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With strength gained over fifty years of experience, the Kirogn company has been able to develop its know-how by constantly listening to market needs.

Specialists in vineyard, shrubbery and hedge trimming, Kirogn offers a wide range of technical solutions to suit every need. Avant-garde, with its creation of the world’s first dead-nettle pruner (le premier lamier d’élagage) thirty years ago, Kirogn only offers mechanical size tools which respect vegetation and, therefore, the environment.

The two ranges of modular dead-nettle pruners (L.E.M. and Minilem) offer a wide range of models designed to be adapted and used with the following:

  • telescopic loader
  • tractor loader
  • strimmer arm
  • excavation shovel
  • mini-loader
  • retro-shovel rétro-pelle
  • etc.

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