seed rows equipment in Illinois

  • DICKEY-john - Seed Simulator

    Simulates seed sensor and radar ground speed signals on planters up to 36 rows. Replicates one- or all-row failure. Reproduces two seeding rates for both corn and soybeans

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Seed Simulator Product line

  • Kory - Model KT 260 - Seed Tender

    The Kory KT 260 seed tender is designed with the farmer and/or seed dealer in mind. It is designed to handle two bulk seed boxes with ease. Our 18’ overall length 6” poly-cup auger allows the KT 260 seed tender to fill both row box planters as well as large central fill units. The Kory tender is powered by a 9gpm hydraulic drive unit ...

    By Kory Farm Equipment LLC based in Congerville, ILLINOIS (USA). from Seed Tender Product line

  • Kongskilde EcoLine - Mounted Seed Drills

    Ideal for small and medium-sized farms, the EcoLine drill can be operated either as a solo machine behind the tractor or in combination with a tined cultivator, power harrow or Rotavator. The lightweight nature of the EcoLine drill (3 m model = 499kg) makes it particularly suitable for smaller tractors, and due to the fact that the hopper forms ...

    By Kongskilde Agriculture Office in Hudson, ILLINOIS (USA). from Mounted Seed Drills Product line

  • Vigilense - Blockage Seed Sensor

    Detects the smallest canola seed to the largest fertilizer granual. Detects predetermined blockage percent level, not just 'flowing' or 'blocked'. 1', 1 1/4', and 1 3/4' (inside diameter) hose size configurations

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Blockage Seed Sensor Product line

  • DICKEY-john - Model MVT - Row Crop Planter Control System

    The IntelliAg MVT is a two-channel control system for row crop planters which allows for application of 2 separate products or sections of the planter, while simultaneously monitoring up to 84 seed sensors for individual row performance and population. In addition, the system offers optional manual individual row section control. The IntelliAg MVT ...

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Row Crop Planter Control System Product line

  • Model 5010DB-12.75 - Hydraulic, Remote-Adjust, Floating Row Cleaner

    The trailing-arm design takes the pressure off your planter row unit. The Gfx mounts to the toolbar, not to the planter row unit. Row unit mounted row cleaners affect the planter row unit's down-pressure. This may lead to uneven seed depth, and emergence.

    By Dawn Equipment Company based in Sycamore, ILLINOIS (USA). from Hydraulic, Remote-Adjust, Floating Row Cleaner Product line

  • DICKEY-john - Model Hy Rate Plus - Obtain High Accuracy on Multiple Seed Sensor

    The Hy Rate Plus™ LED Seed Sensor is the sensor of choice for all seed types regardless of size, shape and seeding rate. From larger seeds such as corn to small seeds like canola, the Hy Rate Plus accurately counts seeding population during planting, providing confidence that your row units are working properly and seeds are being placed for ...

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Obtain High Accuracy on Multiple Seed Sensor Product line

  • John Deere - Model 730 - Air Disk Drill

    One trip for secondary tillage and seeding? It’s possible with the 730LL (Level Lift) Air-Disk Drill. From soybeans to small grains and grasses, you can prepare the seedbed while seeding quickly and accurately on 6- or 7.5-inch row spacings.

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • John Deere - Box Drill

    There are many ways to seed your fields and the John Deere 1590 Box Drill is perfect to handle all of them – from conventional-till to no-till, from grains to legumes, from plain grain to grass seed or even combination grain/fertiliser seed boxes.

    By John Deere based in Moline, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • DICKEY-john - Automatic Section Control

    Section Control provides the ability to automatically shut off individual sections/row units of a planter as they cross areas that have been previously seeded. Section Control has become a requirement for planters to reduce the expense of over applying materials within the field specifically where seed has already been placed.

    By DICKEY-john Corporation based in Auburn, ILLINOIS (USA). from Automatic Section Control Product line

  • JM - Model 15 or 30 Pull Type - Weed Waster - Sponge Wiper Sprayer

    Let the JM Weed Waster waste those weeds away. Uses: Small corn or any row crops, solid seeded soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, CRP, wheat, specialty crops, bermuda grass, turf grass, hay, pastures, etc. Excellent control of: Sericea lespedeza, musk thistle, hemp dog bane, milk weed, mares tail, canadian thistle, horseweed, tall water hemp, wild rye ...

