Sowing-In equipment in Italy

  • Model 1400 - Drum Seeder Machine

    Tray Filler R9G - 2) Drum Seeder S9A - 3) Automatic Varmiculite Filler VTO 61// Vermiculite and Water Dispenser VP - 5) Stackin Unit with roller unit ACR. A complete restyling of the traditional drum line, the leader in the Mosa range of precision seeders. Greater compacting at maximum working capacity, easy electronic control of all working ...

    By Mosa Green S.r.l. based in Chions (PN), ITALY. from Sowing Machines Product line

  • Model 1200 - Drum Seeder Machine

    The drum seeding line has for many years been seen as the market leader for commercial nurseries. A jewel of engineering, innovative technology and productivity

    By Mosa Green S.r.l. based in Chions (PN), ITALY. from Sowing Machines Product line

  • Preparater - Model PTR - Sowing Tillers Seed Bed Cultivators with 5 Rows

    The tillers of the PREPARATER SERIES guarantee a perfect preparation of the soil and thanks to the front bar and the rear rollers they also allow to level the soil. They are perforating machinery to roughen soil for sowing in spring/autumn. They are available in the following versions: Sowing tiller Preparaterwith 5 rows of straight teeth FLEX ...

    By Pastò Elia & C. S.n.c. based in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD), ITALY. from Seed Bed Cultivators Product line

  • Fisiomat - Groups Feeding Systems

    The concept being the housing of sows in small groups and feeding a predetermined amount of feed, delivered simultaneously to all sows over a set period of time. One group of sows can be fed a different quantity of feed per sow to those in another group. However, within the group, the amount dispensed to each sow place is the same. The system is ...

    By Falcon Srl based in Brivio (LC), ITALY. from Pigs Product line

  • Physiostart - Mineral Fertilizers

    Mineral fertilizers having a starter effect at sowing – It exerts a biostimulating effect.

    By TIMAC Agro Italia based in Ripalta Arpina, ITALY. from Microgranular Fertilizers Product line

  • ORTOMEC - Model 1500 - Harvester for Float System

    Cutter and harvester for leafy products, grown in containers such as polystyrene sowing trays.

    By ORTOMEC snc based in Cona (Venice), ITALY. from Leafy Products Product line

  • Fox Vigneron - Model 1000 - Power Harrows

    Tube mm 80x80x6 (inches 3,15x3,15x0,236) for attaching eradicator tines, to remove the compact soil left by tractor's wheels Folding side deflectors to reduce the maximum external width to m 2,99 for m 3, to m 2,49 for m 2,50 Rear clod bar adjustable in height in order to obtain a finer and well levelled sowing bed Facility for hydraulic up and ...

    By FALC srl based in Faenza (RA), ITALY. from Power Harrows Product line

  • Sigma - Model 5 - Precision Pneumatic Planters

    Sigma 5 is the precision pneumatic planter for different soil conditions: tilled soils, with minimal tillage or no tilled soils (with residues of previous crops). The construction strenght and quality, its simple and versatile operation join with its sowing reliability at speeds of up 10-12km/h. The system with double discs on dual levelling ...

    By Sfoggia Agriculture Division S.r.l. based in Montebelluna (TREVISO), ITALY. from Seeding Product line

  • BEST - 2 Row Mechanical Seed Drill

    The mechanical seed drill BEST is available in different working widths from 2.5 to 3m. The connection of the coulter bar to the roller ensures uniform deposition even on very uneven or hilly. The inclination of the pipes allows descent of the seed sowing even on steep slopes.

    By Acma srl based in OSTRA VETERE (AN), ITALY. from Seeding Product line

  • Model BBM - Big-Crusher with De-Stackers

    BBM is a system with a tilting mechanism capable of processing all kinds of big bales, compacting and crumbling soil to produce ready-foruse substrate. Automatically feeds filling and sowing lines as well as soilblocking and potting lines. The big-bale is directly positioned into the tank with a manual fork lift.

    By Mosa Green S.r.l. based in Chions (PN), ITALY. from Preparation of Substrates Product line

  • Muratori - Model Jolly Series - Seed Drill

    The Jolly seed drill is always supplied in combination with a tilling machine (usually a stoneburier MZ4SXL/MZ6SXL or a harrow ME1); it is therefore an integral part of this specific implement.The Jolly seed drill is designed to sow grass (especially lawn grass).

