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swine equipment

  • BiOWiSH - Improve Manure Digestion and Odor Treatment for Swine Farms and Poultry Farms

    BiOWiSH Manure and Odor Treatment (Swine & Poultry) rapidly removes excess ammonia and noxious odors at their sources. Ideal for Poultry and Swine Operations, BiOWiSH Manure and Odor Treatment accelerates composting, promotes healthier bedding, reduces fly numbers and cuts sludge production in manure lagoons.

  • Swine & Dairy Waste Treatment

    Overview: Pork and Dairy production wastewater contains high levels of organic contamination, both soluble and insoluble residues, and urea. The wastewater has been drained and stored in large foul smelling anaerobic lagoons containing essentially all of the organic solids and the nitrogen compounds resulting from the urine waste. The anaerobic ...

    By Hoffland Environmental, Inc. based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

  • Rhodimet - Amino Acid

    Methionine is an essential amino acid for all animals, but they do not produce it themselves, meaning they have to get it from their feed. The methionine content of natural ingredients is generally low, so to meet the animals’ requirements, additional methionine must be provided in their feed as a nutritional feed additive. Methionine ...

    By Adisseo France S.A.S based in Antony, FRANCE.

  • Overdrive - Model 23 Watt - Swine Light

    Overdrive’s recommended model for the Swine Industry is the 23 watt 5000 Kelvin Spiral. This unit has been designed with “Daylight” color phosphors. This has proven beneficial in the early detection of “Greasy Pig Syndrome. Competitors use a 105 degrees C ELCO capacitor while we use a 130 degree C rated ELCO (called ...

    By Tabor Group, Inc. based in Roanoke, VIRGINIA (USA). from Swine Light Product line

  • SwineGuard - Pour-on for Swine

    SwineGuard Pour-on for Swine is the most economical, easy to use pour-on available. SwineGuard provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control of mange mites (Sarcoptes scabiei), lice and aids in control of biting and nuisance flies including mosquitoes. One gallon jug treats 252 sows (500 lbs. and over). With a concentration of 10% ...

    By Y-TEX Corporation based in Cody, WYOMING (USA). from Pour-on for Swine Product line

  • Swine Buildings

    The BETCO swine building is designed with modern ventilation systems in mind. BETCO buildings are designed to provide the tightest building in the industry. Our buildings insure air enters the building where we want it too; either through inlets, tunnel opening or evaporative cooling pads and exits through the ventilation fans. This design ...

    By Qingdao Betco Asia Co., Ltd. based in Jiaozhou, CHINA.

  • AgriGate - Swine Farm

    AgriGate - Lahav (since 1963) operating around the globe supplying full services of pig farming, abattoirs and meat production factories. Farmers decisions and land local conditions determined the following details such as farm size, equipment level (technology), animals (genetics), farm location (climate), drinkable water availability, food mix ...

    By AgriGate Ltd based in South,Sandton, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Allflex - Swine Injection Bar

    Allows for increased distance to breeding animals. Enhanced user safety. Reduce user exposure to crates and gating. Time saving for mass vaccinations. Long lasting strong and durable Carbon-metal design. Heavy metal luer needle lock. Bend protection for tubing. Ergonomic and light weight. Optimized for use with Allflex syringe line. Bar Length: 17 ...

    By Allflex USA Inc. based in DFW Airport, TEXAS (USA). from Swine Injection Bar Product line

  • Formula - Model 8 - Swine Semen Extender

    Swine long term semen extender. Up to 8 days. Semen quality and lenght guarantee by a new and innovative modulated energy source. Control of available energy through a modular activator. Made to increase the stability against the sperm metabolic product. Antibacterial long term action. Improves the strenght of sperm membrane protecting it from the ...

    By Medi Nova sas based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Swine Semen Extender Product line

  • Formula - Model 12 - Swine Semen Extender

    Swine long term semen extender. Up to 12 days. The functional modulator action shows its maximum potential in a very long term storage. Its biotechnology improves the performances of the semen, since an innovative system allows a control release of the available energy source. Buffer capability to guarantee optimum pH and osmolarity throught the ...

