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- Model AChN – 4,2 - Mounted Chisel Plow


Mounted chisel plow AChN – 4,2 «Khoma» is applied for tillage of moulded and non-moulded agro technical soils with deepening of a plough layer, without moulded soil cropping, deep soil cultivation on slopes and fallow fields, soil breaking and surfacing. The unit provides high-quality cropping on fields of various mechanical composition with soil resistivity of up to 1,2 – 3,5 ÌÏà. It is unitized with tractors class 5 for deep tillage it is recommended to use it with crawler tractors.


The unit is used during springtime soil tillage on stubble-fields of grain-crops of 25 cm, and after harvesting of cultivated crops with preceding single or double soil disking. The height of stubble crops when disking should be no more than 35 cm. The unit produces required quality on soils of various mechanical composition excluding soils contaminated with stones.

  • This unit is intended for use on smooth plots and slopes of up to 8°.
  • It is unitized with tractors of class 5. Mounted method of unitization is used.
  • When the unit is in use, the soil compactor additionally breaks and smoothes the upper soil layer.
  • Owing to the advantages of chisel plowing such as enhancement of anti-erosive qualities and effectiveness of fertilizer use, generality, high productivity and low power consumption, our product has found wide application in agriculture.
  • The unit is completed with a set of changeable moving elements.

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