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Production is increased while feed loss, labor and maintenance are reduced through the use of Kirby Feeders. This equipment easily handles silage, haylage, grain and alfalfa cubes or can be used as a blender to mix these ingredients. Loaded in the field from forage harvester or loaded from a silo, your Kirby Feeder moves directly to feeding pens and distributes controlled amounts of feed to your livestock.

Feeding is regulated from the tractor or cab, in a one-man operation, and an exclusive belt cross feed virtually eliminates feed loss. Heavy-duty floor slats carry the load forward to the cross feed while spiral beaters, that easily handle fine or long cut material, turn and thoroughly mix ingredients. The self-cleaning cross feed then deposits feed evenly in your manger.

Kirby Feeders are built to work every day with almost no maintenance. Our wall panels are constructed of heavy 14-gauge steel with bracing closely spaced. Floor slats are connected to self cleaning floor chains, rated at 21,000 pounds tensile strength, by a special connection that eliminates breakage. Gears, drive chain and clutch are extra heavy duty. Power is distributed through a 50 to 1 gear drive providing an even flow of material into the cross feed, eliminating needless wear to drive components and reducing horsepower requirements.

One look at a Kirby Feeder will convince you it is built to last. All wagon models incorporate fifth wheel running gear with a 360-degree turning capacity for easy maneuverability and handling over all types of terrain. Hitches are designed so that one man can hook up in seconds and they may be attached to almost any tractor since horsepower requirements are so low. Power may be derived from either PTO or hydraulic drives with a jaw clutch permitting stopping the feed flow without stopping the PTO. Truck mounted models are valuable in long haul situations plus offering considerable operator comfort. They may be mounted on your truck or ours, at the factory, by the dealer or in your own shop. Detailed mounting instructions make the operation easy. Power is derived from a simple hook up to the truck transmission.

  • 24' Self-Cleaning Belt Crossfeed
  • Three Spiral Beaters with Steel Pegs
  • 50 to 1 Gear Drive
  • 540 PTO
  • Two Axle Running Gear
  • Fifth-wheel Ball Bearing Turntable
  • Heavy Duty Pin Type Hitch
  • 12.5L x 16 -- 12 Ply Floatation Tires
  • Shear Pin Protection

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