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Straw Cutting equipment

  • STRIEGEL-PRO - Model PE - 6-Row Straw Harrow

    STRIEGEL-PRO PE series is 6-row straw harrow equipped with two independently hydraulically controlled working sections of tines.The first section includes four rows of tines that disrupt the top soil layer at 2–4 cm. The second section includes two rows of tines for final surface treatment. In addition, the machine may be equipped ...

    By Bednar FMT s.r.o. based in Prague 9, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Straw Harrow Product line

  • TOMASSER - Model Type RK - For Chopping Small Cubes and Loose Straw

    Shredder works perfectly with briquetting press BIOMASSER SOLO composing this way BIOMASSER SOLO-SET or with BIOMASSER DUO composing BIOMASSER DUO-SET. Productivity and chopped straw length depend on type of raw material, its moinsture content and size of the screen fitted.

    By ASKET based in Poznań, POLAND. from Shredder For Straw Product line

  • Challenger - Model 600A Series - Complete Chopper System

    The MAV Complete Straw Chopper provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper and chaff spreader. It cuts extra fine, spreads wider, and allows the spreading straw and chaff.

    By Redekop Manufacturing Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Straw Chopper System Product line

  • Challenger - Model 600B Series - Complete Chopper System

    The MAV Complete Straw Chopper provides the replacement of the factory straw chopper and chaff spreader. It cuts extra fine, spreads wider, and allows the spreading straw and chaff.

    By Redekop Manufacturing Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Straw Chopper System Product line

  • Model Z-543 - Round Balers

    The Z-543 and Z-594 round balers are intended for baling straw material (up to 25% moisture) from 1900 mm wide windrows and dry off green fodder (up to 40-60% moisture) intended for hay silage. The material is rolled into bales of 1200 mm diameter. Unlike Z-543 baler, the Z-594 model has a rotor with cutting system (14 - knifes), ensuring uniform ...

    By Ursus S.A. based in Lublin, POLAND. from Forage, Hay and Straw Line Product line

  • Max.Diameter - Model 1.50 m - Unrollers-Spreaders with Fingers for Round Bales

    Our unrollers- spreaders are delivered as standard without any hydraulic distributor. Hydraulic distributor (levers) or hydro-electrical controls including a flow restrictor controlling the forward motion of the conveyor belt are optional.

    By Silofarmer based in Naves, FRANCE. from Straw Spreading . Silage Unloading Product line

  • Model SR-01 - Straw Reaper

    Straw Reaper is a threshing machine, cut, threshed & cleaned the straw in one operation. The wheat stalks left after combine harvest are cut by an oscillating blades while revolving reel pushes them back toward & auger. Our harvester reapers are as per following specification.

    By Vishavkarma Agro Industries based in Sangrur, INDIA.

  • Model TPF 15 - Straw Chopper

    This extraordinary model TPF straw chopper cuts up loose straw and bales in a flash to exactly the right size and roducing virtually no dust! The TPF straw chopper gives you bedding to suit your needs, ranging from one to 10 centimetres in length. All you have to do is mount the right size screen to suit your requirements. This versatile chopper ...

    By Caravaggi S.r.l based in Pontoglio (BS), ITALY. from Scarifier - Straw Chopper - Stump Grinder - Vacuum - Brush Product line

  • CMN - Straw Cultivator

    CMN straw cultivator – The efficient solution against seed weed and to activate the germination of waste seeds, as well as an effective distribution and moulding down of cut straw.  Another positive side effect is the reduction of snails. The CMN straw cultivator is available with fixed tines or variable tine-angle, both models are ...

    By CMN Maskintec A/S based in Thyholm, DENMARK. from Agricultural Machinery Product line

  • Unrollers-Spreaders with Fingers for Round Bales Max.Diameter 1.50 m

    Common features of straw spreaders with fingers: Minimum recommended tractor flow requirement: 45 L/min for spreading from 5 to 6 metres depending on the type of straw. The spreader kit and the control of conveyor belt and other options are hydraulically driven by a motor mounted in series (max. power goes to the spreader kit).

