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- Model FOSVIT K40 - PK Fertilizer


FOSVIT K40 is a PK Fertilizer with a high content in phosphorus (40%) and potassium (20%) specially formulated for those moments in which there is necessary an incorporation of these elements. Phosphorus appears in phosphate ion, which provides a great effect as self-defences promoter against fungus diseases such as oomycosis (mildew). In addition FOSVIT K40 promotes the formation of phytoalexinas, compounds produced by the plants that are toxic for the pathogenic organisms. FOSVIT K40 penetrates easily in the plant and is systemic, for what it facilitates the distribution of the potassium

• Induces phytoalexines formation (natural self-defense system).
• Promotes Self-defences against fungus diseases such as oomycosis (mildew).
• Stronger and healthier plants against diseases.
• Better flower quality and quantity. Better fruit coloration and size.

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