Sowing equipment available in Oman

  • Model ŞK-PMD - Disc Type Pneumatic Precision Planter

    SAKALAK PNEUMATIC PRECISION PLANTER WITH DISCS Is using to sensitive sowing a all types of seeds, providing to sowing to desired row space and distance. Optionally could be 2-4-5-6-7-8-12 serial produced.

    By Şakalak Agricultural Machinery Co. based in Konya, TURKEY. from Pneumatic Seed Drills Product line

  • 3 Section Compact Heavy Type Roller

    3 section compact roller used for sowing preparation , sowing and rolling of winter crops. Roller also can use behind discharrows. After Usage of roller ; Better seeding quality Better germination of plants Upgrates the efficiency Lower water consumption Reduces land erosion.

    By ILGI Agricultural Machinery based in Söke, TURKEY. from Land Roller Product line

  • Net Cloche Tunnel (Standard)

    Unwins tunnels provide year-round protection for almost everything in the vegetable plot and will give you the opportunity to sow and propagate much earlier.

    By Unwins based in Huntingdon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Plant Protection Product line

  • Truax - Wildflower Seeder

    The Truax Wildflower Seeder is a pull type seeder, specially designed to sow wildflowers & native grasses on small to medium sized plots.

    By Prairie Habitats Inc. based in Argyle, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Seeding Equipment Product line

  • Basic Lock System

    Basic Lock is a gestaion stall with focus on good conditions for the personnel. The crate has a lot of space and could be used also for insemination. The crate is designed for an access and exit of the sow. The crates could be locked in row, groups or individual from the back. The solid construction of the rear gate allows the the sow an easy ...

    By Vissing Agro based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Equipment- Gestation Unit Product line

  • Quarter Stalls

    Pen Gestation with quarter stalls. All sows eat at the same time. Sows can easily be supervised during feeding times. Sows do not need any training for this system. No aggression during feeding. Feeding space is 45 – 55 cm (17.72 – 21.65 inches) wide. Simple pen arrangement. Cost-effective solution.

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta-Calveslage, GERMANY. from Swine Production Product line

  • Free Access Stall Unit

    The gestation stall from Vissing Agro is the strongest and most proven on the market. The stall has been developed so the sow easily can walk in and out of the box by herself and when the so is inside the stall, another sow cannot get in. The stalls can be locked by row or each stall can be individually locked and opened from the back. The special ...

    By Vissing Agro based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Equipment- Gestation Unit Product line

  • Aguirre - Model TD - Mounted Seeders

    The sowing attachment for our TD allows us to sow in any land or preparation conditions. It includes the non stop device using springs to prevent breakage and which allows perfect adaptation to uneven surfaces. A 160 kg pressure element allows us to sow under extreme conditions of compaction of the surface of the field. High strength, anti-wear, ...

    By Aguirre Maquinaria Agrícola S.L. based in Tafalla, SPAIN. from Seed Drills Product line

  • Brackets

    The brackets have different height: H 500, 600 for a farrow area; H 750, 800 for a nursery site; H 1000 for a fattening area and single and sows in farrow.

    By Variant Factory Ltd. based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Machines for Insemination Product line

  • Hyndraulic Cylinder

    HYNDRAULIC CYLINDER featuring smooth and geared wheels, used with or without a disc harrow, to compress the ground, to preserve soil humidity and, in general, for a successful sowing, an excellent sprouting and a rich crop.

    By Zormpas S.A. based in Thessaloniki, GREECE. from General Purpose Machines Product line

  • Jumbo Box Pen

    Perfect crate for stimulation and insemination. Unique Duo rear door provides easy access to the sow without opening the rear door. Simple sturdy closing system without loose pigs

    By ACO FUNKI A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Pen Equipment Product line

  • Model 1 Unit - Foam Tray

    Tray for sowing, germination and transport in phenolic foam. Indicated for a phenolic foam board with 345 cells per tray. Dimensions - Tray 1: Height: 30 cm; Length: 47cm.

