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seed tube to fit Equipment

  • Model Seed Boss Series - Seed Treatment System

    The Seed Boss Series is a seed treater designed for bulk seed transfer from hard side boxes or bags to an incline conveyor. This portable unit can be used to stage boxes/bags to fill your seed treater so that larger batches can be done without stopping the treater. It can also be used to direct fill into a seed tender. With the optional treatment ...

    By Quality Plus Manufacturing based in Oelwein, IOWA (USA). from Seed Treatment Equipment Product line

  • Delta-Tube - Model EPDM SD - Rubber Tube Bench Heating

    This bench system heats the greenhouse starting at the soil level. Heat rising from the bench warms the soil and the plant roots. Tubing spaced 2 to 3 inches apart provides even soil temperatures, which prove extremely beneficial to propagators. Seed germinators and plug producers have found that by heating the soil, they achieve a higher ...

    By Delta T Solutions based in Temecula, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Horticulture Product line

  • Convey-All - Model BTS-295 - Bulk Seed Tender

    All of the Convey-All’s seed tenders feature conveyor load-out which ensures gentle handling and no seed damage; even with delicate, extra dry seed.The conveyor is faster than a brush-type auger and can be used for granular herbicides and fertilizer with no cross-contamination.Both models feature an 8” diameter tube with a 10” ...

    By Convey-All Industries based in Winkler, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Seed Tenders Product line

  • Salford - Model I-Series - Seeding and Fertilizer Attachments

    Adding attachments to the Independent series tools allows producers to combine industry leading residue management with cost saving, environmentally conscious nutrient stewardship.  Independent series tools can be equipped to apply NH3, liquid or dry fertilizer.  Independent series tools work fast and open the window to a wider range of ...

    By Salford Group, Inc. based in Osceola, IOWA (USA). from Seeding & Fertilizing Product line

  • Gravity Wagon Auger

    Convey bulk seed quickly and gently from your gravity wagon to your planter or drill. Augers available with steel core bristle or poly cupped flighting. Hydraulically driven, couple with our Hydraulic Power Kit for ultimate convenience. Mounts easily on virtually any wagon. Shown here with optional three-piece telescoping spout.

    By Sudenga Industries, Inc. based in George, IOWA (USA). from Seed Handling Equipment Product line

  • ACSCOMBISEM - Rotary Tiller - Seed Drill

    3-point universal hitch, 2nd category, fixed at centre or side, depending on working width. Power take off 1” 3/4 Z20 with 1000 r.p.m. Gear box speed: 2+2. Double chain side drive in oil bath. Rotor supports in oil bath with special no-wear steel seals and protective labyrinths. Working depth up to 25 cm. Rear leveller-conveyor hood, ...

    By Collari s.n.c. based in Castello d`Argile (BO), ITALY. from Rotary Tiller + Seed Drill Product line

  • Model ACPCOMBISEM - Rotary Tiller - Seed Drill

    Rotary tiller medium-heavy type mod. ACP, with a rear drill with mechanical distribution, and it’s suitable for seeding cereal, soybean, corn, sorghum, alfalfa, etc. 3-point universal hitch, 2nd category, fixed at centre or side, depending on working width.

    By Collari s.n.c. based in Castello d`Argile (BO), ITALY. from Rotary Tiller + Seed Drill Product line

  • PENTASEM - Tines Seed Drill

    PENTASEM is a ride-on simplified seeding tool with tines, associated with pneumatic distribution, adapted on a base close to that of PENTASOL. It is used to plant a crop at high speed, using straight 45 × 12 tines fitted with a seed broadcaster. The positioning of the tines in 5 rows simplifies and improves the flow of plant debris without ...

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Sowing - Fertilizing - Tine Seed Drill Product line

  • Mosa - Model TO55 - Needle Seeding Machine

    The Mosa TO55 Needle Seeder seeds directly into the tray without drop tubes, giving no seed bounce and therefore accurate seeding - the tray has previously been dibbed by the TO55 before the seeds are placed into position. The seeder comes with 8 needle choices to give you the options you need when dealing with variations in seed. Constant seeding ...

    By Mechanical Botanical Ltd based in Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Convey-All - Model CST-16 - Commercial Seed Tender

    The Commercial Seed Tender (CST) boasts multiple compartments for fast and efficient conveyor load-out ensuring gentle handling and no seed damage; even with delicate, extra dry seed.Up to five compartments providing the utmost capacity and the ability to service all your seeding equipment and floaters with different products all on the same trip; ...

