seed rows Equipment in Italy

  • Discover - Precision Pneumatic Planters

    Discover is a pneumatic planter 6 row or 8 row with hydraulic adjustment of the spacing and telescopic frame closed 2,55m for the 6 row and 3m for the 8 row. The V-shaped double discs with gauge wheels permit best results even on difficult soils. Suitable for all different crops it can reach a working speed up to 10km/h. This model differentiates ...

    By Sfoggia Agriculture Division S.r.l. based in Montebelluna (TREVISO), ITALY. from Seeding Product line

  • Elektra-Touch - Precision Pneumatic Planters

    Elektra is the revolutionary precision vacuum planter with 6 or 8 rows, equipped with a new electronic device with a touch screen control that allows to manage the machine automatically and directly from the tractor cabin guaranteeing an excellent sowing precision also at 15km/h!  This electronic system called 'Elektra Drive' is adaptable to ...

    By Sfoggia Agriculture Division S.r.l. based in Montebelluna (TREVISO), ITALY. from Seeding Product line

  • Kappa - Model SP - Seed Drills

    Pneumatic wheat Seed Drill KAPPA SP has been projected by SFOGGIA with hydraulic folding system, the best in the marker for its technical features. Its hopper is with plastic cover for a fast filling-up and control, partial and total discharge, regular seeds distribution even on slopes thanks to its self-levelling system, automatic pressure ...

    By Sfoggia Agriculture Division S.r.l. based in Montebelluna (TREVISO), ITALY. from Seeding Product line

  • Model Omnia Series - Seeding Machines with 3 Mechanically Rows

    Suitable to sow any type of cereals ( wheat, barley, repeseed, soy, lucerne, and other fodder plants. It has a very large box equipped with a variator in oil bath, guaranteeing excellent sowing accuracy. Its sturdy frame is composed of flexible-spring listers installed on three independently adjustable rows. Thanks to these feature, The OMNIA ...

    By ACMA srl based in OSTRA VETERE, ITALY. from Seeding Machines Product line

  • Linea - Model GS 220 - Seed Drill

    Connection to the self-propelled machine Power required by the tractor: 37 kW. Coupling to the self-propelled machine: towed. Processing implements Seed transport: by gravity. Number of rows: 13 n. Dimensions and weights Operating width: 1.94 m - 2 m, Weight: 746 kg.

    By Gruppo Nardi based in Selci Lama di S. Giustino (PG), ITALY. from Seed Drills Product line

  • IENA - Seed Ved Precision Cultivator

    Iena is an elastic tines seedbed tiller ready to be coupled with “Dama” combined seed drill. Frame with “quick match” system allows to easy set up combined machine, side protections separate single passages and 2 or 3 ranks configuration confers to machine a compact structure. Comparing to combined seed drill + power ...

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA based in Campodarsego (Padova), ITALY. from Seed Bed Cultivators Product line

  • Nardi - Model Sunstorm - Row Free System

    ROW FREE SYSTEM means that SUNSTORM can harvest the sunflowers totally free from the seeding rows. High speed harvesting is assured by our tech solution and high quality components. The stem get a clean cut by the knives while the shield guides flowers gently down to the feeder augher. The seeds that may have gone lost from the flower are ...

  • Model RC401T - Onion Seed Carried Harvester

    Carried equipment - Automatic one-row equipped with storage receptacle. The car is installed on an agricultural tractor, having a power at least 80 Hp and equipped with hydraulic hoist. Its operation is assured by an independent hydraulic system supplied by a pump/ multiplier group connected to the tractor power take off. The harvesting is ...

    By SPAPPERI S.r.l. based in San Secondo (PG), ITALY. from Harvesting Product line

  • Carlotti - Model S-211 - Automatique Potatoes Planter for 2 Rows

    The model S211 is able to plant 2 rows of potatoes at the same time. The speed and accuracy of this machine, carried by the lift of the tractor, make it ideal for all types of soils.

