- Machine for Kindling



Performance and time savings provided with the machine to the ignition KINDLET wood! Machine for the production of sticks for kindling. Ability to stack wood net or in bulk. Hourly production: maximum 1.5 M3 (80 bags).

  • Standard machine with a carpet 1.30m 1.20m Food and evacuation procedures;
  • Power of 4 tons - 1.6 seconds cycle time;
  • Weight: 420 kg;
  • Length of sticks: 15 cm;
  • Maximum section of the supply timber: 20 cm;
  • Dimension machine with standard exhaust and supply: 2610 X 1100 X 1250 mm.

Several models are available KINDLET:

KINDLET power supply (single phase 220V-2.2kW - Three phase: 380V-2.2kW);

KINDLET power PTO - 15 cm long sticks on two versions;

Option: bagging system 'rotating 3 bags.'

Available supplies:

Bag 20L: 500/1000/2000;

Bag 40L: 500/1000/2000 only.

AMR enriches its offer through its partner Fuelwood, which is also the importer-distributor of AMR products in Britain. A range of machines for the production of kindling is thus available at AMR. The Fuelwood machines are recognized at European level for over 15 years.

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