    By Silofarmer based in Naves, FRANCE. from Distribution . Straw Spreading . Silage Unloading Product line

  • Teagle Tomahawk - Model 404-505-505XL - Straw Shredders

    Straw Shredders For straightforward bedding the 404/505/505XL range offers fast effective shredding of straw to a consistently short length.

    By Teagle Machinery Ltd based in Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM. from Tomahawks- Bale Processor Product line

  • Cito Straw Cutter

    Designed to quickly cut off the sealed end of semen straws. It is made of non-corrosive plastic with a stainless steel blade which cuts off the proper length with a push of the button. Easy to disassemble and wash without tools. 2.25' (5.72cm) diameter.

    By Neogen Corporation based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA). from Artificial Insemination Product line

  • Kartar Straw Reaper

    Kartar Straw Reaper offered provides functioning as a threshing machine where it runs the function of cutting, threshing as well as cleaning the straw in one operation. Here, the wheat stalks which are left after combine harvest are cut using oscillating blades while the revolving reel helps in pushing them back toward auger. He process involves ...

    By Kartar Agro Industries Private Limited based in Punjab, INDIA.

  • Maschio BIRBA - Fix and Adjustable Straw Choppers

    7-30 kW (10-40 HP) Fix reversible mulcher for grass and pruning up to Ø 4 cm The BIRBA model is suitable for grass cutting and maintenance in parks and gardens. The machine can be used at the front or rear of the tractor. The rotor is available with hammers, suitable for mowing ornamental lawns, or with articulated blades, which is more ...

    By Maschio Gaspardo S.P.A. based in Campodarsego (PD), ITALY. from Mulchers Product line

  • ParkLand - Straw and Grass Chopper

    Purchase a straw/grass chopper from ParkLand and gain a number of advantages. The straw/grass chopper from ParkLand is a very powerful and reliable machine that chops and spreads the straw/grass evenly on the field. The value is utilised and the danger of fire is avoided. The special rotary construction saves a lot of horsepower and ensures steady ...

    By ParkLand Maskinfabrik A/S based in Herlufmagle, DENMARK. from Agriculture Product line

  • Alkastraw - Mixing Harvested Straw

    Alkastraw can be produced by mixing harvested straw with Home n’ Dry® – whether it’s straw remaining from either Alkagrain®, ‘head cut’ Alkalage production or using chopped straw.

    By FiveF Alka Ltd based in Clitheroe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rezult - Linkage Mounted Straw Rake

    The REZULT straw rake marks a major advance in straw and stale seedbed management, and is the ideal tool to control Black-grass, cut slug activity and accelerate straw decomposition. The REZULT features a five-row tine harrow, with the option to fit a set of leading discs in front of them. These discs chop straw and trash, and mix it with the ...

    By Mzuri Ltd based in Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Piranha Straw Shredder

    For a large Dutch goat farmer we supplied our unique Piranha straw shredder. This straw shredder is loader mounted and will handle 3'x3', 3' x 4,' 4'x4' bales. Basically any size large square bale on the market. The bales are getting cut by 48 knives which are mounted on 2 6 inch drums. The knives are hydraulically driven and can turn in 2 ...

    By OJB-Industries Inc based in Lucan, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Miscellaneous Product line

  • KS Agrotech - Model KS 756 DB - Straw Reaper / Small Harvester Combine

    We are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of Small Harvester Combine that is designed to cut straw in small pieces and to collect the left out grains during harvesting. The mini combine harvesters are available in different sizes and as per the requirements of the clients. Kranti combine harvesters, revolutionary machine in state of the art ...

    By KS AGROTECH Private Limited. based in Punjab, INDIA.

  • Castor - Model G - Silage Loader Feeder Straw Bedder

    The range of silage feeders Castor G is composed by four models from 4 to 8 m3 capacity. These machines are equipped with rounded claw to unload the silage and ensure a simple and clean load of silage, once loaded the distribution is made by the turbine. The straw blowing and distribution assembly comes from the CASTOR range, recognized for its ...

    By Lucas G based in La Verrie, FRANCE. from Bedding Product line

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