Laumetris Ltd

Model KLS - Hard Soil Tillage Cultivator



Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed hard and moderate soil tillage Cultivators of 4 – 8 m. width, it is used for soil preparation to seed various types of crop. Cultivator stands on front and back rollers, there are 4 rows of spring tines with arrow type coulters between rollers. Distance between coulters is 110 mm. and such positioning allows to cultivate soil entirely in working width. Rollers can be chosen from disc, ring or cage type rollers. Before front roller there is a spring leveler, which is for leveling and crumbling clods. Hydro gear regulates working position. Working depth is up to 120 mm. – without grade, regulated by helix. Cultivator’s working speed is 8 km/h. For transportation all section are lifted by hydro-cylinders. These type cultivators are perfect for soil preparation before seeding - it performs all activities needed: clods crumbling, leveling, hoeing, compaction, and everything is done during one drive.

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