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solid manure equipment available in Africa

  • Model 3 Tons - Solid Manure Spreaders Machine

    WEIGHT       :3 TON, DIMENSIONS :185X400 CM, TYRE TYPE   :11.8X80X15.3.

    By Landforce Agricultural Machinery Plant based in Karadeniz Eregli, TURKEY. from Solid Manure Spreaders Machine Product line

  • Model PTU-5A - Solid Organic Manure Spreader

    The solid organic manure spreader PTU-5A with 5 t lifting capacity and 6.3 cubic meter body. The four-rotor spreading device with vertical disposition of rotors is mounted on the machine. Previous title PTU-4.0/13A.

    By Lmr Azene Ltd based in Riga, LATVIA. from Solid Organic Manure Spreader Product line

  • Model MS 1201-1401 - Manure Spreader

    The MS spreader series represents the advanced development of the proven BE spreader models. With the all-steel trough now being powder-coated, the MS spreader models are a perfect complement to the Strautmann spreader portfolio. Solid spreading units with a high level of distribution accuracy ensure great operational safety and long service life.

    By B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co. KG based in Bad Laer, GERMANY. from Manure Spreader Product line

  • REMEX - Sturdy and Durable Agitator

    Sturdy and durable agitator for mixing renewable raw materials and liquid and solid manure.

    By Schmack Biogas GmbH - member of the Viessmann Group based in Schwandorf, GERMANY.

  • SHAC - Manure Digester

    Designed for the following manure systems: Shallow & deep pit systems. Straw packs / dry mounds & bio-shelters. Shallow gutters with scrapers. Slurry stores & lagoons. Solid separation systems. Open fields & pens. May also be with used with various compost systems such as domestic compost enclosures.

    By SHAC Environmental Products Inc. based in Dunmore, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model R810 - Manure Spreader

    With a 486 cubic ft. capacity, the R810 model is the largest spreader in the H Series.  This pull type material spreader needs a minimum of 180  HP to transport materials and spread as needed. Built rugged and solid to be the most reliable spreader on the market. Primarily made to spread manure, the dual horizontal beaters provide a ...

    By Art`s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc based in Armstrong, IOWA (USA). from Manure Spreader Product line

  • LWR - Manure Treatment System

    Our patented process technology uses both mechanical and chemical treatments to remove manure contaminants and segregate valuable fertilizer nutrients at large livestock operations. As the manure effluent flows through the process, solids are sequentially removed. The result is valuable segregated fertilizer nutrients and clean water that can be ...

    By Livestock Water Recycling, Inc based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • NUHN Magnum - Top Load Liquid Manure Spreaders

    In-tank mixing without and moving parts.The Nuhn front pump system creates a circulation from the rear of the tank to the front. All of the mixing is done at the bottom of the tank so solids and manure do not build up. Other tanks on the market circulate from the top, which allows for solids to build up at the bottom of the tank. G-Force tapered ...

    By Nuhn Industries Ltd. based in Sebringville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Top Load Liquid Manure Spreaders Product line

  • COCCUS - Small Biogas Plant for Livestock Farmers

    Small Biogas plant (75kW) for livestock farmers. Suitable for feedstock with low energy density and low dry matter Content (such as liquid and solid manure).

  • Model XCEL - Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders

    The Hi-Spec Xcel 1250 rear discharge spreader has built a solid reputation since its launch in 2004. Initially used on Irish and UK farms it has found new markets around the world. The 2nd generation of the Xcel 1250, developed throughout 2012, features many tweaks and improvements based on our customer's feedback and experience.

    By Hi Spec Engineering Ltd., based in Bagenalstown, IRELAND. from Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders Product line

  • Flail Side Manure Spreaders

    Abbey Machinery manufacture the most complete range of side spreaders on the market today with sizes ranging from 4 cubic yards to 15.5 cubic yards.  The Abbey side spreader is one of the leading side spreaders available with the ability to handle a wide range of manure from solid to slurry. The Abbey side spreader range is built ...

