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- Zero Till Cum Fertilizer

This Seed Drill is used for customary sowing of wheat, cotton, soya bean crops. Paddy harvesting is quite difficult and costly operation and it takes about 5-7 tilling operations before a seedbed is prepared for the next cropping season. This delays the crop sowing, lowers the yield of the next crop and squeezes overall profit margin of the farmer. Now this problem can be tackled with the Zero Till Seed cum Fertilizer Drill developed by Khedut. This machine inculcates the established “Zero Tillage” principles in its design. It enables us to sow directly after paddy harvesting without prior seedbed preparation. It saves precious seeds, diesel, labour, irrigation, prevents soil erosion and most importantly it gives higher crop yield.

  • Name: Khedut Agro Engineering zero Till cum Fertilizer
  • Model: KAE 'A' Type
  • No of Rows: Available in 9, 11, 13, Rows Double box seed cum Fertilizer
  • Row to row spacing: 7, Standard & Adjustable
  • Fertilizer Metering: Fomenter & Sliding orifice type
  • Seed Metering: Fluted Roller
  • Seed Dropping: Vertical Rotating Dist with cells on its periphery.

  • Frame: 60' x 60' x 5' Square pipe
  • Seeds Box: MS Galvanize seat (16 gaze)
  • Rotter: PPCP and N-GE-30 %
  • Pipe: PVC
  • Rotter Box: MS Galvanize Seat (16 gaze)
  • Tines: Profile Cutting

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