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The KI is our latest innovation and is set to change the way we look at line marking, We feel this will be the most revolutionary machine and paint system to hit the market place since we introduced our laser guided system, the BeamRider, in January 2007. When used with Fleet's Neet marking liquid there is no need for external mixing: just attach the bag, connect to the machine and start marking. At the end of the day's marking, and just use the unique flushing system. With a push on the plunger it flushes clean water through the nozzle assembly, thus eliminating expensive pump and nozzle blockages.

  • 1.5 up to 6' Line Marking Width
  • Water Flush System
  • Includes Nozzle Tip Cleaner
  • Lithium ION Battery With LED Level Indicator
  • Fully Collapsible for easy stowing
  • 12V Diaphragm Pump

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