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sheep handling equipment Equipment

  • Permanent Sheep Handling Pens

    Easy working systems for all flock sizes available. Hurdles 1065mm high, horizontal rails stop sheep escaping. A complete range of gates for all types and breeds. Hurdles railed and sheeted along with support posts to erect complete sheep handling / dipping set up.

    By Rancher based in Castle Douglas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Portarace

    14 feet long and adjustable in width from 1ft 6 ins to 4 feet, allowing the sheep to be worked from either outside or inside the race. When in the narrow position, the sides can be sloped inwards to fit a narrow footpath or to make the sheep approach the shedding ring in single file. The stop gate is separated from the shedding gate, allowing ...

    By Glendale Engineering (Milfield) Ltd based in Northumberland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Gripper

    Very fast operation, Grips sheep without effort, no bruising, Fits into existing sheep races, Useful for dagging,tagging, recording, weighing, Excellent working access to stock, Ramp and Cradle can be provided to raise working height, Light and maneuverable, All galvanised, Rancher can supply Tru Test load bars, indicators and readers.

    By Rancher based in Castle Douglas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Sheep Race

    18 feet long and can incorporate a foot bath. Animals enter through a gate in the frame and through a sliding gate into the forcing pen. One way gates stop sheep from going back down the race. Concertina type stop gate.

    By Glendale Engineering (Milfield) Ltd based in Northumberland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Model 20ft - Standard Handling Race

    Cormac 20ft Standard Handling Race This Handling Race consists of Drafting Gate. 4 x 350mm(10ft) Sheeted Sides- providing a race width of 560mm (1ft 10″). 1 x Non Return Gate. 1 x Guillotine Gate. 2 x Footbaths and Sponges 1500mm (5ft) x 540mm. (1ft 9″) x 150mm (6″) high

    By Cormac based in Tuam, Co, IRELAND. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Dagging Crate

    No need to bend down - sheep goes up ramp onto the platform which swings out and upwards. Self-locking yoke at the front.

    By Penderfeed Livestock Equipment based in BERWICKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Mobile Sheep Handler

    Wheels easily removed for ground level working, Jack is provided, Use for routine work and shearing. Machine masts available, 915cc dosing race optional, Narrow race has variable width, Can carry sheep around the farm, Easily towed with a farm bike or carry bike on trailer, Room to carry weigh crate, footbath, turn over crate, plus extra penning ...

    By Rancher based in Castle Douglas, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sheep Handling Equipment Product line

  • Mobile Sheep Handling Systems

    Just launched, our “Romney Ranger” Mobile Sheep Race! For all routine work inc drenching, drafting, mouthing etc and with various hurdle options and a weigh facility available! Whilst we believe this kit will meet the needs of most flock masters, it is actually aimed at small to medium sized flocks who don’t wish to spend 000's ...

    By GSF Livestock Equipment based in Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model MST - AW600 - Premium Sheep Handling Systems

    IAE have vast experience in designing premium sheep handling systems. We have now applied this knowledge to creating a superior trailed mobile sheep handling system. A simple deployment operation affords great speed and ease of use. Handling capabilities are plentiful due

    By IAE based in Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural Product line

  • Modulamb - Mini-Mobile Sheep Handling Trailer

    Designed For Sheep Men - By Sheep Men; Trailer complete with 3 way drafting race and working race. Trailer width 2m over wheels, length 4.4m to tow-ball. Handling equipment from stock modulamb products, therefore can be used within a static sytsem or utilised as extra penning when needed. Handling equipment can be removed to leave a 0.9m high ...

    By Modulamb based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model S1100 - Fold Up Trimming Stand

    This fold-up trimming stand can take a lot of abuse on the show circuit. The stand folds up for easy handling and storage. It comes with the HP1 head rest which is adjustable to different heights for animals of different sizes. The trimming stand's double-angle construction makes it strong, but light weight.

    By D-S Livestock Equipment based in Frostburg, MARYLAND (USA). from Sheep and Goat Stands Product line

  • Model PG102 01 73 - Sheep Gates

    The gate offers a 470 mm-passage in every direction. It is automatically supplied with a lever which can be pulled from the top of the crate, with an automatic return by a rubber spring. The option remote control lever enables to activate the door at a distance of 2 m, thus making the animals' forward movement easier. This galvanised sorting gate ...

    By Pasdelou Galva based in COULANS-SUR-GEE, FRANCE.

  • Stock Handling Equipment & Trailers

    John Thorburn & Sons can supply or manufacture a range of trailers, cattle and sheep handling and feeding equipment. Manufactured to a high standard to be strong and robust.

    By John Thorburn & Sons based in Duns, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model TS900 - Two Way Sorter With Stop

    This unique 3-in-1 gate is easy to operate because it has only one handle to do three things: stop animals and cut animals right or left. The TS900 comes with a lock handle so the unit can be locked in the closed position or left or right sort position. With a stop gate built into the sorter, the sheep and goats can be slowed to permit closer ...

    By D-S Livestock Equipment based in Frostburg, MARYLAND (USA). from Handling System Components Product line

  • Small Animal Tipchute

    The For-Most small animal tip chute features a rugged self catching headgate. This allows the operator to be behind the animal and have the animal catch themselves with little or no assistance. This chute is designed to handle calves, sheep and goats with less stress on animal and operator. The For-Most small animal tip chute is heavy duty enough ...

    By For-Most Livestock Equipment based in Hawarden, IOWA (USA). from Calf Equipment Product line

  • Cattle Handling Systems

    With our extensive knowledge and understanding of Stock Handling Systems this allows us to help create a bespoke system that will be manufactured by us to suit each client, All our systems are designed, manufactured and installed to be safe, efficient and welfare friendly always with the end user in mind and because they are made in-house they can ...

    By John Thorburn & Sons based in Duns, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ovipast Plus

    An opaque fluid vaccine containing formalin killed cells expressing iron regulated antigens from the epidemiologically most important serotypes of Pasteurella haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi in buffered physiological saline and adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide. Thiomersal is included as a preservative. For the active immunisation of sheep ...

    By MSD Animal Health based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model SP41-08 - 8- Foor Solid Panel

    The 8-foot solid panel is used to form blind raceways when using turntables, headgates, and/or sorting gates. The solid portion of the panel is 30 inches high, so the sheep and goats can't climb out of the system. Solid panels are used where ever you need to funnel animals. When not being used in the handling system, they work great for divider ...

    By D-S Livestock Equipment based in Frostburg, MARYLAND (USA). from Solid Panels and Doors Product line

  • Sulfuric Acid

    Another specialty of Verdegaal Bros. is that the company markets and custom applies concentrated sulfuric acid as a soil amendment. Applications include orchards, vineyards, field and row crops, and water runs. Sulfuric acid is desirable in specific soil conditions where there is a presence of free lime and high soil pH. These soils often have ...

    By Verdegaal Brothers Inc based in HANFORD, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Sulfuric Acid Product line

  • CombiFoss - Model FT+ - Routine Compositional Raw Milk Analysis System

    CombiFoss FT+ offers all you need for payment and dairy herd improvement analysis by seamlessly integrating MilkoScan FT+ and Fossomatic FC. The Fossomatic FC performs somatic cell counting and the MilkoScan FT+ delivers results for a range of crucial parameters including Urea, Fat, Protein and Fatty Acids.

    By FOSS based in Hillerød, DENMARK. from Central Milk Testing Product line

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