spray-fertilizer system Equipment in France

  • FERTILOC + - Fertilizer Applicator

    FERTILOC+ is a ride-on independent 3 point system for providing solid fertiliser to row crops. FERTILOC+ can also be used alone at the front or rear of the tractor. The fertiliser is spread by gravity, by electric or hydraulic blowers according to requirement.  The independent adjustment cells allow a variable flow rate of up to 450 kg/ha.

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Sowing - Fertilizing - Fertilizer Applicator Product line

  • NORAC - Model UC5 - Spray Height Control Systems

    ISOBUS 11783 certified, the UC5 system can be operated through any Universal Terminal. Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone system that is operated through NORAC’s PULSE™ color touchscreen display. The UC5 system is not only easy to operate, but offers advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities.

    By NORAC, Inc. Office in Guereins, FRANCE.

  • NORAC - Model UC4.5 - Spray Height Control Systems

    A two sensor system that may be upgraded by adding an ultrasonic sensor to the center section. Depending on the level of control, most kits provide automatic control of sprayer boom wings and main lift control is sold separately.

    By NORAC, Inc. Office in Guereins, FRANCE.

  • Meto Spraying System

    With the usage of this spraying robot, your personal won’t have to  walk between the crops during the spraying treatment. It does not only give a big improvement in working conditions but also in labor and agent saving.

    By Benfried International b.v. Office in Allee des Jonquilles, FRANCE. from Mechanization Product line

  • Wastewater Spraying

    Spreading wastewater on grassy surfaces is a technique which makes use of the purification capacity provided by the soil/plant system. Organic material is transformed into fertilizer constituents by micro-organisms present in the soil. The constituents are absorbed by the vegetation which effects the transformation and the purification.


  • Fertilizer Spreader for Beds

    CM REGERO Industries's fertilizer spreader is designed for the spreading of all types of products i­n powder or granulated form (with constant homogeneity). Its rotor distribution system provides very high accuracy in volume and distribution. The fertilizer spreader can be equipped with an advancement proportional device (APD) to enhance ...

    By CM Regero Industries based in LA CHAPELLE BASSE MER, FRANCE. from Fertilizing - Sowing - Sanding Product line

  • PENTASEM - Tines Seed Drill

    PENTASEM is a ride-on simplified seeding tool with tines, associated with pneumatic distribution, adapted on a base close to that of PENTASOL. It is used to plant a crop at high speed, using straight 45 × 12 tines fitted with a seed broadcaster. The positioning of the tines in 5 rows simplifies and improves the flow of plant debris without ...

    By Carre based in SAINT-MARTIN-DES-NOYERS, FRANCE. from Sowing - Fertilizing - Tine Seed Drill Product line

  • PULVIX - Model 705 - Flow Control System

    Flow Control System for sprayer vine/orchard .Rate programming in L / ha.Last rate memorizing Flow system type configuring Overflow or underflow alarm Partial and total processed area display Partial and total sprayed volume display Main shutoff valve actuation capability5 booms actuation capability for sprayers with electrical valves Possibility ...

    By AGROTRONIX S.A. based in DOUVRIN, FRANCE. from Sprayers Product line

  • 2IE - Model AGS - Aqua Gestion System

    Easy to program, 8 line display. Gives spans location with precision of 0.1 degree. Precise control : end guns, swing booms, reverse points. Adjust water application depths on different areas, depending on the soil and crops. Indicates why the system stops, with the tower number at fault. Overwatering protection. Timer, base of 1 5 to 120 sec, ...

    By 2IE Irrigation Systems based in Ponceau, FRANCE.

  • Profarm - Model 80/100 - Mounted Hydraulic Boom

    For the last but not the least of the range, PROFARM is the sprayer for small and medium farms. Tanks’ ranging from 800 to 1000liters, hydraulic “COLIBRI” spray bars from 12 to 18m wide and electric closing of the spraying, PROFARM has all the qualities required to be an efficient partner on your farm.

    By Caruelle Nicolas based in Saint-Denis de l'Hôtel, FRANCE. from Row Crops - Caruelle Product line

  • Low-slung Spreaders

    A new distribution system: Makes it possible to spread on the right side of the spreader over a width which varies with the speed of the power take-off (0.50m to 2m). This also makes for economizing fertilizer by the width of the body, and a better distribution at the feet of trees.

