Model KLS 500 - Sunflower Seed Huller



Sunflower seed huller are used for hulling of sunflower seed for direct seeds consume or for hulling before oil pressing. Hulling is effected on the principle of utilise of kinetic energy of flying seed impact. Sunflower seed hullers are designed to achieve maximum share of seeds in one piece. Machines used for pre-crushing of sunflower seeds for purposes of oil pressing are solved with aim to achieve maximum share of hulled peels at high output. After hulling of sunflower seeds it is necessary to remove the separate peels in following machines. Electric motor controlled by frequency converter is used to be able to adjust optimal operation parameters of the machine.

  • Low power consumption
  • Silent operation
  • High efficiency
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy operation and setting

 Output data are approximate and are valid for:

  • hulling of eatable sunflower for direct seeds consume, type annex J
  • hulling of sunflower seed for oil pressing, type annex L

 Output data are valid for grain moisture 10 - 15%.

To achieve maximum effectivity the motor speed must be controlled by frequency converter.

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