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- Kompact Air - Spray Mounted Sprayers



Kompact Air is meant to meet the needs of small growers of strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables on small plots. It gives an excellent foliage coverage thanks to the Air- Spray Dualcone system and an important weight and costs control.

  • 1000 litre capacity
  • AirSpray dualcone
  • Venturi system agitation
  • 2-piston booms - 12-14-15 mt
  • 2-piston overlapping lateral folding
  • Hydraulic boom lock
  • Dualcone and anti-drift nozzles
  • Hydraulic sliding lifter
  • Hydropneumatic suspensions
  • 160 litre/min membrane pump
  • Proportional regulation
  • Spraying 5-way electric command
  • External level
  • Control panel for mouvements

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