engineered, all you do is connect the pre-plumbed and pre-wired system and it’s ready to go.

    By Prime Solution Inc. Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Skid Systems Product line

  • Model ORP - Trimming Saw Machine

    Trimming saw machine for orchards for cutting of 10 cm of branches and frame with 4 electro-hydraulic displacements. The orchard pruner is suitable in different types of cultivation like cone and mono-cone or high density for machine harvesting. The frame has 4 hydraulic movements acting by a joystick and it can mount 1 or 2 saw discs bars which ...

    By Rinieri S.r.l. Distributor in BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Trimming Saw Machine Product line

  • Ebersol - Bale Elevator

    Galvanized sheet metal. V-Belt drive with #55 chain reduction. Flared sides and hopper. Pre-lubricated self-aligning bearings.

    By Bauman Manufacturing Inc. based in Elmira, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Bale Elevator Product line

  • Chip Classifiers

    Lightweight, portable, requires no bolting to floor. Pre-Wired controls, just plug it in. Aluminum trays in a variety of size openings.

    By BM&M Screening Solutions Ltd based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • AC - Model Earlystar - Yellow Pea

    Yield 111% Cutlass in Saskatchewan. A very early maturing yellow pea. Matures 2 days earlier than Cutlass. Good resistance to pre-harvest lodging.

    By Canterra Seeds based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Yellow Pea Product line

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