    By ROCHE Ltd based in Aouste sur Sye, FRANCE.

  • Econov - Model X40 - X50 - Fertiliser Spreader

    The MATRIX 840 GS console displays all 6 SULKY sections, showing each section appear and disappear in turn as the spreader moves across the plot. The X40 and X50 ECONOV fertilizer spreaders are equipped as standard with the continuous weighing function for automatic calibration of the dosage and they also incorporate the ECONOV function as ...

    By Sulky-Burel based in CEDEX, FRANCE. from Fertiliser Spreader Product line

  • Hollow - Model TVI 80 - Cone Anti-Drift Venturi

    80° angle at 5 bar. Air-induction hollow cone nozzle (Venturi system) spraying large drops filled with air bubbles which do not drift and explode into fine droplets in contact with the plant. ALBUZ durable pink ceramic allows high spraying pressures to be used while maintaining performance and precision. Easy dismantling for a good cleaning. 3 ...

    By ALBUZ based in Evreux Cedex, FRANCE. from Ceramic Nozzles-Orchard / Vineyard Product line

  • Pronto - Model SW - Disc Seed Drills

    Pronto technology for large farms. Seed waggon with very large hopper capacity for seed and fertilizer for low idle times. The Pronto AS achieves high speeds while maintaining the exact seed placement due to its unique packer. This is due to a very good levelling effect with high clearance. Thus, the forming of waves is effectively prevented. Our ...

    By HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Office in Chateauvillain, FRANCE. from Seeding Technology Product line

  • Dribble Bars

    Dribble bars are the must modern way of spreading organic fertilizer on cereals with as little harm as possible. Product distribution is uniform thanks to the manifold on all distribution pipes placed every 30 cm. Rack come standard with one or two vertical chopper distributors (depending on width) and an anti drip system. Many options may also be ...

    By MAUGUIN CITAGRI based in Berthevin, FRANCE. from Agricultural Range Product line

  • Model TT 3500 - Seed Cart

    High capacity seed cart designed for seeding as well as fertilization – Equipped with volumetric metering unit with electric drive system for operations up to 6.00 m in width – Compatible with the SEEDFLEX coulter bar, MAXIMA 2 or PLANTER 3 precision seed drills and with the strip-till tool STRIGER – High operating range with a ...

    By KUHN S.A. based in Saverne, FRANCE. from Seeding- Front Hoppers / Seed Carts Product line

  • Duo - Trailed Sprayers

    Design : spraying unit on the 3 points linkage with an rear articulated trailer . Steel welded chassis designed to resist intense use. 3 point linkage spraying unit with an articulated trailed tank to allow short maneuvers. 2 cranked half axles sliding into an axle holder : track width and clearance settings. Longitudinal setting for the axle ...

    By Tecnoma based in Epernay, FRANCE. from Vineyard Sprayers- Trailed Sprayers Product line

  • Delimbe - Model T14 - Slug Pellet Microgranulator

    Used on drills for corn, sunflower, potatoes, tobacco, vegetables, etc … Gravity system. Rotor by electric motor. The flow is adjustable by electronic command in cabin. 25, 70 ou120 litres hopper capacity. Issues possible from 1 to 6, issues supplementary possible in option. Possibility to install both devices with one common electric ...

    By Delimbe based in Pont de l`Arche, FRANCE. from Electric Seeds Drills Product line

  • Pronto - Model DC - Disc Seed Drills

    Disc Seed Drills for precise sowing after plough, mulch sowing or direct seed. The Pronto DC achieves high speeds while maintaining the exact seed placement due to its unique packer. This is due to a very good levelling effect with high clearance. Thus, the forming of waves is effectively prevented. Our packer concept is a prerequisite for a good ...

    By HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Office in Chateauvillain, FRANCE. from Seeding Technology Product line

  • Maestria - Model 21-39 - High Output Self Propelled Sprayer

    The Maestria is the ideal tool to optimize your spraying operations. Thanks to its large front booms (24 to 50 m wide) and its high tank capacity (3900 l), the sprayer has been laid out for important output under the hardest conditions. The mahine can be featured with the Stabilis option which has been awarded with the Gold medal at the SIMA 2005.

    By MATROT Equipements based in Noyers-Saint-Martin, FRANCE. from Sprayers Product line

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