Model KL-6000 series - Climate Computers



The KL-6000 series climate computers have various controls including heating, ventilation, cooling, heat exchanger and growth curve controls. The special climate controls for Ecovent, central exhaust and AQC air control units make this series ideally suited to automatically managing your climate control system. Because unused functions are not displayed, you can customise the KL-6000 climate computers exactly to the specific situation on your farm. This makes them even more user friendly and transparent. The large graphic display gives you an overview of your housing unit at a single glance. The modular construction of these controllers enables all future expansions to be implemented easily. The KL-6000 series was developed in the daily farm practice, in conjunction with our customers, i.e., your fellow-farmers.

The comprehensive climate computer for your pig farm
  • Climate computer for 2, 5 or 10 rooms
  • Can be adjusted to your exact farm conditions
  • Unused functions are not displayed
  • Large graphic display for a complete overview of your housing unit
  • Quick and easy to set
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect

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