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straw residue equipment

  • Straw Crusher

    Straw crusher can crush corn straw, peanut shell, beanstalk, wheat straw, maize straw and other burning residues. It avoided the burning of crop straw, is reliable in operation, easy to operate and maintenance.

  • K-Hart - Residue Managers

    K-Hart residue managers helps to clear the straw making a clear path for better performance of disk openers. Residue managers reduce the chance of hairpinning the straw into the seed row causing poor seed emergence. Residue managers also help create a blackened seed row allowing the soil to warm up a little quicker - also helping to increase ...

    By K-Hart Industries Ltd. based in Elrose, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • Kondex - Straw Claw Chopper Blades

     Kondex Straw Claw chopper blades deliver the ultimate value in residue management and product performance. Our patented, self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade to control product wear and maintain blade sharpness longer. Controlled wear results in less chipping and blade damage, which in turn ...

    By Kondex Corporation based in Lomira, WISCONSIN (USA). from Straw Claw Chopper Blades Product line

  • Agromec - Compost Bucket

    The optimal solution for your composting needs. For poultry/horse manure, for solid. organic matters. Mixes mud, manure. with straw, green residues, wood shavings.

    By Agromec Industries based in Brandon, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Compost Bucket Product line

  • STRIEGEL-PRO - Model PE - 6-Row Straw Harrow

    STRIEGEL-PRO PE series is 6-row straw harrow equipped with two independently hydraulically controlled working sections of tines.The first section includes four rows of tines that disrupt the top soil layer at 2–4 cm. The second section includes two rows of tines for final surface treatment. In addition, the machine may be equipped ...

    By Bednar FMT s.r.o. based in Prague 9, CZECH REPUBLIC. from 6-Row Straw Harrow Product line

  • Model U27, U30 - Disk Harrows

    Disk harrow U27, U30 are designed to crush and cultivate soil of all types for cereals and vegetables. Rotating disks cut the soil and mix thoroughly plant and straw residue. Disk harrow serves among other things to open the soil after winter ploughing, mixing mineral fertilizers with plant residue, cultivating stubble fields (skimming), etc. ...

    By Staltech based in Przedbórz, POLAND. from Disk Harrows Product line

  • Model 275 - Offset Discs

    This model is perfect for plowing down heavy straw, corn, grass or vegetable residue and removing old hay or pasture fields.

    By Kello-Bilt based in Red Deer County, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Offset Discs Product line

  • Akra - Model Stroh R.+P - Soil Supplement

    Soil supplement for faster decomposition of plant residues (sprayed on straw after the harvesting it stimulates the decay of straw on arable land). Soil is nourished with bacteria, especially with nitrogen. Additional fertilization with nitrogen is not necessary.

    By Bio-Industrija based in Klaipėda, LITHUANIA.

  • Model UH - Disc Harrows

    Disk harrow UH are designed to crush and cultivate soil of all types for cereals and vegetables. Rotating disks cut the soil and mix thoroughly plant and straw residue. Disk harrow serves among other things to open the soil after winter ploughing, mixing mineral fertilizers with plant residue, cultivating stubble fields (skimming), etc. Working ...

    By Staltech based in Przedbórz, POLAND. from Disc Harrows Product line

  • Hydraulic Compost Turner

    Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Hydraulic Compost turner:Organic fertilizer compost turning equipment manufactured by us, which also can be called compost windrow turner, is specially designed to traverse trapezoidal windrows, and to mix and stir the organic material when proceeding. These units introduce oxygen into the compost pile helping to ...

    By Allance Fertilizer Machinery based in zhengzhou, CHINA. from Hydraulic Compost Turner Product line

  • Rekord - Chaff Spreader

    Rekord develop and produce straw choppers and chaff spreaders for combine harvesters manufacture world wide. Rekord innovations have helped the farmers with the residue issue in over 55 years. Rekord straw choppers and chaff spreaders are standard on many combines today. Rekord have also equipment to old combines.