    By Muratori spa based in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO), ITALY. from Seed Drill for Grass Product line

  • Model SC - Rotary Harrow

    FOR PROFESSIONAL USE - A product that matches excellent geniality, high technology and durability: this is what the professional industrialists want. So, this is the basic equipment for combined machineries and all the combinations with sowing machines. The SC line meets all these standards: high quality; power, reliability and durability.

    By Aio SRL based in Porto Mantovano (Mantova), ITALY. from Rotary Harrow Product line

  • Model SPA-2/A and SPA-2/D - Automatic Potato Planter

    The Automatic Potato Planter EUROPA with hydraulic hopper (carried, with 3 point linkare), has been projected for big-size  farms. The seeding element, equipe with wheel for depth control and adjustable furrow opener share, with parallelogram system, permit to have a regular sowing even if there is uneven ground.

    By Spedo F.LLI based in Castagnaro VR, ITALY. from Potato Planter Product line

  • ALFA - Single Speed Rotary Harrow

    Especially recommended to prepare soils for sowing in gardens, nurseries, greenhouses and orchards. It is possible to combine an optional sowing machine specific for grass. 4 models are available following the working width: 110, 130, 150 and 170 cm. 540 rpm single speed gearbox, drive shaft with shear bolt, round rotors antichoking-2 blades ...

    By Ortolan Zappatrici S.n.c. based in MONTEBELLO VIC.NO - VI, ITALY. from Power Harrows Product line

  • SIRIO - Single Speed Rotary Harrow

    Especially recommended to prepare soils for sowing both in open fields and in gardens, nurseries, greenhouses and orchards. It is possible to combine an optional sowing machine specific for grass and a rear clods smasher. 7 models are available following the working width: 110, 130, 150, 170, 190, 210 and 230 cm. 540 rpm single speed gearbox, ...

    By Ortolan Zappatrici S.n.c. based in MONTEBELLO VIC.NO - VI, ITALY. from Power Harrows Product line

  • Tecnomeccanica - Model ER2400-I - Flex Spring Harrows

    This harrow folds into two pieces for transportation along roads and is equipped with vibrating springs, which are perfect for preparing the topsoil for sowing: the spring enters the ground and breaks up of clods of soil.

    By Tecnomeccanica S.r.l. based in Casale di Mazzè (TO), ITALY. from Agricultural Section Product line

  • Plough

    The plough is the specific attachment for turning over and fragment the soil for the subsequent processing or directly for sowing. Turning the soil also are buried weeds and previous crops, speeding their decomposition. Available in single-plough or 180° swivel plough version.

    By Officine Meccaniche Ferrari S.p.A based in Abbiategrasso (MI), ITALY. from Two Wheel Tractors- Attachments Product line

  • Agrex - Model MAXI T - Fertilizer Spreader

    The fertilizer spreader for rice-field MAXI T is designed fo meef the needs of the operator and professional contractor in the distribution of fertilizers and seeds. It is equipped with a raised axle with a variable track and with a discs distribution system. This system is designed specially for sowing rice in wet and for cultures in sandy lands ...

    By Agrex S.p.A. based in Villafranca Padovana (PD) IT, ITALY. from Agriculture - Fertilizer Spreaders - Professional Product line

  • Model ALFA 310S - Seeding Monitor

    Intensive farming needs an ever increasing precision level to optimise operator’s job and maximise field production. If applied to seeding, this concept is particularly true as final results depend on correct seed position, successful sowing and fertilisation process. In case of technical problems of the seeder such as clogged lines or part ...

    By ARAG Srl based in Reggio nell`Emilia, ITALY. from Monitor Product line

  • Model SMP - Pneumatic Seed Drill

    Automatic, with innovative distribution sistem, for the planting of grasses and corn seeds with a diameter greater than 4 mm or within capsules. SMP seed drill is used for mulching of pre-sowing plans using plastic or biodegradable cellulose film. It can be also equipped with drip irrigation system by the laying of a hose under the film. Water ...

    By SPAPPERI S.r.l. based in San Secondo (PG), ITALY. from Seed Drills Product line

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