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- Model 700S2 HD - Grain Crimping Machines



Next in the range is the Korte 700S2 HD which, like all the Korte machines, is a heavy-duty machine with gear-driven rollers. With a typical crimping output of around 10 tonnes/hour the 700 is suitable for larger farms and small-scale contractors.

The Murska Bagger can also be supplied with a specially designed bulk hopper that allows it to be used for bagging other moist feeds such as brewers grains, pressed sugar beet pulp, bakery and bread waste, vegetable waste and other by-products. Air-free storage results in waste-free feed.

The Korte 1400S 2x2 and 2000S 2x2 crimpers are also available with an integral bagging system, allowing high output grain processing and storage in one seamless operation.

All the bagging machines incorporate a hoisting mechanism to load the bag onto the tunnel, and at least one (depending on model) carrying rack for a 250 ltr drum of Crimpstore™.

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