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We've displayed the KLEENair unit for the past six years at the NATIONAL FARM MACHINERY SHOW in Louisville, KY. Visiting with hundreds of producers at the show made us aware of the great amount of confusion regarding the different types of grain cleaners being offered for cleaning grain as it leaves a grain dryer. For example, the Kongskilde, Farm Fans, Super B, and GSI grain cleaners are ASPIRATOR type cleaners, which suck air in through the discharging grain column and pull light fines (like bees wings) in with the air, and then blows them away. An ASPIRATOR cleaner does a fairly good job of removing bee's wings, and light fines, but it doesn't do much about removing fines. If all you want to do is remove bee's wings, the ASPIRATOR type cleaner may be all you need.

The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener is significantly better than the ASPIRATOR Cleaners because of the SCREENING ACTION where the Nylon Tipped, Hanger-Bearing Auger moves the grain across a perforated tube, enclosed in a heavy metal hopper, which has a vacuum environment inside. Broken kernels, cracks, splits, fines and bees wings are screened here, drawn out, and blown away by the high-pressure blower. The fines are totally enclosed from the KLEENair Screener to the fines storage equipment. This helps keep the area around the dryer clean and free from blowing debris.

We encounter many grain producers who have purchased ASPIRATOR type cleaners hoping to clean and remove broken kernels and fines and were subsequently disappointed since this is a job they won't do very well. The KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener was specifically designed to clean fines and bee's wings simultaneously. The KLEENair Blower is also different than the blower used on other ASPIRATOR type cleaners, in that it moves less volume of air at higher pressure. Therefore it can transfer product further with less wear.

We designed our KLEENair Screener unit to be rugged and solid, with heavy gauge material to provide many years of trouble-free use. The KLEENair units are reliable. Operators tell us they aren't even aware the KLEENair is attached; it simply runs when the dryer runs. Customer reports have been favorable, for instance:
(1) 'It keeps the area clean and free from trash blowing around the yard'.
(2) A customer reported he could control the FM percentage by the rate he fed grain to the Self-Powered KLEENair (from in-bin storage). He wanted to haul 1% FM in and claimed he was able to do it. (Note: we also manufacture a Self-Powered KLEENair with removable screens for cleaning all types of grains)
(3) One of our oldest KLEENair Dealers commented recently that the KLEENair really had no competition since the KLEENair is the only unit on the market with both screening and aspirating capability. He has sold them for several years and installs them on nearly all dryers he sells. He reports that selling the KLEENair unit after selling the dryer is easy, once he explains what it does, how it does it, and how little it costs.

Our KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener gives you a lot more VALUE for dollar spent than any other grain cleaner on the market. You get more for your money, both in terms of equipment and performance.

Our new SELF-POWERED KLEENair Vacuum Grain Screener was designed for situations where the KLEENair cannot be attached to the unload auger of a dryer. The SELF-POWERED unit is slightly over 8' long; it includes a 2' long inlet auger and a 2' long discharge auger. It has REMOVABLE SCREEN sections and screens are available in any screen size you may require. It comes complete with shielded grain inlet, grain discharge outlet, and electric drive motor with drive kit. The three HP 'Little Bertha' Blower and Motor Assembly are recommended for this unit. The ASPIRATOR Kit and the VAC CLEANUP ACCESSORY KIT are available for the SELF-POWERED units.

The ASPIRATOR KIT option is available for folks who want to both screen and aspirate. It can be added to a new or existing KLEENair Screener providing you have the 3 HP 'Little Bertha' Blower option. The standard 1 HP blower does a good job of blowing fines and bees wing away from the screening operation, or it can handle the ASPIRATING job alone, however it requires the additional power of the 'Little Bertha' 3 HP blower to do both screening and aspirating simultaneously.

The 3 horsepower 'Little Bertha' Blower improves the cleaning action of any KLEENair Screener by providing more airflow, more vacuum, and more cleaning power. The standard one horsepower unit requires 4' tubing to take fines away. The three horsepower, 'Little Bertha' requires 6' tubing. Both 1 HP (4' line) and 3 HP (6' line) blowers are capable of moving screenings 100' or more from the screener.

There is a lot of interest in our KLEENair high-pressure blowers for miscellaneous ASPIRATING operations. For example: (1) aspirating at the discharge area of a dryer, (2) aspirating at the head or boot of bucket elevators, (3) aspirating from the receiving pit, (4) aspirating at the distributor of a bucket elevator to exhaust moist air and prevent condensation into spouting and bins, and (5) aspirating at the wet grain inlet of grain dryer to remove bees wing and trash.

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