    By Rekordverken Sweden AB based in Kvänum, SWEDEN. from Chaff Spreader Product line

  • ELECTRA - Model API 1 - Grain Crushers

    Crushes straw cereal: barley, oat, wheat, triticale....The synchronous drive system, combined with mechanical clamping from springless oilers, flattens grains instantly, without any adjustment and in a perfect homogeneity withminimum residual flour.

    By ELECTRA based in POUDENAS, FRANCE. from Grain Crushers Product line

  • AgroResin

    It is a plant fibre composite, composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. As the source of these atoms are carbohydrates from agricultural residues in the vicinity of manufacturing, the composites are based on a contemporary carbon source, and not a fossil fuel carbon source. Raw materials of AgroResin are replenished every few months or annually ...

    By Grenidea Technologies Pte Ltd based in SINGAPORE.

  • Harrow - Diamond Prickle Chain

    Prickle Chains are used to level the soil surface following a tillage operation. They are especially effective in situations where stubble residue is present. The chains roll and gently pack the soil while leveling ridges and filling furrows. Straw and weed material are lifted to the surface and left as a mulch.

    By Kelly Engineering based in Boleroo Centre, AUSTRALIA.

  • Grom - Stubble Cultivators

    GROM stubble cultivator is designed for the treatment of flat surface soil layers, immediately after the harvest – causes faster germination of crop seed and weed residues, enables rapid decay of crop residues and retains moisture in the soil. The remains of grains and weed seeds germinate best when the soil is cultivated quite shallow after ...

    By EXPOM sp. z o.o. based in Krośniewice, POLAND. from Stubble Cultivators Product line

  • Goliat - Disc Cultivator

    GOLIAT disc cultivator is designed for soil cultivation. The operation of disc cultivator is performed by two rows of offset discs, which arrangement causes aggressive cutting through the entire soil during the pass. It can be used for cultivation of the soil with well-crushed crop residues and short stubble field. Rotating discs cut through the ...

    By EXPOM sp. z o.o. based in Krośniewice, POLAND. from Disc Cultivator Product line

  • Vario - Precision Cultivator

    The aim is to mix the post harvest residues evenly in the top 50 - 150 mm. This way nature, throug the micro biological activity and the actions of worms, degrades the straw. This increases the humus content and significantly improves the soil quality. Having mixed the straw the soil needs reconsolidating to give weed, seeds and volunteers good ...

    By KÖCKERLING GmbH & Co. KG based in Verl, GERMANY. from Precision Cultivator Product line

  • Model THOR BT - Disc Cultivators

    THOR BT disk unit is designed for the cultivation of the soil by means of two rows of plates that arrangement causes aggressive cutting across the soil during transit. It can be used for cultivation of the soil with the remains later and the stubble. The rotating plates cut by plant residues or straw. Aggregate THOR BT globe can work with the ...

    By P.P.H. AGRO-FACTORY based in Łęczyca, POLAND. from Disc Cultivators Product line

  • Model 50 Series STS - Complete Replacement Unit for JD

    All 50 and 60 series units feature 70 series style rotor for increased performance. Uses less power, less fuel than OEM straw chopper. All new, not rebuilt units. Quick release stationary knives for corn harvesting. 39 Stationary blades with tighter 1.26' knife spacing for 3-4' residue size (except 9560R & 9570R).

    By TSR Parts, Inc. based in Colgate, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Complete Replacement Unit for JD Product line

  • Model Cultigerm - Swiss Army Knife

    The Swiss Army Knife of the Franquet product range, ideal for use after straw chopping, modular design, suitable for each and any type of soil. The CULTIGERM very soon becomes an indispensable tool for the cultivation work on your land. Whether it be for repeat ploughing for seedbed preparation, for burying crop residues or even stumbled ploughing ...

    By Franquet based in Guignicourt, FRANCE. from Swiss Army Knife Product line

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