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vegetable production equipment

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    KAHL - Protein Shifting System

    A renewable solution; Vegetable proteins from legumes are not only inexpensive, but as renewable raw materials also infinitely available worldwide.

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Protein Shifting System Product line

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    Bi-On - Ethylene Eliminator in Fresh Produce Storage Chambers

    The ETHYLCLEAN (ETH) machines are the best solution for sanitizing air and removing ethylene in fresh produce storage chambers (fruits, vegetables and ornamentals).

    By Bioconservacion SA based in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Ethylene Eliminator in Fresh Produce Storage Chambers Product line

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    ETHAN - Ethylene Levels Monitors

    ETHAN is a battery operated portable instrument and serves to measure ethylene levels in chambers for storage, maturation, and ripening of fruit and vegetables. The ETHAN instrument uses an electrochemical detector sensitive to ethylene. The measurements are visible on its digital screen.

    By Bioconservacion SA based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

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    ProGuard - Model 100 - Robust Alumina Spherical Media

    ProGuard 100 is robust alumina spherical media with potassium permanganate suitable for machine filling of sachets. These sachets with PG 100 can be placed in moist places like refrigerators to remove ethylene from ripening fruits to retired the ripening process. The sachets prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables onboard ships, long term ...

    By ProMark Associates, Inc. based in Skokie, ILLINOIS (USA). from Robust Alumina Spherical Media Product line

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    US Erosion - Coconut Coir Logs Natural Coir Netting

    Our Coir Logs are assembled in America. This greatly reduces the cost and makes US Erosion Coir Logs one the most affordable in the USA. Coconut Coir Logs are made of 100% Coconut Fibers pressed into a tubular Coir Mesh Netting. The outer Coir Mesh Netting is hand knotted for superior performance. The dimensions are 1.77” x 2.17” in ...

    By L & M Supply Company based in Willacoochee, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Coconut Coir Logs Natural Coir Netting Product line

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    Aquadrop - Drip Line with Flat Emitter

    AQUADROP is a black thin drip line a blue stripe equipped with flat emitters welded inside with constant spacing. AQUADROP is the ideal solution for irrigation in the open field or in the green-house for a big variety of crops such as vegetables and flowers – watermelons, melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Drip Line with Flat Emitter Product line

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    Gold-Drip - Long-Life Dripper Line

    Gold-Drip dripper line is a black color pipe with a blue stripe, equipped with turbulent flow cylindrical auto-cleaning drippers, which can be used on flat ground or hard slope grounds. Gold-Drip is particularly suitable for irrigation systems on seasonal crops such as, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and so on. It is successfully used too, ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Long-Life Dripper Line Product line

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    Plastic-Puglia - Model LDPE - Agricultural Hose

    The Agricultural Hose is made of a low density polyethylene flexible tubular with anti-UV additives, ideal for open field irrigation or under film, of a large variety of vegetable, flower crops, -watermelons , melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, onions and so on.The product provides a balanced dosage of water and fertilizers to ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Agricultural Hose Product line

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    Aquatape - Black Color Drip Tape

    Aquatape is a black color drip tape with blue stripe, with a continuous labyrinth welded inside and drilled with constant spacing. Aquatape is used on the open field irrigation or in the green-house for a variety of crops such as : vegetables, flowers, watermelons, melons, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, ...

    By Plastic Puglia based in Monopoli, ITALY. from Black Color Drip Tape Product line

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    Irritec minidrip™ - Small Diameter Dripline

    The minidrip™ dripline, the result of the research and innovation of Irritec®, is the answer for irrigation needs “for gardens, flowerbeds, and small vegetable gardens”, where available space, aesthetics and economics play an important role, without neglecting the quality of the product and the results. minidrip™ is ...

    By IRRITEC SpA based in Rocca di Caprileone, ITALY. from Small Diameter Dripline Product line

  • Bertocch ThermoCRUNX - Liquefying Machine for IQF/frozen Fruits and Vegetables

    ThermoCRUNX is a machines Series designed for crunching, dosing, partially liquefying and transferring a frozen product to be used in an extraction plant. A partial liquefying of the product happens in very quick way (a few seconds) thanks to Thermopulse device, a compact and patented system that allows to defrost partially the product mixing ...

