- Hay & Straw Processing Systems


Bale Break, Shred, De-dust Straw, Hay etc; Straw Chopper for manufacturing animal bedding. Process Hay to produce small dust free packs/bales. Complete systems from Opening, Shredding, De-dusting,Weighing, Packing etc. Systems designed to suit customers materials/throughput. Materials include: Hay, Straw, Wood Shavings etc.

  • Systems for dust free shredded straw bedding.
  • De-dusted hay into small bale for feed.
  • De-dusting wood shavings, weigh then pack in small bale bedding.
  • Bale weights from 1kg to 250kg.

Accurate Bales
Produces accurate size bales between 1kg & 250Kg to suit your target audience from small pet bedding to large equestrian bales, these can be packaged into branded bags to promote your brand and generate further sales and recognition. Bagging the product also allows delivery for resale outlets and show grounds keeping the end product dry and in top condition.

  • Produces 1kg-250kg bags.
  • Branded bags for brand awareness.
  • Keeps product sealed & dry.

Dust Extraction
Our animal bedding systems can be fitted with a Ken Mills dust extraction unit which can remove >95% dust and mould spores from various animal bedding products including – chopped straw, wood shavings, hemp, shredded paper & cardboard, miscanthus etc. Giving a high quality end product suitable for the equestrian market which is reliant on low dust products.

  • Remove 95% dust & mold
  • Used on most bedding materials
  • Modular so can be bought on its own

Tailor Made
Each system is designed & built to suit the producers individual requirements from end product packaging size to dust extraction & machinery layout.

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