Spray-Fertilizer equipment in Israel

  • Rivulis - Model S2000 - Micro Sprinkler

    The S2000 Micro Sprinklers are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications including irrigation, cooling, and frost protection for orchards and groves. Built to last, the S2000 Micro Sprinkler line incorporates a strong bridge, built-in anti-insect device, and a wear resistant design. The S2000 Micro Sprinkler delivers a consistent spray ...

    By Rivulis Irrigation based in Gvat, ISRAEL. from Sprinklers and Sprays Product line

  • Premium

    Spray Drying Medium» (2 – 25 μm) - Solution

    You want to benefit from an ingenious technology of spray drying for your demanding product development process. We offer the market leading solution with the most possibilities in applications to reduce development time.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Spray Drying & Encapsulation - Solutions Product line

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    Prilling by Vibration Dry (100 – 1000 μm) - Solution

    You wish to encapsulate various materials into a dry polymeric or wax matrix. We offer the ideal solution with the combination of the Encapsulator B-390 or Encapsulator B-395 Pro and the Rotavapor® system R-215.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Spray Drying & Encapsulation - Solutions Product line

  • Premium

    Prilling by Vibration Wet (150 – 2000 μm) - Solution

    You wish to encapsulate various materials into a polymeric matrix. We offer the creative solution using vibrating technology (prilling) to form beads and capsules, even with extremely sensitive and expensive materials.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Distributor in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. from Spray Drying & Encapsulation - Solutions Product line

  • Sprinklers and Sprays

    By Rivulis Irrigation based in Gvat, ISRAEL.

  • Gatit Fertilizers

    Gatit fertilizers are prepared from different sources of Nitrogen (NH2, NH4 and NO3), combined with Phosphorous and Potassium sources and Trace elements according to the needs of the different crops. It contains reduced amounts of Chloride up to a maximum 6% chloride in the fertilizer. Gatit is enriched with the following Trace –elements (TE): ...

    By Gat fertilizers Ltd. based in Afula, ISRAEL.

  • RezFree - Liquid Organic Fertilizer

    CERES conducts inspections and offers certification per different governmental organic standards, such as regulation EEC 834/07, USDA-NOP Final Rule, and the Japanese Agricultural Standard to produce Organic Foodstuffs (JAS). Additionally, CERES provides inspection services for several national and international private standards of farmers' ...

    By RezFree Inc Office in ISRAEL.

  • Wheelbarrow Sprayer

    Suitable for multi-purpose all-around farm spraying.   Spraying with spary guns  or mobile spray boom.

    By Raz Sprayers based in Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL.

  • Premium

    AMS - Soil Fertility Kits

    The Agronomists’ best friend! AMS Soil Fertility Kits include everything you need for cutting and drawing samples from a variety of soil conditions. Kit contents include: 1” replaceable tip soil probe with 12” sample slot, 10” comfortably gripped cross handle, 2ft. extension, adjustable foot step, soil ejector scoop, ...

  • High Pressure Boom

    3-Point linkage sprayer with 500 liter tank for spraying at high or low pressure. Work with either spray boom or spray guns.

    By Degania Sprayers Co. Ltd. based in ISRAEL.

  • Premium

    Azud NEOflex Pipe - Swing Joints for Gear Drive Sprinklers and Spray Heads

    The AZUD installation components for the professional sprinkling range are:- NEOflex pipe: swing joints for gear drive sprinklers and spray heads. - 3/4 and 1/2 clamp saddle.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. Distributor in Kfar Tavor, ISRAEL. from Irrigation - Landscape - Microirrigation Fittings Product line

  • Low Volume grapes Sprayer

    Specially designed for table-grapes trained structure. The 'MINIRAZ' serie represent our long years experience with low volume spraying.

    By Raz Sprayers based in Rishon Le Zion, ISRAEL.

  • Feritrol Systems

    If you are looking for accurate fertigation in large areas utilizing low-cost available chemicals – Feritrol is your choice. Feritrol systems are designed to your specific need. Eight (or more) different chemicals may be employed for supplying the basic fertilizer requirements of your crop as well as trace elements, acid and disinfecting of ...

    By Chemtec Ltd. based in Netanya, ISRAEL.

  • Galcon - Model GalPro Series - Standalone Irrigation Controller

    GalPro is Galcon’s standalone irrigation controller that operates 4 or 8 valves with water and fertilizer flow monitoring. This controller (AC/DC) is designed for irrigation in small open fields and applications. GalPro features a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a special rotary switch which makes it easy to operate. The controller ...

    By Galcon based in Kfar Blum, ISRAEL. from Agriculture Product line

  • TYPHOON - Trailed Tunnel Blower

    Towed sprayer for orchard spraying by blower. 33', 36' blower mounted on back of trailer, power from PTO shaft passing through the tank in a tunnel. The blower is equipped with reinforced plastic blades with adjustable angles enabling the adjustment of the machine to the size of tractor or air speed change.

    By Degania Sprayers Co. Ltd. based in ISRAEL.

  • High Pressure Saddles Without Bolts

    Unique design -Patent Pending. Save time-Quick and easy assembly and maintenance. Install without tools. No metal parts=No corrosion. Fertilizer resistant .  Max. working pressure:10 bar  (140 psi). Available in self seal version. Available with Stainless steel rings.

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd. based in Yavne, ISRAEL. from Thread - Lock Saddle Clamp Product line

  • FertiLite

    In-Line Machine for economic small systems of Greenhouses. Irrigation flow up to 25 m3/hour. Activates 1 to 10 valves. Computerized operation – local or using PC. EC and pH control. 15 Irrigation Programs. 10 Fertilization Programs. 3 to 4 Venturi Injectors, 350 to 400 Liter/hour. Stainless Steel Booster Pump. Visual flow Meter for each ...

    By Gavish based in Givat Brenner, ISRAEL.

  • AfiAct - Model II - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    Good fertility management means that cows calve at optimal intervals, maintaining milk production at the highest possible level. Years of research and field experience have demonstrated the strong, direct correlation between the timing of estrus and cows' increased walking activity. Based on this crucial finding, the Afimilk team developed ...

    By Afimilk Ltd based in ISRAEL. from Afimilk Cow Monitoring Product line

  • Katif - Flow Regulated Dripper

    The Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper delivers on several key features including a self flushing mechanism, low profile position, and a highly accurate flow regulating diaphragm. Combining all these features, the Katif Flow Regulated Online Dripper can be used in challenging topographical conditions and in long runs, without any worries. And, ...

    By Rivulis Irrigation based in Gvat, ISRAEL. from Drippers Product line

  • PALM - Model 200 - Wheelbarrow type sprayer with pulley driven system

    Wheelbarrow type sprayer with pulley driven system, 200 L fiberglass tank with external level indicator with graduated scale, total drainage tank, drainage tap, internal suction filter, agitation via return hose, 15m rubber hose Ø10 mm – 40 bar, 30 cm spray gun, 2 pneumatic wheels 4.00x8.

    By Hazan Sprayers Ltd based in Acre Old City, ISRAEL.

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