Model KMP - Low-Diameter Hulling Machine



Low-diameter hulling machines are used for surface cleaning and hulling of grains and legumes before it is further processed. They are also used for step-by-step hulling of the grains before they are further processed. ingle types and their variants mainly differ by the type and shape of the rotor and the surface of the hulling sheets.

These machines are used for the following purposes:

  • Low-diameter scourers KMPO - for surface cleaning of wheat. During which, the part of surface layers and bead are removed.
  • Low-diameter hullers KMPL - for intensive hulling of surface layers of grains, e.g. rye, before milling, for removal off the beard
  • Barley debearder  KMPJ - for removal of barley beards.
  • Caraway polisher KMPK - for breaking off the caraway seeds (cumin) beard.
  • Rice polisher KMPR - for surface cleaning of rice grains.
  • Pea huller KMPH - for hulling and splitting of peas.

It is recommended to use air sifter - PAS for removal of peeled particles of grains.


  • Grain treating with care
  • Small dimension and compact construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy adjustment of hulling effect

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