    By Bertocchi S.r.L. based in Bianconese di Fontevivo, ITALY.

  • Ecoline - Vegetable

    Nitrogen(N–NH2) – 9.0%Potassium(K2O) – 7.0%Calcium(CaО) – 3.5% Magnesium(MgО) – 2.5% Sulphur(SO3) – 3.0% Manganese(Mn) – 1.5% Ferum(Fe) – 0.9% Boron(B) – 0.9% Copper(Cu) – 0.75% Zinc(Zn) – 0.15% Molybdenum(Mo) – 0.02% _____________________________Density – 1.3 g/mlph 4.5 ECOLINE VEGETABLE– iquid fertilizer in the form of complex macro and ...

    By Ecoorganic based in Kyiv, UKRAINE.

  • Model BSH-134 - Automatic Packaging Machine

    Automatic machine suitable to pack fruit and vegetables into flat netting bags called Sormabag, having a wine label -shaped plastic band that is shrunken in the middle. The band that is actually a handle can be customized with the product information on one side and the customer’s details on the other one. The thermal transfer printer (not ...

    By Sorma Group based in Cesena (FC), ITALY. from Automatic Packaging Machine Product line

  • Model E100 - Plug Valves

    Plug Valve was first produced in 1966, for a vegetable oil factory. Since 1971, plug valve is put into service of oil, fuel oil and petrochemical industry. Until 1983, Vastaş produced Plug valves from 1’’ to 24’’ and 125 Class to 2500 Class. Since 2003, API license was provided and production has continued with ...

    By Vastas based in Okmeydanı Sisli, TURKEY. from Plug Valves Product line

  • Supertrak - Model SK140 PP - Power Pack

    The SK140 PP (Power Pack) boosts hydraulic power for applications such as foresty mulching, land clearing and vegetation management. It can be mounted to a variety of machines, including excavators where it can replace the couterweight. All major components are CAT® for excellent product support from your local CAT dealer or Supertrak ...

    By Supertrak, a division of Marden Industries, Inc. based in Punta Gorda, FLORIDA (USA). from Power Pack Product line

  • Spray Machines

    One of the most important implements used in vegetable production is a sprayer and Kennco, makes the most rugged, durable, reliable, and versatile sprayer available.

    By Kennco Manufacturing, Inc. based in Ruskin, FLORIDA (USA). from Spray Machines Product line

  • Betawell - Acids and Sugars

    Betawell offers biobased solutions for various industries and numerous applications. Vegetable raw materials are processed into organic acids and reactive sugars. The products are so versatile that applications range from cosmetics to food & feed to chemical industry.

    By Cosun Biobased Products based in Breda, NETHERLANDS. from Acids and Sugars Product line

  • Potel Bil - Model 83–86 - Trimmer

    The POTEL BIL TRIMMER features a 'double-blade' mechanism with two mobile blades (series COLO04 tooth) on the vertical cutting bar. The Double-blade movement with double connecting rod enables the sliding of the two blades without any vibration and ensuring a neat cut of vegetation. Besides, this type of movement implies require less maintenance ...

    By Colombardo based in San Marzano Oiiveto, ITALY. from Trimmer Product line

  • Oleochemical Catalysts

    Chemistry plays an important role in the transformation of vegetable oils to products for our daily life. Impurities of various kinds, including color pigments, soaps, gums, and albuminous matter, can cause processing problems or poor quality in finished products. Our bleaching earths – activated clay adsorbents – are highly effective ...

    By BASF Catalysts based in Iselin, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Oleochemical Catalysts Product line

  • C Jackson & Sons - Vegetable Boxes

    C Jackson & Sons vegetable boxes have been designed with the aid of a CAD system and are manufactured to meet the requirements of British Standard BS7611:1992. We use mainly imported (Scandinavian), slow grown, kiln dried timbers resulting in a vegetable box which is stronger and has a greater life expectancy than boxes manufactured using ...

    By C Jackson & Sons Limited based in Hull, UNITED KINGDOM.

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