    By Abbey Machinery Ltd. based in Nenagh, IRELAND. from Flail Side Manure Spreaders Product line

  • JOZ - Turning Chain System

    JOZ has been supplying the turning chain system for years, and today it is still widely used. That a large portion of these systems is used to replace existing systems shows that this JOZ stable cleaning system has proven its value. Precisely because of its simplicity and reliability, this system is still in great demand. This stable cleaning ...

    By JOZ BV based in Westwoud, NETHERLANDS.

  • BIO-MIX - Hopper Feed Pump

    WANGEN BIO-MIX pumps have been integrated for many years in the energy production process and undergone continuous further development and optimization. They are suitable for conveying maize silage, grass silage, GPS, solid manure, poultry dung, waste and co-ferments, which are mixed with liquid in the pump.

    By Wangen based in Wangen im Allgäu, GERMANY. from Hopper Feed Pump Product line

  • Fliegl - Model ADS - Fertilizer Spreader

    The Fliegl push-off manure spreader ADS has almost nothing in common with conventional manure spreaders. Instead of a high maintenance scraper floor on wooden planks that is susceptible to failure, it is equipped with a steel trough from the original Fliegl push-off system, which has been reliably used many times under difficult conditions on the ...

    By Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH based in Mühldorf a. Inn, GERMANY. from Fertilizer Spreader Product line

  • Veneroni - Model M-MB Series - Mixer Blendor

    The machine has been designed to treat sewage mixed with manure. As compared to other types of mixer with the same power inputs, this machine achieves notable time savings and is also able to homogenise sewage containing great quantities of solid manure, surface crusts and settled layers. On request, the aerator-oxygenator may also be mounted, to ...

    By Veneroni S.r.l. based in Formigara Cremona, ITALY. from Mixer Blendor Product line

  • Schmack - Model PASCO 8/12 - Feeding System

    The PASCO 8/12 feeding system consists of a sturdy metering station made of steel. The PASCO 8/12 is specially designed to feed in difficult substrates, such as large quantities of solid manure, grass and renewable raw materials. The basic version of the PASCO has a capacity of approx. 8 m³ which can be easily increased to a capacity of 12 ...

    By Schmack Biogas GmbH - member of the Viessmann Group based in Schwandorf, GERMANY. from Feeding System Product line

  • Biolynk Systems

    DariTech designed the Biolynk system for the management of flush manure. From 100% manure collection in freestall operations to specialized use of parlor water in scrape systems, Biolynk will deliver the highest quality flush water along with superior solid capture rates.

    By DariTech, Inc. based in Lynden, WASHINGTON (USA). from Biolynk Systems Product line

  • Liquidator Animal Waste Reducer

    LIQUIDATOR works by balancing the natural biology of the lagoon or pit. Rapid microbial action digests solids and controls odors. Solids are liquefied into a healthy liquid compost. Manure nitrogen is converted to organic nitrogen that is more stable in soil root zone and is less subject to leaching. LIQUIDATOR also increases the biological ...

  • Bobman Comfort - Soft Bedding Machine

    The BOBMAN COMFORT is a specifically designed bedding machine for applying separated manure solids (green bedding) or a mix of chopped straw, lime and water in livestock stalls. The BOBMAN COMFORT can also be used for applying inorganic bedding, such as hydrated lime or pulverized gypsum in livestock stalls.

    By Jydeland Maskinfabrik A/S based in Ebeltoft, DENMARK. from Soft Bedding Machine Product line

  • Williames - Soil Elevators

    Williames Soil Elevators are designed to cope with strenuous day-to-day nursery activity. They are simple to use, robustly built and have many uses including moving soil, manure, animal feed, construction material and chemical solids.

    By Williames Pty Ltd based in Warragul, AUSTRALIA. from Soil Elevators Product line

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