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tillage implement Equipment

  • Tillage Master - Multi-Function Tillage Implement Machine

    The Tillage Master is a multi-function tillage implement that can be altered to function as a Dammer Diker®, a ripper, a chisel plow, a bed splitter, a lister/mark-out bar, or a drill master. This unique tool bar design utilizing high-lift, hydraulic reset shanks gives trouble free inter-row ripping and diking in the most severe rocky ...

    By AG Engineering & Development Company based in Kennewick, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Model KLG - Soil Tillage Implements Germinators

    Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed soil tillage implements - germinators of 3,6; 4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 12 m. width. Germinator is used for accurate soil cultivation in order to seed sugar beets, linen, rape and cereal in precise regulated depth. Depth of tillage – up to 80 mm. Every germinator consists of three or more sections (depends on ...

    By Laumetris Ltd based in Kėdainių District, LITHUANIA. from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Domries - Model SN - 3-Point Tandem - Orchard and Vineyard Tillage Implements

     A super narrow tandem disk for narrow row vineyards, cane berries, or nursery stock. All tubular frame construction makes it the strongest and heaviest narrow tandem on the market.

    By Kern Machinery based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • John Deere - Model 670 - Series Single Offset Disks

    Disks from primary tillage applications in standing stalks to seedbed prep, the 670 Offset Disks are up to the task. A one-piece welded steel frame and adjustable front and rear gang angles deliver the right results no matter the soil type.

    By Gooseneck Implement based in Minot, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Tillage Product line

  • Perrein - Express Plough

    Better than ploughing: The Express Plough does not create hardpan, restructures the topsoil, refines the surface layer, and creates a mulch on the top. Exchanges between subsoil and topsoil are improved, as are the drainage of rainwater and rooting crops. The decomposition of stubble is faster, organic matter is not diluted.

    By Perrein SAS based in Dampierre Au Temple, FRANCE. from Tillage Product line

  • Model C500 - Cultivator

    The Versatile C500 cultivator has a heavy dual spring trip assemblies that allow the unit to perform like a chisel plow. The five-row frame allows crop residue to pass through the frame without plugging, which is a challenge for competitive four row units. A full floating hitch and optional 350 lb (175 kg) trip shanks make the C500 stand out from ...

    By Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Tillage Product line

  • Model SD550 - Offset Disc

    The Versatile SD550 disc is an all-purpose offset that provides operators the flexibility of a primary or secondary tillage piece. The SD550 is available in 9' or 10.5' spacing and allows operators to manage corn stalks and heavy residue, as well as, break hay fields and heavy pasture. The SD550 can also prepare a smooth seed bed for planting. ...

    By Versatile, a division of Buhler Industries Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Tillage Product line

  • Flail Shredder

    The Quad-Cut Shredder shreds heavy residue left by crops such as corn and cotton. Shredding allows easier flow through primary tillage, and residue is mixed with soil in smaller pieces for faster decomposing.

    By Wil-Rich based in Wahpeton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Other Implements Product line

  • Model Bisynchrospire - Front Implements

    The ideal tillage implement for all conditions including even the most difficult ones. Featuring ease of operation, adherence and saving of time.

    By Franquet based in Guignicourt, FRANCE. from Front Implements Product line

  • Model CT3080 - 3080R - 3 Rows Mounted Fix and Foldable Cultivator

    The CT 3080 and 3080R cultivators are basically 2 frames with 3 rows of tines in a 80 x 80 mm section,one is rigid and the other is foldable by 2 double-acting rams. 3 types of tines can be fitted on these 2 frames, with a 230 mm spacing. The double spiral tines CPI square of 25 mm and CHS square of 30 mm have the same characteristic of vibrating ...

    By RAZOL S.A. based in TONNEINS, FRANCE. from Tine Implements Product line

  • Dinco Triplex - Model 1885 - Heavy-Duty 3-Row Stubble Cultivator

    The newly engineered Triplex 3-row cultivator can be used in a wide range of applications. The exceptional design feature of this harrow is the optimum trash flow provided by the 85 cm frame height and 70 cm row spacing.Working depths between 4 and 30 cm are possible, depending on field conditions and choice of tines.The 300 mm wide wing share ...

    By DAL-BO A/S based in Randbøl, DENMARK. from Stubble Implements Product line

  • Model 6900 Series - Rip Roller

    The 6900 Series Rip Roller is the ideal implement for breaking the hardpan all the way across the width of the implement, and leveling the surface in heavy crop residue conditions while leaving the surface with an undisturbed appearance.   Requires approximately 25-40 HP per shank depending on depth and soil conditions

    By Kelley Manufacturing Co. based in Tifton, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Alpego - Model AS3 - Sowing Machine

    'ALPEGO' AIRSPEED AS3-a seed drill that can be combined with a soil- tilling implement or with a spring or disc harrow for a faster preparation of the seed-bed. The arrangement of the seed drill on the tractor grants an excellent weight distribution over the semi-axles, creating a better balance, less soil tramping and improved safety for road ...

    By UAB Žaibas based in Radviliškis, LITHUANIA. from Tillage Technique Product line

  • Model Series 77 - Mulcher

    The Series 77 basic unit Includes: All welded tool bar Heavy 3/8' x 7' x 7' wall-welded 3 point assembly. 1 1/4' hi-strength shanks. 20' spring loaded coulters. Chrome alloy points. Heat treated shank guard. Gauge wheels on wings with implement tread tires and rest stands. Fully assembled

    By Agri-Products based in York, NEBRASKA (USA). from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • JOHN DEERE - Model 995 - Tillage Equipment - Plows

    NEW 2013 JD995 Moldboard plow-8 Botton-Tail Wheel-Safety Trip.

    By South Plains Implement based in Seminole, TEXAS (USA). from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Conquest - Model BT - Primary Tillage System

    The BT Conquest primary tillage tool is an implement specifically designed to meet the challenges of today's producers using conventional tillage methods.

    By Thurston Manufacturing Company based in Thurston, NEVADA (USA). from Primary Tillage Product line

  • AMCO - Model LOF-2424 - Tillage Equipment - Disks

    AMCO LOF2424 3pt Offset Disk Plow-9'.

    By South Plains Implement based in Seminole, TEXAS (USA). from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Model TVLL - 4, TVLL - 6 and TVLL - 8 - Compaction Rollers

    Laumetris Ltd. produces rollers of 4 – 8 m. width with segmented spring type leveling board. Main purposes of compaction roller are: soil preparation for seeding; soil leveling; clod, lumps crumbling; compaction of cultivated soil. In addition, it is successfully used for rolling crop and grassland. Ring or disc type rollers are accordingly ...

    By Laumetris Ltd based in Kėdainių District, LITHUANIA. from Tillage Equipment Product line

  • Destroy Layers - Model SS1300 Series - Inline Sub-Soiler

    The Great Plains Inline Sub-Soiler is another step in the evolution of our vertical tillage family designed to eliminate yield-robbing compaction layers created by horizontal tillage tools such as plows, disks, and sweep implements.

    By Great Plains Manufacturing based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from Vertical Tillage Product line

  • CoulterPro - Vertical Tillage System

    The BLU-JET CoulterPro gives you a powerful 3-point mounted tool for the demands of today's conservation farming. With CoulterPro, you can till, fertilize and place chemicals in one pass, or separately, depending on your requirements. CoulterPro possesses outstanding versatility for producers who require several operations to be done with one ...

    By Thurston Manufacturing Company based in Thurston, NEVADA (USA). from Vertical Tillage Product line

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