- Swath Fluffers



The KIRCHNER SWATH FLUFFER lifts & fluffs a swath of hay, grain, or other crops, so that air gets under the swath to dry or cure it faster. This cuts the number of days or hours between cutting, baling and harvesting.

The Fluffer pulls directly over the top the swath. The 128 tooth reel turns the same direction as the tires, but 25% to 50% slower R.P.M.'s. This allows teeth to pick up, lift and release the swath without damaging the crop.

A fluffed swath which is off of the ground can be moved, up to 18' to the left or right by angling the basket. This allows the swath to be placed on dryer ground and can be accomplished at high speeds, up to 12 M.P.H. Reel speed is set by flow control valve on tractor.

3 Pt. operation allows operator to raise entire machine for transport or tum-a-round. Pull hitch, which bolts onto the 3 Pt. main frame allows operation with draw bar tractor or towing of fluffer with a truck.

KIRCHNER SWATH FLUFFERS were originally built to fluff rained-on-swaths and are now an integral part of many haying or harvesting operations to get the job done faster and better.

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