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- Model GD655-5 - Graders


Environment friendly Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine complies with EPA Tier 3 emissions. Smooth operation without the engine stalling at low speed and maximized productivity with the automatic dual-mode transmission. Excellent blade controllability through a Closed-center Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system with multifunctional control valves with float and Pilot Check Valve (PCV). Aggressive moldboard angles are possible with the long wheelbase. Steering wheel and conventional mechanical levers provide predictable, low effort contro.

New Automatic Dual-mode Transmission Includes a Non-stall Function
Makes smooth low-speed operation automatic

20% Less Fuel Consumptionwith Two Mode Operation
Fuel consumption decreased by 20% compared with Komatsu's conventional model typical test data.

Operator Friendly Cab
All-around visibility with low operation noise

Fuel Economy Features
• Selectable working modes, [P mode] and [E mode]
• Operator can choose [Auto mode] or [Manual mode] with the new automatic dual-mode transmission

More Comfortable Operator Environment
• The new hexangular cab with front Y pillar and rear layout side pillar affords all-around visibility of the moldboard and front
• Low operating noise – Noise levels in operating conditions are significantly lowered

Easy Serviceability
• Easy radiator cleaning with a manually actuated reversing fan
• Easy fueling from ground level
• Large hinged lockable doors provide easy access to the engine and radiator

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