tiller equipment in USA

  • GreensGrader - Model 790 - Killer Tiller

    Although there are many grader boxes on the market today, nothing is as versatile as the GreensGrader. Projects that required multiple pieces of equipment to complete, can now be accomplished with just one. The GreensGrader is a soil manipulating tool equipped to handle multiple specific operations - Scarifying or loosening the soil, leveling and ...

    By GreensGroomer WorldWide, Inc. based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA). from Killer Tiller Product line

  • Northwest - Turf Tiller

    The Northwest Turf Tiller can save you time and money by completely and evenly incorporating rocks, clods, and turf remnants in One Pass, eliminating many passes with a disc. The Turf Tiller features a special reverse drive rotor and blades to maximize tillage that eliminates clods. With heavy-duty gearbox and cooled by an external cooling system, ...

    By Northwest Tillers, Inc. based in Yakima, WASHINGTON (USA). from Turf Tiller Product line

  • Model MZ3 - MZ3X - Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tiller for market gardening. In orchard or vineyard on all compact tractors.

    By Muratori spa Office in Lehi, UTAH (USA). from Rotary Tiller Product line

  • Land Pride - Model RTR05 Series - Rotary Tillers

    The Land Pride RTR05 Series Rotary Tillers are sized right for subcompact tractors and are designed to till soil for seedbed preparation. They are ideal for homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, small hobby farms, or medium-duty residential use. The RTR05, and all reverse rotation tillers, tends to achieve greater depth of penetration, ...

    By Land Pride - Great Plains Manufacturing based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from Rotary Tillers Product line

  • FAE - Model SSL Speed - Forestry Tiller

    Forestry tiller for tractors between 100 and 220 HP with a max grinding diameter of 30 cm/12''. This forestry tiller is designed to meet the needs of professionals working the soil both on the surface and deeply. It is in fact a dual purpose machine mulcher and forestry tiller: it mulches trees up to 30 cm/12'' in diameter and additionally grinds ...

    By FAE GROUP S.p.A. Office in Flowery Branch, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Forestry Tiller Product line

  • Earthquake - Model 99cc - Tiller Cultivator

    The Earthquake VERSA front tine tiller is two garden tools in one! As a cultivator, VERSA can weed, mulch and aerate soil. As a tiller, the high-performance 99cc Viper engine and design delivers the right amount of power to turn all kinds of soil. Prepare wide open spaces of land in the Spring, maintain rows in the Summer, and do major cleanup in ...

    By Earthquake based in Cumberland, WISCONSIN (USA). from Tiller Cultivator Product line

  • Model 15 to 55 PTO HP - Rotary Tillers

    Turn hard ground into a perfect seed bed quickly and easily using the economical FARM STAR rotary tiller. Ideal for gardening, landscaping, orchards, or any soil operation. Each model is designed rugged and built to last many years. All models feature curved or 'L' blades, oil-bathed over-sized chain drive, depth adjustment on skids, and ...

    By Farm Star Equipment based in Litchfield, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • RT 65 E - Model Cub Cadet - Garden Tiller

    A tiller has to dish out a beating without taking one in return. So as it’s overturning dirt to clear the way for your garden, you can be sure that the Cub Cadet line of tillers will always deliver. Making even the toughest job enjoyable.

    By Paits Tractor based in Evergreen, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Rotary Tillers

    This stout Rotary Tiller will allow you to work the toughest ground with ease. This solid tiller features a cast iron center gearbox that requires a 25-60 HP tractor. The gear driven side gearbox with heavy-duty slip clutch driveline allows this tiller to rip through any type of soil surface. Six self sharpening heat treated tines per flange with ...

    By Branson Tractor based in Rome, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Rotary Tillers Product line

  • King Kutter - Model TG-60 - Rotary Tillers

    KING KUTTER II's GEAR DRIVEN ROTARY TILLERS are designed to perform with its heavy duty gear drive and square tube frame. With 6 tines per flange, you get maximum soil mix for preparing planting beds, gardens, incorporating fertilizer, landscaping, or other jobs. This Category 1 tiller includes a PTO shaft with heavy duty slip clutch. Available in ...