    By Hidrogood based in Póvoa de Varzim, PORTUGAL. from Seeders Product line

  • Maestro - Model RC - Single Grain Seed Drills

    The Maestro RC is designed for being attached to a seed waggon (Pronto AS) - for efficient and flexible single grain sowing. The combinaton of Maestro RC and SW 3500 excels due to its flexible equipment versions and its driving comfort.Chassis: The large chassis offers excellent driving comfort. 3-point mounting: The 3-point mounting allows for ...

    By HORSCH Maschinen GmbH based in Schwandorf, GERMANY. from Seeding Technology Product line

  • Model 2BG-6A - Wheat and Paddy Drilling Machine

    2BG-6A model of wheat and paddy drilling machine: The matched motive power: 12 model of walking tracor of Dongfeng brand The outline dimension ( length* width*height) : mm:890*1355*700 (30). The sowing objects: wheat, paddy, beans and corn. The working breadth: mm:1200. The sowing rows: you can adjust it according to your need, but the max row is ...

    By Danyang Liangyou Machinery Co., Ltd. based in iangsu Province, CHINA. from Drilling Machine Product line

  • Model AGS - Single Disc Combined Grain Seed Drill

    This is an ideal machine for sowing; wheat, barley, oat, lentil, chickpea, bean etc. For grain and pulses seeds. Cereal Seed Drill Machine that provides changeover from sowing to destination position are manufactured as 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 32 discs, optional 40 disc. Seeding distance: standard 14 cm,  and optional: 12.5 cm ...

    By Agrimir based in Konya, TURKEY. from Seed Drills- Grain Seed Drills Product line

  • Activo Select - Microencapsulated Secondary Plant

    Specific formulation of microencapsulated secondary plant compounds for a better growth. Highly palatable product especially attuned to the taste of piglets and sows, with the objective of increasing feed intake.

    By EW Nutrition GmbH based in Visbek, GERMANY. from Poultry-Pigs Product line

  • QE Eurostyle Crate

    Can be opened to allow the sow freedom of movement, Heavy galvanised construction, Piglet saver bars, Adjustable width, Reversable back door, Stainless steel standard trough or combined feed/water trough

    By Quality Equipment (QE) based in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Farrowing Crates Product line

  • Model HVM - Tine Shared Pneumatic Seeder

    Pneumatic seeder is a machine that allows row spacing and over row sowing of all kinds of seeds (beet, corn, sunflower, cotton, onion, sweet melon, watermelon, groundnut etc) which need to be planted over row, with the desired quantity sensitively. Pneumatic seeder is produced as 4, 5, 6 and 8 units. Upon request, fertilizer unit can be attached ...

    By Özduman Agricultural Machines Company based in Konya, TURKEY. from Seeding Machines Product line

  • Model FT-30 - Farrowing Pen

    The FT-30 pen is a new ground breaking concept. The sow is removed from the farrowing pen and the piglets remain in the pen until 30 kg. This concept contributes to a significantly lower stress level for the piglets and brings healthier living conditions and greater gain. When the sow is removed, the crate sides are raised up to a vertical ...

    By Vissing Agro based in Brædstrup, DENMARK. from Equipment- Farrowing Units Product line

  • MAX PNEUMATIC - Precision Pneumatic Seeder

    'MAX PNEUMATIC' is a modern functional high-quality precision pneumatic seeder. 'MAX PNEUMATIC' seeder is designed for single-seed sowing of almost all kinds of vegetable seeds, i.e. the seeds of the following vegetables: carrot, cabbage, parsley, cauliflower, onion, small radish, sugar beet, parsnip (coated seeds), garden beet, rape, maize, pea, ...

    By Firma Weremczuk FMR based in Niedrzwica Duża, POLAND. from Machines for Vegetables- Precise Seeders for Vegetables Product line

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