    By JM Innovations, Inc. based in Edwardsville, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Model WDH - Drill Harrow

    The Wingfield Drill Harrow will fit most drills, even the newer pull-type NO-TIL drills. Different mounting brackets are used to install this totally adjustable frame with minimal time and effort. The drill sections are four rows of tines and are mounted on a height adjustable, three foot deep frame. This frame gives the operator control of the ...

    By Wingfield Manufacturing, LLC based in Urbana, ILLINOIS (USA). from Drill Harrow Product line

  • Model DTB - Detasseling Toolbar

    Hagie Mfg.’s Detasseler toolbar (DTB) makes your optionally equipped Hagie STS sprayer a Combo machine for enhanced application versatility. Utilizing the Hagie Quick-Tach, you can remove the spray boom and attach the DTB quickly, turning your sprayer into a seed corn detasseler. The DTB and STS Combo option can give you a return on ...

    By Hagie Manufacturing Company based in Clarion, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Kinze - Model 3110 - Row Crop Planters

    The 3110 Kinze planter is the only rigid, mounted planter with contact drive and self-contained seed-rate transmissions. The seeding rates can be changed quickly for added convenience. The 3110 also features bolt-on, height adjustable drive-gauge wheel modules. Ground chains have been eliminated from the design to reduce rock and soil buildup to ...

    By KINZE Manufacturing Inc Distributor in Arthur, ILLINOIS (USA). from Row Crop Planters Product line

  • Gravity Box Augers

    Ruggedly constructed with 6 or 8 inch diameter seamless tubing, the Hydra Fold Auger is designed to fit most farmers' needs. The big 8 inch auger will deliver up to 40 bushels of corn per minute, and the 6 inch auger will handle 8 bushel of seed per minute.

    By Hydra Fold Auger, Inc. based in Loda, ILLINOIS (USA). from Gravity Box Augers Product line

  • KINZE - Model 3660 - Row Crop Planters

    Loaded with technologies for maximum versatility and functionality, the 3660-model planter is factory equipped with single row electric clutches permitting section control with manual or automatic control and GPS options. The result is less overlap on end rows, greater seed savings and lower input costs. Hydraulic weight transfer distributes the ...

    By KINZE Manufacturing Inc Distributor in Arthur, ILLINOIS (USA). from Row Crop Planters Product line

  • KINZE - Model 3700 - Row Crop Planters

    Designed for farmers looking to plant narrower rows for corn and soybeans or sugarbeets. More precision, up to 99.1% metering accuracy as field conditions allow. Rugged 7”x7”x1/2” two-section toolbar with 30 degree center flex up and down. Cover more acres per day with a 60-foot planter toolbar. Bulk fill with 110-bu seed tank ...

    By KINZE Manufacturing Inc Distributor in Arthur, ILLINOIS (USA). from Row Crop Planters Product line

  • Kinze - Model 3600 - Twin Row Planter

    The only way to go in Twin Row. 7 ½' twin rows on 30' spacings. Exclusive push row design gives you better residue flow, superior balance and weight distribution across the entire toolbar. The spacing between the rows allows for wider access for service. The only Bulk Fill System available with hydraulic weight transfer, continuous airflow ...

    By KINZE Manufacturing Inc Distributor in Arthur, ILLINOIS (USA). from Twin Row Planter Product line

  • Splitter Bars

    Swiveling Lift Wheels Each has two swiveling lift wheels that raise and lower the planter. Front Planter Attachment Splitter bars attach to your existing 30, 36, 38, or 40 inch row width planter. Pull Arms Arms mount to the splitter bar and come forward to rest on a 2 and 5/16 inch ball, secured by a lynch pin. Self-Contained Drive Each has its ...

    By J.O. Harris Sales based in Alexander, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Kinze - Model 3140 - Row Crop Planters

    The 3140 planter is the only planter in its class with spring-loaded contact drive tires, adjustable height wheel modules, self-contained seed-rate transmissions and a point row clutch option. Transportation is made easy with the 3140. The optional flex cylinder package allows wings to flex 8 degrees up and down. A unique 3-point patented stack ...

    By KINZE Manufacturing Inc Distributor in Arthur, ILLINOIS (USA). from Row Crop Planters Product line

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