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KingBo; increases holding water on soil, uptakes NPK and micro elements and proliperation of microorganisms in soil and roots. It makes phosphorus plant available form which is connected. It is a positive effect on soil that holding water and aeration, it corrects the structure of soil, reduces salinity, encourages root growth and contributes to capillary stem formation. On foliar application: increases protein synthesis, formation of chlorophyll and encourages photosynthesis. It accelerates respiratory, provides earliness to the products, increases quality and number of fruits.

All natural organic product what is welded plant.

  • Content: (w/w) %
  • Total organic material: 25.0
  • Total nitrogen: 4.0
  • Organic nitrogen: 2.0
  • Potassium: 1.50
  • pH: 4-6

KingBo; saves with correct use of other fertilzer and agricultural inputs, encourages uptaking of plant nutrients and transporting tem to needed place fort he development of plant.

Mixibility: mixes with fertilizers and pesticides (but excepts; sulphurous, cupric and oils), test before mixing with unknown products. Storage: under normal conditions, it must be stored cool and dry enviroment (5, +35 0C)

Importance and Dosage: it can be use on all plants in agricultural production.

  • On foliar application; 100 – 250 cc / da
  • On soilar application; 1 – 3 lt / da

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