- Model KOMFORT2 - Slurry Spreader



The KOMFORT2 slurry tanker is fitted with an independent chassis and a cross-spring hitching suspension protecting the tank from all strains.

Independent chassis
The main advantage of the KOMFORT2 is its independent chassis , which is fully galvanized (just like the tank and drawbar) and which allows to support traction strains of a rear implement.

The V-design of the drawbar - inspired by the MODULO2 range - allows to set the pump in a perfectly horizontal position. This configuration ensures a better protection against shocks, as well as perfect and complete lubrication, and allows to mount the vacuum pump in an optimal way.

  • Cattle breeding
  • Construction tipping trailer
  • Muck spreaders
  • Others
  • Range
  • Shop
  • Slurry tankers

  • Structure width at the running gear : 1.000 (mm)
  • Max. wheel dimensions : Ø 1.700 (mm) / Width 850 (mm) (fixed axle) - Width 750 (steering axle) (1)
  • Running Gear : Single-axle, Bogie
  • Hitching suspension : Standard with cross-springs / Hydropneumatic (2)
  • Pumping Systems : Vacuum
  • Pumping Tools : All types
  • Rear implements : All types (3) : arable injector (≤ 13 tines) / Solodisc (≤ 6,2 m)

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