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subsoiler Equipment

  • Subsoilers - Model TLK 883 - Soil Cultivator

    The subsoilers from CLEMENS were developed specially to break up compacted areas powerfully and enduringly. The cutting action reactivates the roots so that they can finally start to grow properly again. The soil is optimally aerated and its ability to retain water is maximized. Plants can take up nutrients more efficiently again, remain healthy ...

    By Clemens GmbH & Co. KG based in Wittlich, GERMANY. from Soil Cultivator Product line

  • Model Subsoiler - Breaker Ploughs

    The grubber offers due to its strong tines a low wear and universal application possibility in the field of soil preparation. Due to an ideal passage applicable also in high grown fields featuring a grubbing depth of 65 cm. Excellent for the use in stony and strong soils. A deep ventilation improves the breathability and therewith the growing ...

    By Wagner Pflanzen-Technik GmbH based in Friedelsheim, GERMANY. from Breaker Ploughs Product line

  • JYMPA - Bravo Till

    BRAVO TILL is specially designed for a proper preparation of the ground and to improve the work efficiency. The farmer can work at depths up to 50 cm at a higher speed than with the traditional subsoiler. The BRAVO TILL moves over the ground obtaining a completely oxygenated and shredded land.

    By JYMPA GROUP based in Castellserà Lleida, SPAIN. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Maschio PINOCCHIO - Subsoilers

    The PINOCCHIO model, is designed for low or medium power tractors (from 50 to 160 HP), and is characterized by a maximum working depth of 45 cm. PINOCCHIO is available in different widths and shank number (from 3 to 7), just right for small or medium farms. The shanks are equipped with a safety system using shear bolts, while the double rear ...

    By MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA based in Campodarsego (Padova), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model CLD/ Rambo Mini - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler CLD/ RAMBO MINI is produced to work with tractors from 45 to 110 HP. Its versatility allows to work also in greenhouses with tracked tractors and on hilly soils. Using CLD/ RAMBO MINI can be obtained exceptional energy conservation, and the ploughing coat can be broken. This machine, in fact, is manufactured with special and ...

    By Badalini Srl based in Rivarolo Mantovano, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model 300 - Subsoiler

    Frames: All frames are constructed with 6' x 10' x ?' structural steel rectangular tubing and are angled to provide maximum soil action with a minimum of draft load.

    By Dave Koenig Enterprises, Inc based in Mesquite, NEW MEXICO (USA). from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model MINI Series - Light Subsoiler

    These are our light subsoiler, with 5 tines that can work with tractors whose power is between 100 and 170 HP; the working depth is of 55 cm. The anchor shape has a gradual penetration angle that help in lifting the soil and avoid wasting energies.

    By Dante Macchine based in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Deep - Subsoiler

    It allows for aeration and clearing of land to large depth, thus facilitating the penetration of water. The machine is complete with ball diam. cm. 10, which allows you to drill a drainage channel that remains over time. The anchor is secured to the frame by a bolt of security, which in case of a collision enable him to disengage and rotate ...

    By Ciancaglini S.n.c. based in Scerni (CH), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Vigna - Model 5 - Subsoiler

    Tubular frame to which are applied by means of bolted brackets, anchors, with shear bolts and wing walls adjustable height, ideal for the working surface.

    By Ciancaglini S.n.c. based in Scerni (CH), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Model RIP.1/ 09 - Subsoilers Drainers

    Power HP:80 - 120.Max Working width (cm): . Working depth (cm):70 - 90 .N. of w. Bodies:1.Weight (kg):350

    By ER.MO S.p.A. based in Casalbuttano, CREMONA, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • RUEN - Model MTP Series - Mounted Subsoiler

    Mounted subsoiler MTP is the perfect choice for deep soil cultivation. It is suitable for pre-sowing soil preparation, stubble cultivation and soil surface levelling. The additional horizontal part of the subsoiling implement is used for cutting the roots in the soil, helps soil aeration and provides moisture penetration and rain irrigation. It is ...

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Model GP - Subsoilers

    Subsoilers are intended for processing the land worn at depth from 25 up to 50 cm in order to prevent soil erosion, breakage of the bed former after processing with plow and continuously improve the ventilation and moisture conditions of the soil.

    By S.C Miaghi ImpEx S.R.L based in Braila, ROMANIA. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model 700 / 950 - Subsoilers Ripper

    The Vigolo Ripper subsoilers 700 and 950 are designed to work with depths from 40 up to 60 cm. They can be fitted with a single or double spiked roller. The shape of the shanks or legs is designed to make the groundpermeable and thereby aerates it. The rear spiked rollers help break up the ground and level it. The Vigolo Ripper 700 is suitable for ...

    By VIGOLO S.R.L. based in ALONTE, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Ratoon - Model 1934 - Subsoiler

    Ratoon subsoiler is based on 2 tine rows (2 to 8 tines), with a row distance of 75 cm and a tine height of 72 cm. Ratoon is equipped with either springbolts or hydraulic stone protection NSH.

    By DAL-BO A/S based in Randbøl, DENMARK. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Sumba - Model WE - Subsoiler

    Deeper soil conditioning. Frame clearance of 93 cm.  For tractors of 80 till 225 HP.  Standard category 3L three point linkage.  3 Types of tinken (St, K und Kg - thickness 30mm).  Of 1 till 5 tines with different tine spacings.  Available with chiselpoints of 8, 20 and 35 cm.

    By Evers Agro B.V. based in Almelo, NETHERLANDS. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Model 160 – RVL - Subsoiler

    Low subsoiler (vineyard and orchard) c/w shear bolt with central shank

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Model 140 RVLL 2+1 - Subsoiler

    Light type subsoiler (vineyard and orchard) c/w share bolt with cental shank

    By Faza Srl based in Città Di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Subsoiler Product line

  • Model CKA/ King Special - Subsoiler

    The subsoiler CKA/ KING SPECIAL, in its versions, has been realized after many working experiences in every type of soil. The special arc-frame offers great strongness and solidity; the high clearance under the frame makes easier the passage of the ground at all depths.

    By Badalini Srl based in Rivarolo Mantovano, ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Craker - Model KD HP 50-130 - Medium-Duty Subsoiler

    Medium-duty  subsoiler for farmers who are looking for a product that is simple but versatile and professional at the same time. This implement breaks up the  soil at the required depth and causes  a homogeneous  crumbling of the layers  without disturbing the organic balance of the soil. When worked in this manner the ...

    By Alpego S.p.a. based in Gambellara (VI), ITALY. from Subsoilers Product line

  • Dragon - Model Series PM - Subsoiler

    This subsoiler is a perfect choice for deep soil processing. Instead of turning soil layers it carefully looses them by width. It is used for pre-sowing preparation, stubble processing and soil surface leveling. Extremely suitable for soils exposed to erosion and drying as well as soils with over wetted surface and shallow soils in mountain areas.

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Subsoiler Product line

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