Laumetris Ltd

Model KLG - Soil Tillage Implements Germinators



Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed soil tillage implements - germinators of 3,6; 4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 12 m. width. Germinator is used for accurate soil cultivation in order to seed sugar beets, linen, rape and cereal in precise regulated depth. Depth of tillage – up to 80 mm. Every germinator consists of three or more sections (depends on implement’s width) and it allows to copy relief of soil surface very accurately. Each section has front and back supporting rollers, leveler and coulters (ploughshares). Front roller crumbles clods, then leveler collates the surface. 40 mm. width coulters with spring tines are placed between leveler and back roller and have 60 mm. distance with each other.

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