    By King Kutter Inc. based in Winfield, ALABAMA (USA). from Rotary Tillers Product line

  • Model M30NB - Mini Tiller

    The M30NB features Maxim’s smallest transmission lets you really throw some dirt with maximum tine speeds of approximately 150 RPM. Mix in soil amendments, till and dig holes for shrubs and small trees with the Maxim Mini. It provides great power and endurance.

    By Maxim Manufacturing Corporation based in Rogers, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Mini Tiller Product line

  • Model G 35/170 - Reverse Tillers

    Take an old bed from post-harvest to plant-ready in one pass with Veda Farming’s Reverse Tiller — advanced farming technology designed to improve the soil preparation process. When combined with ripper and bed forming attachments (even Deep Drip Tape and Fertilizer), you'll save fuel, reduce passes and improve field results with less ...

    By Veda Farming based in Salinas, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Reverse Tillers Product line

  • Mulch Tiller

    The John Deere 714 Mulch Tiller combines chisel plow standards with coulters so you complete two jobs at once. That, of course, saves you time and money. Rugged rigid scraper bars on the coulters reduce plugging. A variety of sweeps and shovels lets you equip your 714 to easily satisfy your specific soil and residue requirements. Another machine ...

    By TriGreen Equipment based in Athens, ALABAMA (USA). from Mulch Tiller Product line

  • Cub Cadet - Garden Tillers

    Innovation, selection and performance are all strengths of the complete line of Cub Cadet tillers. From the revolutionary vertical tine tiller to powerful front- and rear-tine tillers, there's a Cub Cadet to help you break new ground, turn over an existing garden in early spring or maintain a garden during the growing season.

    By Cub Cadet based in Strongsville, OHIO (USA). from Garden Tillers Product line

  • Linea - Model Z6/D C 135 - Fixed Tiller

    General Type of tiller: fixed and with side movement. Connection to the self-propelled machine Power required by the tractor: 22 kW - 60 kW. Dimensions and weights Operating width: 1.35 m. Weight: 400 kg.

    By Gruppo Nardi Office in Spartanburg, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Fixed Tiller Product line

  • Northwest - Forward Tiller

    The Northwest Full Till with a bedformer can save you time and money by allowing you to prepare your fields for planting in only one pass. The Northwest Bedformer may be the only implement that you need for ground preparation. The full till action of this unit eliminates soil clods, resulting in even water penetration and maximum earth to seed ...

    By Northwest Tillers, Inc. based in Yakima, WASHINGTON (USA). from Forward Tiller Product line

  • Haugen - Model HST - Rotary Tiller

    Rotary Tiller for Skid-Steer loaders. Tills forwards or backwards. Double edge replaceable tines. Tilling depth of 0-6 inches  . Skid Shoe protects the motor and Controls depth . The Tiller is offset to the right hand side of your machine to cover the wheel tracks. Built in Wire Guard protects the motor and drive area.  Available widths ...

    By Marv Haugen Enterprises based in Casselton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Rotary Tiller Product line

  • Muratori - Model EZ-EZX - Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tiller for hobby frming. Versatile and suitable for use in all soil conditions. Compatible with every compact tractor up to 22 HP and available in standard version (model EZ) and in reverse rotation version (model EZX). The reverse rotation produces smoother soil conditions (less vibration), a better soil leveling and effectively buriers ...

    By Muratori spa Office in Lehi, UTAH (USA). from Rotary Tiller Product line

  • Model T305-RR - Tiller With Rear Roller

    An important application for this tiller with rear roller is to bury wood chips by tilling 2 to 3 inches deep. The roller then slightly compacts and smooths out the orchard floor. The wood chips will decompose at a faster rate and the rolled out area is then in better condition for the harvesters. The University of California Cooperative Extension ...

    By Gearmore, Inc. based in Chino, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Tiller With Rear Roller Product line

  • Northwest - Cotton Bedformer Tiller

    The Northwest Cotton Tiller may be the only implement that you need for ground preparation.  The tilling action of this unit eliminates clods, and incorporates root stalks up to 14 ¾’ in depth, resulting in improved water penetration, improved earth to seed contact for better germination and production of healthy micro biotope ...

    By Northwest Tillers, Inc. based in Yakima, WASHINGTON (USA). from Cotton Bedformer Tiller Product line

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