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The Hi Spec Kompactor is a multipurpose machine. Its unique compaction and off-loading mechanism makes the Kompactor ideal for transporting and off-loading any material. The Kompactor is available in four sizes; 18ft, 20ft, 22ft and 24ft.

Transports Silage, Straw, Woodchip, Grain
Compaction is one of the key traits of the trailer, the Kompactor's ability to compact the load results in the ability to carry more material per load. The Kompactor can be used to carry a wide variety of materials such as Silage, Woodchip, Grain and Industrial Products.

Can Carry up to 80% more Dry Matter
The Hi Spec Kompactor introduces advanced efficiencies to the market through its dynamic compacting system, which uses the headboard to compact and also unload material without tipping. Not only will the Kompactor save its owner both time and money but its also a safer alternative to the traditional tipping trailer.

Can unload in as little as 40 seconds

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

This dynamic and progressive version of the Kompactor offers the user a versatile and forward thinking design in that the Kompactor body is fitted as a stand-alone demountable piece of kit with the same functionality as the Principal model.

The superior advantage of this model of Kompactor is its unique chassis can be used for a number of various demountable applications, primarily a Vacuum Tank. This offers the user a unique opportunity in transforming an already versatile vehicle into a multipurpose, multifunctional and sustainable piece of agricultural/industrial equipment.

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