K M International, Inc.

- Model KM-1000 - Half-Ton Skid Mount Asphalt Hot Box Reclaimers



This little portable unit is great for golf cart path maintenance. The mobility of this unit makes it choice to reach paths that are remote or hard to get to. The unit easily fits in the back of ATV's or utility vehicles. Quick and easy reclaiming of small loads.  Can go into the back of a UTV or 1/2 ton pick-up. Perfect for bike paths and golf courses.

  • Dimensions: 24' x 68' x 32' high
  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs. of asphalt
  • Heating Element: 60,000 BTU propane
  • Pilot: Electric ignition, Thermostatically Controlled.
  • Filling Door: Entire insulated lid opens for easy filling
  • Shoveling Port: Cantilever door opens allowing asphalt to be shoveled. Slanted walls in box funnel contents toward the port.
  • Insulation: 2' - 3' of high efficiency fiberglass insulation plus reflective metal lines the entire box for heating economy.
  • Construction: All welded steel; 16 gauge skin, 20 gauge top and 14 gauge asphalt compartment.

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