sub-irrigation hose equipment in Australasia

  • IRTEC - Model GBT Series - Irrigation Hose Reel

    Automatic lifting of sprinkler trolley. Mechanical servo drawbar. Gear-wheel transmission. 1 speed gearbox. Hose guiding shaft. Turbine flanged directly on the gearbox with external by-pass. Mechanical speed equalizer. Accessories and drum painted with epoxy paints and polyurethane enamels. Mechanical hold-down. P.T.O.. Galvanized raingun trolley ...

    By Irtec S.p.A. Office in LAUNCESTON, AUSTRALIA. from Irrigation Hose Reel Product line

  • RM - Irrigators

    Today RM is one of the most important companies in the world specialized in the production of hose-reel irrigation machines, exporting in over than 40 countries all over the world. The subsequent specilization in hose-reel irrgation machines showed the ability of a company to think in an innovative way and to believe and pursue the aims with valid ...

    By Bay Irrigation based in Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Idrofoglia - Model G1.1 63200 - Irrigators

    Features: Efficient turbine drive mounted in monobloc with the gearbox; 4 speed gearbox; Safety devices for PTO and rewinding out of the drum; Moving transmission to the reel through toothed crown of huge diameter; Leadscrew hose layering device; Automatic and manual by-pass; Speed control; Pressure gauge and hours meters; Huge diameter ball ...

    By Turbo Reel Irrigation based in Trafalgar, AUSTRALIA. from Irrigators Product line

  • RM - Model 790GX - Irrigators

    Hydraulic turbine with shuttered flow and built-in by-pass: it guarantees continuous operation without tearing even when the water contains considerable impurities. Constructed without filters, there is minimum loss of pressure, enabling even cess pool contents to be sprayed. Operations: all motor reduction units are closed in a ...

    By Turbo Reel Irrigation based in Trafalgar, AUSTRALIA. from Irrigators Product line

  • Perrot - Irrigators

    The hose reels from the new Perrot Expert range integrate the latest components, offering optimum performance, notably a high output turbine, which is regulated by an electric driven by-pass motor. This turbine is directly connected to a4-speed gearbox for increased output and efficiency at optimal speeds. This drive unit allows for high ...

    By Bay Irrigation based in Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Blue Stripe - Round Hose

    For drip irrigation, Blue Stripe Round Hose is the industry’s best and highest requested hose product. All Blue Stripe Hose is manufactured from premium grade linear low density polyethylene resins and is built for tough and dependable operation in the most demanding field applications.

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Queanbeyan, AUSTRALIA. from Round Hose Product line

  • Hardhose irrigators (IRTEC)

    Irtec hard hose irrigators are a heavy duty and field proven quality hard hose irrigator. Irtec are one of Italy’s biggest manufactures of mechanised irrigation equipment. At the heart of the machine is a very efficient turbine system made of special aluminium alloy developed in order to obtain optimal performances even at very low pressures and ...

    By Van Diemens Land Irrigation based in Tasmania, AUSTRALIA.

  • Camlocks and Hose Fittings

    Philmac offers a comprehensive range of pressure hose connections including barb hose connectors and camlocks. Philmac’s range of camlock fittings are available in two construction materials - ny glass and polypropylene. Sized from ½' to 6', they provide excellent chemical resistance and strength for municipal to industrial applications. Philmac's ...

    By Philmac Pty Ltd based in North Plympton, AUSTRALIA.

  • Anbo - Model SCT-GR - Sub Compact Tractors Grapples

    Lower tine bar to tie all the tines together. Hardened tine tips to avoid bending. Back raking capabilities with the grapple. Back raking ability using the back of rake With the grapple partly closed and digging backwards to prepare for seeding. Hydraulic cylinders are well protected. Serrated grapple tines for increased holding power. All moving ...

    By Anbo Manufacturing, Inc Distributor in Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND. from Sub Compact Tractors Grapples Product line

  • Blue Stripe - Oval Hose Polyethylene Tubing

    Oval Hose polyethylene tubing is manufactured from premium grade linear low density resins and is built for tough and dependable operation in the field. It is the alternative to expensive and cumbersome PVC and layflat tubing. And with Oval Hose you will not produce holes that lead to leaking as in layflat. Oval Hose for drip irrigation can be ...