    By Carlotti G. & C. Snc based in Vedrana di Budrio (Bo), ITALY. from Potato Planters Product line

  • Model LS7-3 - Seeders

    Electronic seeder that allows to use small quantities of seeds (naked or pelleted), thanks to its dibbling and seeding mechanism 'row by row'. This machine dibbles, seeds, covers (with Vermiculite/Agriperlite) and waters. The easy of adjustment and the possibility to substitute the seeding bars and the nozzles, allow to seed different types of ...

    By Da Ros Srl based in Sarmede TV, ITALY. from Seeders Product line

  • Arizona - Planter

    Arizona is a mechanical seed rill for cereals and fine seeds. It is fitted with a hopper of big dimension for long seeding range. It has also a continuous gear in oil bath for a precise and fast setting of the seeds quantity. The distributors with sprockets grant a regular and homogeneous distribution of the seeds for all of the rows even on steep ...

    By MASCAR Spa based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse, ITALY. from Planters Product line

  • Model VP series - Vibrocultivators

    The vibrocultivator of the VP series is made with shaped pantographs and tubular elements arranged in rows. Coil springs and reversible ploughshares are fitted on to the three rows of tubular elements. It is recommended after ploughing particularly heavy clay soils, contributing to level the terrain before preparing for seeding.

    By MAINARDI S.r.l. based in Soncino (CR), ITALY. from Vibrocultivators Product line

  • Model G03 Series - Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header

    The Sunflower Header G03 has been designed to minimize seed loss mantaining the speed through harvest. The specially designed G03 row unit covers and the central feeding auger retain the seeds, maximize the crop flow and offer an exeptional harvest experience. The G03 Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header is easily adapted to any combine, with row ...

    By Fantini S.r.l. based in Medole (Mantova), ITALY.

  • Fontana - Model RD Series - Cultivators

    Front tool with under ploughshare and seed covering disks (optional on all models). 2 rows of corrugated disks with frame and adjustment (optional on all models). Erasers (optional on all models). Possibility of installing other types of rear rollers.

    By Fontana s.r.l. based in Crescentino (VC), ITALY. from Cultivators Product line

  • Vibrotiller - Model VT - Spring Cultivators

    The VT are spring cultivators ideal for superficial ploughing going from 100 /150 mm of depth on stony lands and not. They are mainly used in wine yards, orchards and for preparing seeding bed and grass.  The anchors can be mounted at two, three or  four rows.

    By Crushing Tech S.r.l based in Altamura (BA), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model SG3 - Sunflower Head

    Low profile for perfect harvesting, even in down crop conditions.  Adjustable row distance from 45 cm (17.7“) to 75 cm (30”). The header can be mounted to any combine brand or model just by replacing the attachment. Concave dividers allow seed harvesting.

    By F.lli CRESSONI s.p.a. based in Volta Mantovana (Mantova), ITALY. from Sunflower Series Product line

  • Model GP Series - Rigid Harvesting Bar

    FANTINI GP operates totally free from seeding rows and runs smoothly even in the most adverse conditions. The sunflower is guided from the divider points to the knives until the sunflower heads are captured by the reel. Once the cut of the stalk is performed, the reel brings the flower into the intake auger ensuring a continuous and homogenous ...

    By Fantini S.r.l. based in Medole (Mantova), ITALY.

  • Model VT2 - Vibrotiller

    The Vibrotiller mod. VT2 have two tines rows and they are used for superficial working of the ground. The space among the tines is 220 mm.

    By Agri World srl based in Altamura (Ba), ITALY. from Agricultural Machines Product line

  • PLANO - Model MP - Cultivator

    The four indepemdent elements, connected between each other by a closed hydraulic circuit, allow the maximum adaptability to the ground, which is necessary for a perfect cultivation of the seeding bed.

    By Dante Macchine based in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD), ITALY. from Preparatory Spring Product line

  • VIBRO - Model VR Series - Passive Harrows

    Save energy in light, sandy soil with the Vibro Frandent enables you to prepare an ideal seed bed extremely quickly - up to 12 km/h - at an unbeatable cost.

    By Frandent Group S.R.L. based in Osasco, ITALY. from Soil Division - Passive Harrows Vibro Product line

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