- High Efficiency De-Dusting Machine


Increase Resale Values; Our industry leading haylage/baleage de-dusting systems can automatically remove over 95% of dust and mould spores from hay, shavings, hemp bedding, shredded paper & cardboard, straw. High Efficiency Dust/Mould Spore Removal > 95%. High Throughputs up to 5 Tonnes Per Hour. Small compact for easy installation. Pneumatically Conveys Material. Simple design for easy maintenance.

A cleaner safer product safe guards the health of horses, their owners and other sensitive respiratory systems by reducing long term inhalation of damaging spores, gives the purchaser a better value for money purchase as they will be receiving less of the dust and more quality product to bed down on. We can remove dust from various bedding products including chopped straw, shredded paper, wood shavings etc. Nobody wants to buy dust!

  • Reduces health risks to workers and animals
  • Less dust more product for your customer
  • Can be used on most animal bedding products
  • Produces a cleaner end product

Not only can we remove dust and dirt from the product we can remove other contaminants such as stones, splinters, large wood chunks & mold. Making a superior end bedding choice for any purchaser, our systems can remove large pieces & small depending on the original product and producers requirements leaving you with large flake shavings or small flake shavings for example.

  • Cleaner end product
  • Removes different size contaminants
  • Easy to install & maintain

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