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Queanbeyan, AUSTRALIA. from Oval Hose Polyethylene Tubing Product line

  • Senninger - Model PRLG Series - Inline Irrigation Pressure Regulators

    Senninger’s PRLG is ideal for installations requiring lower flows of 0.1 – 7.0 gpm (23 – 1590 L/hr). Each regulator maintains a constant preset outlet pressure based on its flow / inlet pressure. Note that with no flow through the regulator, the inlet and outlet pressures will be the same. Using the PRLG can help prevent wasteful ...

    By Senninger Irrigation Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Inline Irrigation Pressure Regulators Product line

  • Pro-Loc - Drip Tape Fittings

    Easy to Spot. Tough to Beat. Easy-to-install Pro-Loc fittings for drip irrigation are available in a wide range of configurations for drip tape, hose, and dripline applications.

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Queanbeyan, AUSTRALIA. from Drip Tape Fittings Product line

  • Uni Sprinkler

    Need to spread your Dairy Effluent over a large area with a low application rate? Straight from your pond or sump, sometimes with no need to separate the solids, getting ALL of the nutrients onto your grass; the Hi-Tech Uni Sprinkler can be used alongside your irrigator using your existing system and hoses. The Hi-Tech Uni Sprinkler is a well ...

    By Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions based in Morrinsville, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Linears System

    PIERCE Linears are the perfect solution for rectangular or squared parcels. Engineered to travel in a straight path, they are capable of irrigating up to 98% of your field and use 60% less water due to precise water application and high distribution uniformity. This reduces labor costs by as much as 50% when compared with flood irrigation. ...

    By Pierce Corporation Office in Keperra, AUSTRALIA. from Linears System Product line

  • Model Loc-Eze - Fittings and Accessories

    From patented Loc-Eze fittings to ¼' barbed fittings, and much, much more, Toro has all the fittings and accessories you need to build a complete drip irrigation system.

    By The Toro Company Distributor in Queanbeyan, AUSTRALIA. from Fittings and Accessories Product line

  • Nodolini - Large Rain Gun Turbine Type Sprinklers

    NODOLINI s.n.c. is an Italian based manufacturer of large rain gun turbine type sprinklers. It has been established for over 50 years and has specialised in this product range since then. In this time it has established a comprehensive range of quality products thanks to continuousresearch, development and testing to suit its customers specific ...

    By Triangle Waterquip Pty. Ltd. based in Mordialloc, AUSTRALIA. from Large Rain Gun Turbine Type Sprinklers Product line

  • Gardena - Model M - Start Set Flower Pots Automatic

    The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Plant Pots M automatic is used for the care-free and water-saving irrigation of 7 plant pots and 3 planters on balconies and patios. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap with the aid of a hose. The plant pots are accurately and individually watered via the pipe system using Drip Heads. ...

    By Gardena Office in NEW ZEALAND. from Start Set Flower Pots Automatic Product line

  • Senninger - Model i-Wob Series - Combines Wobbler

    Ultra-Low Application Intensity Preserves Soil Integrity  The Senninger i-Wob combines wobbler technology’s off-center rotary action with the wobbling action of grooved deflectors to deliver uniformly sized droplets resistant to wind distortion and evaporation. It provides outstanding uniformity over a large area of coverage and a ...

    By Senninger Irrigation Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Combines Wobbler Product line

  • Senninger - Model Xi-Wob Series - Counter Balance Wobbler

    The Senninger Xi-Wob uses counter-balance wobbler technology to uniformly deliver water over a large area at lower pressures. This lowers the impact of the sprinkler pattern on the soil structure and preserves the soil’s ability to absorb water. The preservation of intake rate increases soak time and greatly reduces the potential for soil ...

    By Senninger Irrigation Distributor in AUSTRALIA. from Counter Balance Wobbler Product line

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