    By Convey-All Industries based in Winkler, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Bulk Sites Product line

  • Gravity Box Augers

    Ruggedly constructed with 6 or 8 inch diameter seamless tubing, the Hydra Fold Auger is designed to fit most farmers' needs. The big 8 inch auger will deliver up to 40 bushels of corn per minute, and the 6 inch auger will handle 8 bushel of seed per minute.

    By Hydra Fold Auger, Inc. based in Loda, ILLINOIS (USA). from Hydra Fold Auger Product line

  • Big Bag Lifter

    The Murray Big Bag Lifter is designed to lift up to 4 Big Bags to a maximum weight of 2.4 tons. Two extra heavy duty tubes are welded to the top of a heavy box section frame giving the bag lifter extra height for filling fertiliser spreaders and seed drills. The bag lifter can be fitted with a range of mounting brackets to suit most tractor ...

    By Murray Machinery Ltd based in Ellon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pallet Fork and Bag Lifter Product line

  • OPTI - Disc Injector

    The KAWECO OPTI-DISC is a injector with an enormous capacity. It is build to inject slurry and work in green manure crop and other crop residues in one working passage. This can be done with very high speeds up to 20 km/h. On the side of the row where the discs are attached, a flat standing disc is fitted, so that the under pressure ensures ...

    By Kamps de Wild B.V. based in Zevenaar, NETHERLANDS. from Slurry Injectors Product line

  • Netafim - VibroNet Sprinkler

    Netafim's VibroNet Sprinkler with blue nozzle is used when a light mist is required for watering, for example when germinating seeds. Excellent uniformity can be achieved with spacings between 3’ and 5’, with an elevation of 2’ to 5’. The VibroNet Sprinkler can be used upright or upside down.

    By Netafim USA based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Greenhouse & Nursery Division Product line

  • Sunflower - Model 8210 - Dump Wagons

    Simple Operation and Low Maintenance.Reduce Costs and Speed up Your Operation.Variable dumping height saves you labor, time and equipment, and that saves you money! The Model 8210-900 can gently transfer up to 40,000 lbs of product into a receiving vehicle at any height from 10' to 15'. No augering and gentle transfer means less bruising or ...

    By Sunflower Manufacturing - part of AGCO Corporation based in Beloit, KANSAS (USA). from Dump Wagons Product line

  • Kivi-Pekka - Model DH Series - Disc Harrow

    The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow fits for working in grass, before seeding, and straw. The disc harrow is attached by via tow bar and has been designed for average sized tractors. The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow is available with four different working widths 2,75 m 3,5 m 4 m and (5,5 m folded). We recommend a 80 – 100 hp tractor for the smallest ...

    By PEL-Tuote Oy based in RANTASALMI, FINLAND.

  • Planter Cross Augers for Fertilizer

    MARKET PLASTIC CROSS AUGERS are time saving accessories which allow you to auger bulk fertilizer quickly & easily into your corn planter. Whether you have a simply rigid planter or a more complicated unit like the KINZE 3600 flex planter, MARKET FARM EQUIPMENT makes a cross auger to fit it. All of our cross augers feature a heavy gauge PVC ...

    By Market Farm Equipment Limited based in Dashwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Market Augers Product line

  • Park - Intense Light Grow Shelves

    Better in every way, it remains the single most efficient grow light system we've ever used! 49 inches long, with 2 racks, cross-beams to fit up to 5 Bio-Domes on each shelf, T8 fluorescent lighting, a power strip, and removable casters! Height: 3 ft 11 in. Width: 18 in. Depth: 4 ft 1 in.

    By Park Seed Co. based in Hodges, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Model 27SX Series - Spading Machines

    Spading machines for sandy/loamy soils. The 27SX and 33SX series are compact and uncomplicated spading machines used in many industries. The machines can be fitted with a crumbler roller. So the primary tillage (spading) and secondary tillage (seedbed preparation)   can be done in one pass.

    By Imants BV based in NV REUSEL, NETHERLANDS. from Spader Product line

  • Roterra - Model 25 C/25-Series - Rotary Harrows

    Club tines (max. working depth 230 mm) with side-fixation for quick exchange with the help of an air key. 25 C Series: three point headstock with round support tubes. 25 Series: three point headstock with square support beams (70x70 mm). Floating suspension of rotor guard. Rigid torsion-free gearirough with a flanged lid for a long life. Gearbox ...

    By Tulip Industries - Peeters Agricultural Machinery based in Etten-Leur, NETHERLANDS. from Rotary Harrows Product line

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