    By Medi Nova sas based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Swine Semen Extender Product line

  • Regenis - Swine Farm Digesters

    Pigpens are great waste makers, but what if they could become money makers too? The rugged, DVO, Inc. designed and Regenis built Two-Stage Plug Flow Digester™ can not only help turn your waste stream into a revenue stream, but it can help your farm be on the cutting edge of sustainability while meeting the high environmental standards ...

    By Regenis, an Andgar Company based in Ferndale, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Formula - Model 5 - Swine Semen Extender

    Swine medium term semen extender. Up to 5 days. Break-even point in your artificial insemination program. Controlled emission of the energy. Chemical-physical constant environment along the time. High efficiency antibacterial combination. Practical and user friendly.

    By Medi Nova sas based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Swine Semen Extender Product line

  • Formula - Model 3 - Swine Semen Extender

    Swine short term semen extender. Up to 3 days. Formula 3 releases energy to the fecundation. Practical and user friendly. Physical-chemical constant environment for the semen. New antibacterial combination.

    By Medi Nova sas based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Swine Semen Extender Product line

  • CARELIFE - Model CLF-S3 - Waterproof Swine Ultrasound

    CLF-S3, a handheld ultrasound scanner with total waterproof design, is extremely suitable for fast and reliable livestock pregnancy diagnosis (sow, sheep, goat and alpaca). It uses electronic convex probe instead of traditional mechanical sector probe, offering you stable and accurate diagnosis.Product Feature:Total waterproof design, main unit ...

    By Carelife Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. based in Zhuhai , CHINA.

  • Swine Production Systems

    We specialize in providing turn-key agricultural projects (Swine Production Systems , Poultry Production Systems , Dairy and Machine Storage facilities), and have also diversified into the commercial and industrial markets. Either with our own forces or through our ' Project Management ' skills, we will get your project completed on time. From ...

    By ZHZ Group based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Model CO300 - Poultry and Swine CO2 Sensor

    The CO300 sensor is a reliable and durable CO2 sensor designed for use in harsh agricultural and industrial environments such as in poultry and swine farms. By monitoring the CO2 level, more efficient ventilation can be done and energy can be saved. The CO2 measurement is converted to an analog output from 0-5V relative to0-5000 PPM CO2 range.

    By AgroLogic LTD based in Poleg, ISRAEL. from Poultry and Swine CO2 Sensor Product line

  • Porcinat - Flavoring Agent for Swine Feeds

    Flavoring agent for swine feeds..

    By Jefo based in St-Hyacinthe, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Flavoring Agent for Swine Feeds Product line

  • SolarVu - Swine Industry Ventilation / Panel Systems

    Fabricated from aluminum, these panels are light weight and offer a high quality appearance. The panel tracking system ensures a smooth vertical 'open & close' operation over relatively large uninterrupted openings. Faromor SolarVu Panels come in heights from 24' - 72', and are popular in dairy facilities, especially in parlours, holding areas ...

    By Faromor Ltd based in Shakespeare, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Swine Industry Ventilation / Panel Systems Product line

  • Model VIP - Swine Industry Ventilation / Panel Systems

    Faromor VIP Panels are constructed from 1-1/2' polystyrene with white embossed fibreglass skins and capped with PVC channels. These insulated wall panels are used in those applications where heat loss and freezing concerns outweigh the benefits of natural light. Should natural light still be desired these panels can be equipped with fixed ...

    By Faromor Ltd based in Shakespeare, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Swine Industry Ventilation / Panel Systems Product line

  • Eco Friendly Regulated Swine Drinkers

    Eco-Friendly Regulated Drinkers dispence the required optimal and constant water flow rate that matches swine developmental stages and needs regardless of input water pressure. These NEW Regulators may be used on existing drinkers or purchased as complete units.

    By Kane Manufacturing Company. Inc. based in Pleasant Hill, IOWA (USA). from Eco Friendly Regulated Swine Drinkers Product line

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