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- Model MDP - Hydraulic Double Bar Trail Mower


Kosch Company offers two models of theTrailblazer Hydro pitmanless double bar mower.TheMDP.HYD.16has a 9-foot front sickle bar with a trailing 7-foot sickle bar. TheMDP.HYD.18has two 9-foot bars.

These units are engineered and manufactured to perform in rough uneven terrain that is common in native grass hay producing areas. The pitmanless design gives extended maintenance-free field hours. Down time and maintenance costs are reduced by reduction in the number of moving parts. Rear bar vision is unobstructed with no cross over drive systems. The dual hydraulic pump provides hydraulic power to each sickle bar. All PTO shafts have been eliminated. Heat build-up has been kept to a minimum with the use of a hydraulic cooler provided with each machine. Cutting knives are available with top serrated or under serrated sections to meet your cutting requirements.

The heart of theTrailblazer Hydro is the Sch Pro-Drive Knife Drive. This drive hasabsolute linearknifeheadmovement with no loss of strokeand is nearlymaintenance free.The drive runs quiet because all moving parts are always in rotation

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